Brainshark & Voicethread : creating dynamic & engaging presentations

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Presented by Celeste Clay University of Northwestern St Paul, MN. Brainshark & Voicethread : creating dynamic & engaging presentations. PowerPoint Best Practices. Less is more Limit bullet points Use a template Use section headers Use common fonts. Use legible fonts Use color well - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Brainshark & Voicethread: creating dynamic & engaging presentations

Brainshark & Voicethread:creating dynamic & engaging presentationsPresented by Celeste ClayUniversity of NorthwesternSt Paul, MNPowerPoint Best PracticesLess is moreLimit bullet pointsUse a templateUse section headersUse common fontsUse legible fontsUse color wellClip art: Avoid or use selectivelyUse animation selectivelyKnow Your NeedsAssess your needsKnow the materialPracticeProvide a transcriptBrainshark BasicsPlagiarism Example: Example: VoiceThread BasicsVoiceThread Example: In conclusion we have discussed:PowerPoint Best PracticesKnow Your NeedsBrief introduction to BrainsharkBrief introduction to VoiceThread