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Nw pprNr NN wr ustainable building is one of the ioities in the edeveloent of the ity ots of rotteda. eiene in this f ield esents global aket ootunities: 75% of all egaities in the old ae loated in delta egions, all suffeing foliited sae and onfonted by having to addess liate hange and sae enegy . loating buildings fit in ith the adatation stategy. Rotterdam is investing in urther development oknowledge about foating buildings through such programmes as Rotterdam Climate Prooand Clean Tech Delta, and the Netherlands Water Centre. The ultimate goal is to build a foating city but in order to make the leap rom idea to reality, an extra link in the chain is necessary. This particular link is the Aqua Dock, an experimental demonstration site on RDM Campus. The partners involved in developing the Aqua Dock project are City oRotterdam, Port oRotterdam Authority and Rotterdam University. Stadshavens Rotterdam is sponsoring the project. Aqua Dock is an experimental platorm or testing, demonstrating and designing innovative foating buildings. The ocus is on showing oand developing new techniques, products and prototypes. It involves small-scale construction ofoating models and novel orms oenergy generation on and near water. This ‘delivery room’ or innovation enables us to experiment with foating buildings and test them on the technical level as well as in terms ologistics, planning, policy, and legal and social aspects. With the delivery room, we can physically realize projects without the project in question being hindered by spacial issues. The delivery room also has great publicity and public communication value. Aqua Dock ocuses on water engineering, water management and sustainable energy in such a way that learning, work, experiments and exhibits all come together. Since business, government and education are collaborating, this leads to a  win-win situation or all involved. Participation in Aqua Dock generates substantial international exposure, whereby the  value is not just restricted to gains in knowledge. The benets include new companies, product-market combinations and highly educated employees or this branch becoming available. The collaboration is organized in innovation teams. NxprmNAqua Dock’s experimental site is a foating building platorm  where various experiments are currently under way. Actual projects connected to the platorm include test sites or foating systems and foating wave breakers, and a foating greenhouse. prcpNN qcIn Aqua Dock, businesses, research and educational institutions and the municipality oRotterdam are working together to capitalize on water opportunities. Interested companies are  welcome to take part in this project. Participating companies enjoy the ollowing benets: • an experimental site directly connected to the dock’s acilities on the foating building platorm; • a foating workplace; • research support and know-how in foating building technology, water management and decentralized generation oenergy; • the capacity and acilities to realize prototypes; • support and acilities or innovation exhibits; • access to innovation subsidies acilitated by the cooperation between government, education and business; • (inter-) national media attention and work visits; • participation in relevant conerences and networking with others working in foating building technology; • inclusion in the Rotterdam Deltastad showcase.

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  • 8/6/2019 Brochure Aqua Dock English


  • 8/6/2019 Brochure Aqua Dock English