Break the Habit of Procrastinating and Initiate Doing It Now

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Why we do itThe term procrastina...


  • Break the Habit of Procrastinating and Initiate Doing It Now

    We pay our taxes late and so are penalized, despite the fact that a year ago we swore wewould perhaps not. We put off making those sales calls because we convince ourselves itreally is really not the ideal time we intended to do. O-r we avoid giving a worker demandingopinions because we don't want to hurt their feelings.

    It really is mad-making behavior and we keep doing it!

    And now with Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and other forms of digital distractions we can fillevery available minute.

    I have also been writing for a while about how we've moved in-to what I call the "Age ofDistraction." Our telephones are beeping, people stop by our desk, electronic mail floods ourInBox 24/7 and our mind swims with To Do lists that never seem to finish.

    Being powerful is not essentially about working harder. Alternatively, effectiveness is allabout constantly making great selections to optimize what you make of your minutes.

    A mental re - frame

    If you procrastinate, you're not idle - you continue to be doing some thing (it's just the wrongthing.) You were doing some thing once you keep your-self busy to avert that tough dialogue.When you flopped down o-n in front of Seinfeld reruns instead of opting for a walk you werestill doing some thing. When you spent one hour on e-mail you were still doing something.

    In other words, you don't procrastinate you only make lousy choices.

    Therefore, it stands to reason that in the event that you are active if you procrastinate, then away to more success would be to just redirect your task.

    When I return from a meeting, I might be persuaded to work on since I left the 30 new emailsthat arrived. The truth is the fact that the majority of these e-mails have little value - they arecertainly not as important as my Day Plan. Alternatively, I have to make a better decision and

  • allow only five minutes to scan for vital emails and then I turn my attention to my Plan.

    It's simply about staying in movement, but with better alternatives, so that you may createwonderful habits that get you more about what you need.

    Procrastination is a custom

    I expect by now you're getting this impor-tant distinction: you're not really a procrastinator -you only have habits which make you appear to be one. And the top antidote for habits thatdon't serve you is always to produce better habits that do. The following strategies arecertain to get you started on your own new, better habits. I know because I use them dailyand thus do a lot of my clients. Do you at any time catch your self doing none of them,thinking why this is not an ideal time for just about any of them and scanning your Task listHow to stop procrastinating? How long did that take you? Five full minutes, ten - all of it addsup. Once you see an Oprah rerun in the place of walking the dog you're rewarded withleisure time


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