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Brides Maid Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial

1) Copyright

Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass produce.

Copyrights 2012 XQ Designs

2) Descriptions:

Here is a tutorial that for sure youll have fun creating!

The Web Pendant will teach you how to perfect your wrapping techniques by creating a web-like weaved wires. Youll also learn how to make loops and use these techniques in creating various designs for wire jewelry.

3) Materials and Tools:

4 x 8cm (3 inches) 0.6mm (22ga) wire

0.3mm (28 ga) wire

8pcs 0.4mm beads

4pcs 0.3mm beads

Wire cutter

Round nose pliers

Tape Measure

4) Step By Step Guide

The web frame

Cut 4 pcs of 3 inches 22ga wire.

Pick up 2 wires and bend each one in half like a "V" shape.

Take the wires and insert in between the bent area like so.

Wrap one "V" shaped wire by bending the wire in opposite directions like shown in arrow. By doing so your wire will interlock.

Then try to straighten the wires with your fingers.

Pick up one more 3-inch wire as your 3rd wire and bend in half. Insert the wire in between the first 2 wires.

Then wrap once by bending the wires in opposite directions like shown in arrow.

Pick up your 4th 3-inch wire and bend in half. Insert again in between the interlock wires, perpendicular to your 3rd wire.

Then bend the wires in opposite directions.

Securing the wires

Bend the rest of the wires in opposite direction to ensure the wires are locked in place.

Straighten and adjust the wires to have even spaces.

Weaving the web

Take your 28ga wire. Working directly from the spool, wrap the wire twice onto the web frame.

After wrapping twice bring the wire up and under then wrap again twice onto the next web frame.

Then bring the wire up and over then wrap again twice onto the next web frame.

Continue by bringing the wire up and under then wrap again twice onto the next web frame.

Keep repeating the steps of wrapping until you've gone all the way around the web frame.

When you reach your first web frame, go all the way around again.

Finishing the end of the web frame

Wrap neatly, until you can trim the ends of the web frame and have about .60 inches or 1.5cm left.

Slide in a 0.4mm bead.

Then bend the wire like so.

With your nose pliers, grip bent wire.

Make a loop by rotating your hand with the round nose pliers towards you.

Make a full turn until you create a loop.

Repeat Step 11 for the rest of the web frame.

Covering the knots

Take 4 x 0.3mm beads and with your 28ga wire wrap and weave it onto the center of the web to cover the knotted wires.

Attach a jump ring and you have now finished your Web Pendant!

If you have any query or feedback for the tutorial,

Please contact me at

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