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Brochure: Interactive Electronic Room Scheduling Display · PDF file Brochure: Interactive Electronic Room Scheduling Display Author: Crestron Electronics, Inc. Subject: Install the

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  • Install the TPMC-4SM outside meeting rooms and communicate directly with RoomView software, via the LAN, for powerful enterprise-wide room scheduling with no required control system. The TPMC-4SM allows you to schedule meetings, reserve rooms, view room availability and review meeting calendars for any room on the network, right from the 4-inch widescreen display. Directly connected occupancy sensors detect “no shows,” so even if a meeting is not cancelled or rescheduled, RoomView will automatically update the network calendar to accurately reflect current room status.

    Interactive Electronic Room Scheduling Display

    Featuring: Crestron’s TPMC-4SM and Award-Winning RoomView® Server Edition

    4Modern, contoured appearance

    4Thin profile and small footprint

    4Affordable and easy to install

    44.3" widescreen color touchscreen

    416-bit Isys i/O® graphics

    4800 x 480 resolution

    4SynapseTM image rendering algorithm

    4DNav dynamic menu objects

    4Streaming video

    4Crestron IP intercom

    4WAV file audio feedback

    4Built-in microphone and speaker

    4Built-in proximity sensor

    410 optional “hard key” pushbuttons

    4Dual-color button backlighting and feedback

    4Engravable button text

    4Room occupancy sensor option

    4Single-wire Ethernet connectivity

    4PoE network powered

    4Available in smooth black or white

    4Fits in a horizontal 1-gang or Euro back box

    4Available tabletop and multi-surface mount kits

    A multi-use interface that is ultra thin, affordable, and easy to install. | 800.237.2041

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  • Schedule from Outlook Schedule from outside the room Schedule from inside the room

    Crestron’s Interactive Electronic Room Scheduling Display is compatible with any of the these scheduling protocols: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and RoomView Scheduler (which does not require third party software).

    RoomView® Server Edition, additionally, offers Every Room Connected opportunities.

    RoomView® Server Edition is:

    4The first in industry’s real time, multi-user help desk software

    4Complete facility network control of AV resources

    4Seamless integration with Crestron’s control systems & touchpanels

    4Simple “at-a-glance” view of the entire control system network | 800.237.2041 Printed in USA Doc. 4692 11/09 All brand names, product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2009 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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