Bratislava, 7.11.2006 Project management in EUREA Management of EU programs and projects Martina Jančíková.

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  • Project management in EUREAManagement of EU programs and projectsMartina Jankov

  • ContentsAbout usActivitiesProjectsGreen OasesSmall grantsProgramme : We are learning in a different wayGive a ChristmasArs BRATISLAVENSIS

  • About usEUREA non-governmental organization (NGO) for project preparation and managementestablished in 2003support of regional development in Bratislava's region73 project proposals submitted34 approved, 9 still in evaluationthe whole grant amount about 102 mil. SKK

  • Activities

    project preparation and implementationeducational activities - workshops, seminars, excursionsconsulting activitiescross border cooperation (Austria)

  • Green OasesThe second year of the grant programProgramme for supporting ideas for helping environmentMain idea is restore and revive ecologically valuable areas and trails with cooperation non-profit organizations of villages and schoolsThis year will be divide 2 mil.Sk

  • Green OasesFor this grant can apply:Registered non-governmental non-profit organizationsElementary and secondary schoolsVocational schoolsCenters of leisure timeCommunity centersCities and villages tooDead line for this grant is 12 of November 2007

  • Green OasesThe aim of this project: support of creation permanent care of environmental important regions in cities and villages sustain concept of protection nature you can ask for financial aid for example for building or reconstruction native greenery, cleaning and charring public areas, water courses, keeping care of locality in which are occur unusual and protected classes

  • Small GrantsThis project supports the International Visegrad Fund (IVF) in the fields of cultural cooperation, scientific exchange and research, education, exchanges between young people, cross-border cooperation and promotion of tourismThe maximum contribution of IVF allocated to each Small Grant is up to EUR 4.000The maximum time frame of the proposed budget is 6 monthsTotal budget allocated for the Small Grant Programme in 2007 is EUR 512.000Deadline for this year is 1st of December

  • Small GrantsGeneral information:The approved budget and available resources Funds financial resources are used to support the activities in this field of:1.Cultural cooperation (festivals, publications..)2.Scientific exchanges and research ( conferences, research..)3.Exchanges between young people (sport, educational or cultural events...)4.Education (seminars, summer schools)5.Cross-border cooperation (project taking place on a bordline of two V4 countries)6.Promotion of tourism ( guides, presentations, fairs)

  • Small GrantsThe financial contribution of the Fund can not exceed of 50% of the total project costs including own in kind contribution of applicant or in kind contributions of other co-financing subjects.The maximum time frame of the proposed budget is 6 months'

  • We are learning in a different wayThis is 4th year of grant programme which is designated for high schoolsThis project is oriented on supporting projects founded activities and initiative of studentsThe aims for this year are:Support personal initiative of students in high schoolsCreation space for development of their knowledges, facilities and abilitiesConsolidation of co-operations between students and teachers and students each otherChange in system of education, change of feeling in lessonsInterconnection between teaching and real lifeSupport in co-operation between high schools in region

  • We are learning in a different wayBudget allocated for this project is 2. mil. SkThe maximum amount of programme to one project is 30.000 SkThe applicants can realise projects from December 2007 until half of June 2008Each high school can submit maximum two projects, but just only one project can be supportedThe dead line for next year is 30th October 2008

  • Give a ChristmasThis is 6th year of grant programme which is designed for people who want help to persons in financial destitution

    Total budget allocated to this programme is 1 mil. Sk

    Each of programmes must be realise in time period from 19th until 31st of December

    Project must include:-motivation to implementation-description or characterization of presented persons-how the programme will be realise-your personal interest in this project-another information which is important for considering a project-total budget

    Dead line is 21st November 2007 until 3p.m

    Each project has to send in 4 copies to their address '

  • Ars BratislavensisGrant programme for supporting artistic and culturally activities in Bratislava and activities propagate Bratislava abroad tooFinancial resources from budget city BratislavaThe grants are provide to collectively activities, habituated for young creative personsThe maximum amount is 50% of total budget and max. 150.000 SkDeadline for applications is 30. January 2008'

  • Each project must consist Description of final situation and total register activities within which you want your aim researchDescription of function concrete place (how will be all area serve for public)Total area of selected place and description of outline or photography of area...The system of propagation between citizens in your communityTotal register persons which will be working on this programmeTotal budget

  • Relevant advicesInnovative and original ideaClever elaboration and viability of programmelong-lasting and defensible projectEffectively exploitation financial resourcesConnection between individual items and activity of projectApplication the results from project into real life

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  • ContactAddress:Martina JankovEUREA, NGOZpadn rad 39811 04 BratislavaTel.: 02/ 546 510 94, -95Fax: 02/ 546 510 96

    Web: www.eurea.skE-mail:,

  • Thank you for your attention.I wish you a lot of good ideas and successful projects!


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