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  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    IntroductionLegalVersion HistoryBraid (A hand-holding for the first moments of the game.)

    World 2 World 5Level 1 Level 1

    Piece 1 [w2l1p1] Piece 37 [w5l1p1]Piece 2 [w2l1p2] Level 2Piece 3 [w2l1p3] Piece 38 [w5l2p1]

    Level 2 Piece 39 [w5l2p2]Piece 4 [w2l2p1] Level 3Piece 5 [w2l2p2] Piece 40 [w5l3p1]Piece 6 [w2l2p3] Piece 41 [w5l3p2]Piece 7 [w2l2p4] Level 4

    Level 3 Piece 42 [w5l4p1]Piece 8 [w2l3p1] Piece 43 [w5l4p2]

    Level 4 Piece 44 [w5l4p3]Piece 9 [w2l4p1] Level 5

    Piece 10 [w2l4p2] Piece 45 [w5l5p1]Piece 11 [w2l4p3] Piece 46 [w5l5p2]Piece 12 [w2l4p4] Level 6

    Piece 47 [w5l6p1]World 3 Level 7Level 1 Piece 48 [w5l7p1]Level 2Piece 13 [w3l2p1] World 6

    Level 3 Level 1Piece 14 [w3l3p1] Level 2Piece 15 [w3l3p2] Piece 49 [w6l2p1]

    Level 4 Level 3Piece 16 [w3l4p1] Piece 50 [w6l3p1]

    Piece 17 [w3l4p2] Piece 51 [w6l3p2]Level 5 Level 4Piece 18 [w3l5p1] Piece 52 [w6l4p1]Piece 19 [w3l5p2] Piece 53 [w6l4p2]

    Level 6 Piece 54 [w6l4p3]Piece 20 [w3l6p1] Level 5Piece 21 [w3l6p2] Piece 55 [w6l5p1]Piece 22 [w3l6p3] Piece 56 [w6l5p2]

    Level 7 Level 6Level 8 Piece 57 [w6l6p1]Piece 23 [w3l8p1] Piece 58 [w6l6p2]Piece 24 [w3l8p2] Piece 59 [w6l6p3]

    Level 7World 4 Piece 60 [w6l7p1]Level 1Level 2 World 1Piece 25 [w4l2p1] Level 4Piece 26 [w4l2p2] Level 3Piece 27 [w4l2p3] Level 2

    Level 3 Level 1Piece 28 [w4l3p1]Piece 29 [w4l3p2]

    Level 4Piece 30 [w4l4p1]

    Level 5

    Piece 31 [w4l5p1]Piece 32 [w4l5p2]

    Level 6

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    Piece 33 [w4l6p1]Piece 34 [w4l6p2]

    Level 7Piece 35 [w4l7p1]Piece 36 [w4l7p2]



    Hello, and welcome to my walkthrough of the Xbox Live Arcade game, Braid. Myname is Pope Smear, or Ryan for short, and I will be describing for you themethods behind the madness that is Braid. To put it simply, I will help youfind every puzzle piece, and solve their prerequisite puzzles. However, let me

    begin with a word of caution.

    Don't read this.


    Braid is a meticulously crafted work of art, a game whose beauty is onlysurpassed by its complexity. And while you may simply want to rush throughand discover the ending, you will also find that such a method is the only wayto lose this game. In the end, the only true definition of "beating" Braid isto discover, on your own, the location and solution to the puzzle pieces. Onlythen will you feel a sense of accomplishment, and only then will you have madeyour purchase worthwhile.

    However, with that said...

    Braid will challenge you. Frustrate you. It may, in fact, make you want totear your hair out. So, to prevent such an unfortunate end, I will providesolutions for those of you who are simply stuck beating your head against awall. I do hope, however, that you use this resource sparingly. As onceyou have seen the solution, you can never un-see it.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's move on, shall we?


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  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version History-------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Version 0.5 - FAQ/Walkthrough complete through World 4, about halfway.Submitted 8/9/08 incomplete, as no other FAQ is up yet.

    Version 1.0 - FAQ/Walkthrough complete. Minor revisions here and there.Submitted 8/15/08. To Do: Stars.



    After beginning the game, you will see the title in flaming letters across areddened cityscape. You will notice the silhouette of your character on abridge. You will also notice that there is no menu. Braid actually depositsyou directly into your current game without any loading, changing settings,or picking files. If you would like to see the standard arcade game menu,you may press . I would suggest doing so, so that you can go to Help &Options, Settings, and then select Screen Size. Many televisions don't displayBraid properly, so it's worth the time to ensure you are viewing the fullplaying area.

    After you have made the necessary adjustments, the game will tell you to use

    the left stick to move, and press to pause. From here, you can walkright as the Braid title disappears, down a flight of stairs, and into acourtyard with a garage and a constellation in the sky above. Your characterwill also emerge from silhouette, and you may examine him in all hisdiminutive glory.

    Continue right, up a short flight of stairs and into the house. You will bespending some time here, as this functions as the World select screen for thegame. You will notice that only one room is illuminated, with "World 2"emblazoned on the canvas on the wall. A small door to your right can andshould be opened with the button, as there is nothing else to be done inthe house for the moment.

    Within, you will find some books, which begin to weave the plot of the game,and some doors, only one of which is active and will take you to the firstlevel. Read if you like (it's highly recommended), and then continue throughthe first door.

    From here on, it's up to you. Make your way through the levels and the worlds,collecting the puzzle pieces as you are able. Some you won't be able to obtainyour first visit, don't let that discourage you though. Most are obtainablethe moment you walk in the room, however. All the tools you need to reachthe pieces are available from the beginning, the only thing you need is an openmind.

    If you get stuck, take a break. Look for another piece. Put some piecestogether in the house. Maybe even go for a walk. And then come back to itwith a fresh perspective.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    Above all, do not continue reading if this is your first time experiencingBraid. Close the window, if you have to. Because the money you have spentwill only be worth it when you have those "Eureka moments", when you finallyfigure out the puzzle that has had you scratching your head for hours.

    And remember, it's not about winning, but enjoying the ride.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 2 - Time and Forgiveness--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The first World you enter is a relatively simple one. It is designed tointroduce the basic concepts of the game at a slow, safe pace. However, thatis not to say that the puzzle pieces have simple solutions. Several willrequire you to think past your first instinct, and maybe your second as well.Some are outright unsolvable when you first reach them. Don't let it deter

    you; think of it as a taste of things to come.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 2 - Level 1 - Three Easy Pieces-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #1, #2, #3]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#1] - [w2l1p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Move right from the doorway, hopping up some ledges and across a shallow pit.

    Down the slope, and climb up the wooden surface, down another slope, and thenup another wooden surface. At the top, hold right to drop down onto the ledgeand down a couple of steps. Climb the short ladder and hop over the obstacle.You should see the piece one level down, so fall into hole in the platform to alower platform. Hop across the two gaps (rewind if you fall), and the puzzlepiece is yours.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#2] - [w2l1p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #1...hop back across the gaps and over to the ladder on the other side.After climbing up, either bounce on or avoid the patrolling enemy, and dropdown to an area with two ladders leading up to a platfrom where another enemyis wandering around, and a cannon rests on the right side, inert. This is anenemy cannon, and will shoot out enemies if there are fewer than its quota inthe area. You will also see the puzzle piece floating above the platform,just out of jumping range. You need to jump on the enemy and bounce up to thepiece, being careful not to be smacked by the enemy that will pop out of thecannon to replace your improvised springboard.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#3] - [w2l1p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #2...drop down from the platform and continue to the right, where you willfind a slightly broader but otherwise identical platform, with two enemies.All you have to do is what you did with #2, except bounce off of both enemies

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    to reach the necessary height to grab the puzzle piece. Simple enough. Again,try not to get tagged by the cannon on your way out.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 2 - Level 2 - The Cloud Bridge-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [4 pieces - #4, #5, #6, #7]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#4] - [w2l2p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From the door, head right across two pits and grab the key. Hop back acrossthe gaps and climb the ladder. Use the key to open the door. Jump on top ofthe cannon, and jump on one of the clouds it's spewing. Ride the cloud across,and you'll nab the piece in the process.


    [#5] - [w2l2p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #4...after your cloud makes its misty exit, you can jump up onto afloating land piece, on the right side of which are the same moving cloudplatforms, only they are moving in reverse. You need to jump across theclouds, and if you manage to make it, you will find this puzzle piece waitingfor you atop the cannon from which they emerge.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#6] - [w2l2p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Requires: #8, #9

    Use the canvas to assemble pieces 8 and 9 together, which you may noticeresemble a in-game platform. Switching in and out of canvas view, move theconjoined pieces to the upper part of the canvas, so that the platform theycreate can be jumped to from the upper left-hand platform. Head left from thecanvas, climbing the ladder and then jumping back across the clouds. Avoid theenemy here if you plan on getting #7 now as well, and jump onto your newplatform. Most likely, you won't have it positioned where you can also jumpto the far right platform, so stand on the extreme right edge and press toaccess canvas view again. Without adjust the vertical height, slide theplatform piece across the canvas a ways, checking the level to make sure you'restill on it. Then, use your additional running room to make the jump and grabthe piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#7] - [w2l2p4]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Requires: #8, #9

    After grabbing #6, drop back down to the ground and enter canvas view again.Move the platform piece so that it is a perfect continuation of the left-handplatform. If done correctly, the enemy will walk out onto it. If he doesn'twalk on it, try to adjust the platform puzzle piece until it's flush. Once the

    enemy is on your platform piece, enter canvas view again and move the platformpiece off the canvas entirely. This will cause the enemy to drop down andbegin moving around on the lower level. Now you can easily bounce off of him

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    and grab the piece floating above the exit door.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 2 - Level 3 - Hunt!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #8]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#8] - [w2l3p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This piece is in the top right-hand corner of the single-screen room, and isprotected by a door that will only open when every enemy in the room is dead.To begin your mission of genocide, squash the enemy coming in your directionon the bottom floor. After he has been disposed of, climb the ladder in frontof you, but refrain from killing the enemy on this platform. Instead, jumpacross the gap to your left and sate your bloodlust on the enemy here. Climbthe ladder, and take out another hapless walking head.

    Now, here's the tricky part: the platform on the right is too far to reach witha regular jump, so instead you will have to jump down, bounce off of the enemyyou avoided earlier and up to the right-hand platform. There, quickly take outthe enemy on the small platform, and climb the ladder to the top floor. Here,exterminate the final enemy at your leisure. The door will open, and you maygrab your puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 2 - Level 4 - Leap of Faith-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [4 pieces - #9, #10, #11, #12]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#9] - [w2l4p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This piece is minding its own business above and slightly to the right of theentrance door. What you need to do is head up the ladder to your right, andposition yourself at the switch. Press the switch, and the platform will beginmoving to the right. You will notice that a cannon on the right is spoutingenemies into the flaming death pit below. Your mission is to save one of thesepoor fellows by maneuvering the floating platform into a position where it willcatch him, and transport him left. If you do this correctly, he should walkoff of the platform in transit, landing on the grassy knoll to the left of thepit. Now, he will be wandering around in the area near the door, where you canbounce off of him and up to the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#10] - [w2l4p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    After riding the switch platform across the fiery death pit, you will findyourself standing above a steep cliff, with a puzzle piece staring you downfrom the other side. The leap may look impossible, but it's actually justanother application of the enemy bouncing concept. It just so happens that theenemy you need to use is moving through the air. The cannon in the left cliff

    wall is the one you need to watch closely. Memorize its timing, and bounce offof the enemy in midair. If you screw up, which you almost certainly will atleast once, just rewind. After sticking the landing, mosey on over to the

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#11] - [w2l4p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This is easiest if you are starting from #10. This piece is on a small ledge

    directly above the death pit at the bottom of the canyon. The easiest way toreach it is by simply making a controlled jump from the upper right edge ofthe canyon, avoiding the first death pit on the left, then holding left toavoid the floating one in the center of the canyon, and bouncing off the leftwall onto the ledge with the puzzle piece. Harder said than done, really.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#12] - [w2l4p4]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #11...hop down to the floor to the right of the pit, avoiding any enemieswandering around. Wait until an enemy falls down into the lower area from the

    ladder, then begin climbing. If you're quick, you should be able to make itinto the 3rd alcove up, where the last puzzle piece in World 2 is waiting.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Time and Mystery--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This world introduces the concept of objects that are immune to Tim's timecontrol. Time always moves forward for them, regardless of Tim's position inthe flow of time. These objects have a green, sparkling aura about them, andare found throughout the rest of the game.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 1 - The Pit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [No pieces]

    This level is simply a demonstration of the properties of green items.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 2 - There and Back Again-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #13]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#13] - [w3l2p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    In this room, you will see the exit door on the other side of the room, andabove it the puzzle piece sits in an alcove protected by a green door. You mayalso notice that there is a barrier quickly sliding into place in front of thedoor. And the green key is sitting at the very top of the room, above all ofthe climbing surfaces and platforms, beneath a cannon that is spouting enemies.What you need to do is climb up and grab the key, then rewind back to when you

    first entered the room. You will still have the key in your possession, andyou will have plenty of time to unlock the door and grab the puzzle piecebefore the barrier closes.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 3 - Phase-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #14, #15]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#14] - [w3l3p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Immediately to your right as you enter the room, there is a climbing surfacethat leads to a platform that is being bombarded by two different types ofclouds. The clouds that are slightly higher up are normal clouds, the cloudsbelow them are green clouds. Obviously, the green clouds are immune to timecontrol. So, the simplest solution would be to manipulate time until the twotypes of clouds have jumpable distances between them, and then use them aslilypads to reach the puzzle piece sitting atop the cannons producing theclouds.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#15] - [w3l3p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This puzzle is very similar to the previous puzzle, except that the clouds aremuch farther apart. So much so, that you cannot simply position them asstepping stones. Instead, you must jump across as many as you can, then jumpin the air. At the apex of your leap, tap . This will cause you to bouncebetween seconds in time, giving the green cloud time to move towards you. Whenit is beneath you, stop tapping and jump further. You may have to repeatthis process a couple of times to reach the puzzle piece, which again restson the cannons.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 4 - The Ground Beneath Her Feet-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #16, #17]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#16] - [w3l4p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As you enter the level, you will see an enemy fall to his death in a flamingspike pit to your right. Beyond the pit, there is a green platform with agreen lever to operate it, and even farther to the right is a green puzzlepiece protected by a door. To your left, in a hole too small for Tim to fitinto, is the key to said door.

    To obtain the piece, first climb the ladder anddrop down between the two platforms onto the lever platform. Pull the lever,and rewind back to when you entered. Now the enemy will no longer perish, butland on the green platform. He will continue left, and as thanks for assistinghis continued existence, he grabs the key. Now stab him in the back and stealthe key by bouncing on his head. Walk across the green platform, hit thelever, and walk across to the door. Once you've gotten the piece, you maynotice that it is green. Just like other green objects, the puzzle piece

    will persist in your collection despite any further rewinding. Essentially,once you have this one, you have it for good.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#17] - [w3l4p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #16...climb back out of the pit, hopping across the gap and down from theledge. Here, you will find a ladder that is blocked by a green platform, and agreen lever to your right which surveys a death pit, with the puzzle piece

    occupying a small platform at the bottom of the pit on the right-hand side nextto a column.

    To obtain this piece, first hit the lever. Then climb the ladder, hop up ontothe green platform, and stand atop the column. Wait a couple of seconds, thenwalk (don't rewind) back to the ladder, climb down, and hit the lever again.Now, rewind back to when you were on top of the column. You will actually passthrough the green platform, walk on thin air, and end at the column. Now youcan drop down and nab the puzzle piece. This one is green, so don't be afraidof rewinding back to the top of the column in order to leave.


    World 3 - Level 5 - Tight Channels-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #18, #19]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#18] - [w3l5p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    After moving right a ways and encountering a couple of cat-bunnies, you willsee a cannon spouting green enemies that are being decimated by a fireballcannon on the right. Further over, there is a platform with two laddersleading to it with a puzzle piece floating just out of reach.

    First, climb the left ladder, but stop just before reaching the platform. Now,hang out for a couple of seconds to build up a rewind buffer. Once you're doneresting, watch the fireballs. When one is approaching the left edge of thescreen, begin tapping . It should hold in place. Now, wait until you hearthe pop of the cannon, then time your taps so that the fireball slowly movesright, back towards the cannon. Eventually, the enemy will walk into frame,and with careful control of the fireball, he will drop down to the platform.All you have to do now is scramble up the rest of the way and bounce off of hishead to grab the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#19] - [w3l5p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This piece is near the exit door, above a couple of platforms connected byladders. Far left of this position is a cannon that is shooting normalfireballs into the first platform up, at a rate that makes it impossible tocross to the ladder to the platform with the piece. A little farther to theright from the first cannon, there is a green cannon shooting green fireballs.

    What you need to do is stand beneath the green cannon, and watch the fireballs.Slowly tap until the green fireballs hit every other normal fireball. Thiswill increase the gap between the regular fireballs, so that with care, youwill be able to walk from the left ladder to the right ladder in between

    fireballs. After climbing the right ladder, simply move left and grab thepuzzle piece.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 6 - Irreversible-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #20, #21, #22]


    [#20] - [w3l6p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    For this piece, the first thing you need to do is to NOT rewind. At all. Ifyou're already in the room, leave and come back. The reason for this is thatabove the door, there is an area with a death pit. To the right of the deathpit, are two barriers that begin moving when you enter. One is small, green,vertical, and moving upwards. The other is long, horizontal, and moving to theleft. They are converging on one point, and you need the horizontal barrier toescape its confines and move over the pit. However, if you rewind at all, thegreen barrier, unaffected by the rewind, will block the horizontal barrier'sescape.

    All you really need to do is avoid or kill the enemies that come at you, and ifyou get hit and have to rewind, just leave and come back. Once you see thathorizontal barrier has made it past the green barrier, you can walk to theright, climb the ladder, and make your way left past the venus flytrap and theenemies. Jump on the horizontal barrier and claim your puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#21] - [w3l6p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #20...head right, past the enemies and the ladder, across some grass.Eventually, you will come to a ladder that goes underground. Before climbing

    down, you should kill the catbunny that pops up to the right of the ladder, assometimes he will position himself directly above the ladder after you climbdown, making it very difficult to leave.

    After taking care of him, climb down. You will see two doors to your right.The closest one is green, and the other is normal. Behind both is a puzzlepiece. To your left is a venus flytrap guarding a normal key. Grab the key,enter the green door, and rewind. You will notice that you have the key inyour possession, yet the green door remains open. Now open the other door,and grab your puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#22] - [w3l6p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #21...go down the ladder to the right of #21. Here, you will find threedoors on your right, which from left to right are normal, green, normal. Toyour left are some venus flytraps that guard a normal key, and further to theleft is a ladder leading farther down.

    First, walk left, but do not grab the normal key. If you do, rewind. Head tothe ladder, where you can just jump down. There is a green key down here, soonce you have it, reverse back to where you are to the right of the venusflytraps, then open the first normal door. Now, head back left and grab thenormal key. Use it to open the green door, rewind, and open the normal door.

    The puzzle piece is yours.


  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    World 3 - Level 7 - Lair-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [No pieces]

    This area is just a boss fight. Notice that the boss is green. Between thatand the chandeliers, you should have no trouble in this area.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 3 - Level 8 - A Tingling-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #23, #24]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#23] - [w3l8p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The first half of this area is a complex of ladders, platforms, and enemies.

    First, head right and climb the ladder. Then make a left, take the ladderdown, and head right. Get on the ladder, wait until the enemy is under you,and press to land on his head. Walk left and hit the lever, then head backup the two ladders. Walk all the way right and climb the ladder that leads tothe top. While you're doing this, the green platform at the bottom of the areawill be floating right.

    Head left along the top platform, killing the enemy up here along the way.Drop down to the left, take out the enemy here and grab his key. You don'tactually need the key for this piece, but you do need it to exit this area, somight as well grab it now. Drop or climb down the ladder on your left, thendrop off the ledge to the right. You should be on the bottom, near where youstarted.

    Now, head back to the lever. Flip it, then rewind back to the ledge above theentry door (the last ledge before reaching the bottom). Use the left bumperto speed up your rewind so that you get there in time to jump to the greenplatform as it moves left. After landing on it, jump to the ladder and climbup, where a green puzzle piece awaits you.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#24] - [w3l8p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #23...drop back down to the ground, go back to the lever, and flip it onemore time. Climb up the ladder so that you can leap to the platform when itstops on the right-hand side. Open the door with the key from earlier.

    Now, you may have noticed this piece when you first entered. It is in analcove that opens on the right side of the wall on the right side of thescreen. It has a barrier sliding down in front of it, and is also blocked bythe door. Often, people think that to reach it, you must do somethingthe area that #23 is in, but this is false.

    For now, climb up the ladder past the door. To the right is a death pit witha climbing surface above it. Climb across, watching out for fireballs frombelow. Once you reach the other side, fall or climb down the ladder. To yourleft, you will see the two cannons that are spouting fireballs, as well as two

    more cannons in the top corners spouting enemies. Amidst all of this is adeath pit below and a climbing surface. You need to climb all the way acrossto the left, dropping onto the bottom left cannon.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    To the left of the cannon, in a tiny alcove, is a green switch. Flip it, and agreen platform with a strange green aura glowing above it will rise from thedeath pit. Climb over to it, and stand on it. This is a new game mechanic.Essentially, what this platform does is anchor you physically, while allowingyou to manipulate time. If you rewind while standing on this kind of platform,you won't move, but time will still move backwards.

    While standing on the freeze platform, rewind as far as you can. Again, usethe bumpers to make things go by quicker. Once the screen starts warping andthings become silent, you have reached the point where you entered the level.Now, quickly jump onto the climbing surface, climb right, and hop down onto thecannon. Climb the ladder, and head left over this climbing surface. Jump downthe ladder, and clamber into the alcove where your puzzle piece awaits. Ifthe barrier is closed, you either didn't rewind all the way or you were tooslow in reaching the piece. Either way, just try again until you get it.


    World 4 - Time and Place--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    World 4 changes the way that time works in the game. For the duration of thisworld, time is frozen until Tim moves. When Tim moves to the right, time movesforward. When Tim moves to the left, time moves backward. Rewinding onlyaffects Tim's position, not the actual timeflow. This leads to some veryinteresting puzzle possibilities.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 1 - The Pit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [No pieces]

    Again, the first level is a simple introduction to the concepts behind thisworld.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 2 - Jumpman-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #25, #26, #27]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#25] - [w4l2p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    When you enter this room, you will notice a familiar level structure. That'sright, it's Donkey Kong! An homage to a great game, and also relevant to theplot, as it is meant to convey Tim's youth, as evidenced by the lullaby musicin the level.

    But I digress. You will notice the puzzle piece sitting where the Princessought to be. However, if you try to climb up to it, an enemy will block yourway on the second-to-last ladder. However, there is another way up. If youstand on the far left of the area, you will see an enemy falling from the top

    level. There is also a small brown platform that you can use to jump to thisenemy, just slightly below the big ape.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    You need to bounce off of this enemy from the platform up to the small ledgethat sticks out behind Donkey Kong. Then, jump over him, and climb the ladderto the Princess. I mean...puzzle piece. Just so you know, if you are tryingto get all three pieces in this room, you need to get this one last, as it isnot green, and you will have to walk left of it to reach #26, which will resetits position.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#26] - [w4l2p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Directly to the right of #25, you will see #26, guarded on both sides by doors.The key is further along to the right, on top of a series of platforms beingrazed by fireballs. By climbing the ladders and carefully timing your jumpsover the fireballs, you will be able to reach it, however. You may want tograb #27 while you're up here.

    Then, all you need to worry about is which door to open. You must reject yourfirst instinct: to open the door closest to you. For whatever reason, the key

    will not work in this door, and will simply break. Instead, you must walk backover to the Donkey Kong area, climb up to where #25 was, and open the leftdoor. It may be wise to get #25 in the process.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#27] - [w4l2p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To the right of the key from #26. Just hop down and grab it while you're upthere, and you'll be good to go.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 3 - Just Out of Reach


    [2 pieces - #28, #29]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#28] - [w4l3p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As you enter the level, you will see three platforms, two of which arereachable via a centrally located ladder. On the left side of the lowestplatform, there is a switch. The switch controls the two barriers on theright side of the middle platform, to the right of which rests a green puzzlepiece.

    To get this piece, first climb up and hit the switch. Next, climb up to themiddle platform. You will see the enemy makes it impossible to make it throughthe barriers. So, what you need to do is walk to the left edge of the middleplatform. Below is the switch, and an enemy. You have to jump on the enemy,making sure to move just slightly left of the switch, and bounce back up to themiddle platform. You will know you've done it right if you walk right and thebarriers don't move.

    Since they aren't moving, you can easily bounce on the enemy to make it overthe barrier. Walk under the second barrier, and the piece is yours.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#29] - [w4l3p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    From #28...the platform above you has been carrying an enemy this whole time,and he will drop in front of you as you move to the right. You need to bounceon him up to the upper ledge of the next section, where the ladder is. Then,you need to jump back to the point where the enemy is alive, and try to land onhim again, only this time, further to the right. Repeat this process until heis alive, and directly beneath you.

    Now, walk right, ignoring the ladder, and hop to the right-hand platform with aladder leading down. The enemy will pick up the green key. Now, hop back overto the left, over to where you were jumping on the enemy. Jump as far left asyou can while still killing the enemy, and land to the right on the lowerplatform. He will drop the key, so pick it up, and reverse back to being onthe top platform with the ladder.

    Climb the ladder, which will lead to to the platform with the green door, andyour puzzle piece.


    World 4 - Level 4 - Hunt!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #30]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#30] - [w4l4p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    A lot of people have trouble with this, so bear with me. First, climb to thevery top. Kill the enemy up here. Now, never walk past this leftmost point,or he will come back. Now, your next target is one platform down, on the leftside. Take him out without resurrecting the one above. Move right, drop down

    another level, and kill the enemy on the left hand platform, again watchingfor the previous enemy. Next, bounce off of the enemy on the bottom, bouncingto the right hand platform. Now, the tricky part.

    The enemy on this platform has to be bounced on twice. Basically, stand to hisright. Hop on his head, moving left slightly. At the apex of your bounce,hold right, bouncing off his head a second time, killing him, and landing onthe upper-right platform where the final enemy resides. Kill him, and thedoor will open. It happens to be green, so don't worry if the last enemycomes back to life. Grab your piece and move on.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 5 - Movement By Degrees-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #31, #32]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#31] - [w4l5p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The first thing you will notice here is that to your right, there are venusflytraps that have the green property. They move when you don't. Next thingyou should notice is that there is a green key directly to your left, in analcove only an enemy can reach. Finally, there is an enemy on the far right.

    Basically, you need to time your movements to the right so that both you andthe enemy don't get gobbled by the carnivorous vegetation. There's no real

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    easy way to do this, but trial and error will get you through the first twoflytraps. The third one is tricky though. You will need to climb the ladderwhere the enemy started, and hop onto the small platform on the left. Watchfor when the flytrap is down, then hop to the platform on the right, run acrossit, and jump down to the ground below. Continue heading right until you hearthe key sound effect. Once you hear that sound, you can head back towards theflytraps. As soon as the enemy hits a flytrap, he will drop the key, so pick

    it up and head up the ladder to the right.

    Make your way left, avoiding the bunny, and up the ladder. Hop across the gap,open the door, and the piece is yours.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#32] - [w4l5p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From the #31...after dropping back down onto the lower platform, move rightonto the block-shaped platform with ladders on either side. Move onto theladder, and climb up to the platform above. The piece sits above you, yet you

    have no way of reaching it. Stand here for a moment, on the far left side ofthis platform. In this position, the leftmost flytrap of the set of three onthe upper right is within its pipe.

    Now, head right and jump down to the ground. Keep moving right until therightmost flytrap is in its pipe, then wait for an enemy to walk over it. Oncehe has made it past, immediately rewind a couple of seconds to where the middleflytrap is in its pipe, and tap once that flytrap is in a safe position.When the enemy makes his way over that pipe, rewind all the way to where youwere standing on the platform beneath the puzzle piece, which will make theleftmost pipe safe.

    The enemy should walk across the final pipe and drop into the area with the

    puzzle piece. Wait for him to bounce off the left wall and head back to theright, where he will bounce off the right wall as he drops onto your platform.Now, bounce off of his head, and you will find yourself next to the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 6 - Movement, Amplified-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #33, #34]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#33] - [w4l6p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    The concept here is very similar to #31. Again, a key to your left, time-immune flytraps in the center, and an enemy on the right. This time, however,there are more flytraps, two of which are right next to one another and movepretty quickly.

    To start, ignore the enemy. Walk over to the ladder and climb into the firstlayer of clouds. Head all the way left. Begin walking right, which will makethe enemy move left. Help him navigate the first two flytraps, then move himas close as you can to the two quick ones. As soon as they are down, run rightand don't stop until you hear the key sound.

    Start heading back, and the enemy will probably drop the key. Grab it, andclimb the ladder to the first layer of clouds. It will be tempting to climbto the second layer and open the right-hand door, but it's another trick door,

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    and will only break your key. Instead, head to the left and climb the ladderover here. Now, the clouds will be moving against you, and you have a quickflytrap to deal with. As soon as the flytrap is down, jump to the right. Whenyou make it, just open the door and claim your puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#34] - [w4l6p2]


    This is a simple piece to reach, but requires some tricky jumping. You maynotice a large, fast moving cloud as you move around the level. You have touse it as a stepping stone to reach the platforms high above the exit doorwhere the puzzle piece is.

    To do this, climb up the rightmost ladder to the very top, where the fake dooris. Next, move right onto the cannon. Move as far right as you can, then makea leap of faith to the right. If you have some platforming skills, you willland on the cloud as it's zooming by. Then, jump off of the right edge of thecloud, onto the platforms where the piece awaits.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 4 - Level 7 - Fickle Companion-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #35, #36]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#35] - [w4l7p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    People have been having a lot of trouble with this one on the boards, so I willtry to break it down as best I can. To your immediate right is a key. But it

    is no ordinary follows the rules of world 4. To be more precise, whenyou move right, you will continue to hold it. But when you move left, it willfollow its previous timepath, regardless of whether or not you're there to holdit.

    First, grab the key and jump over the pit. Climb the next ladder you come to,and continue to a lever. Pull the lever, and drop down to a square block. Atime-immune enemy is moving around down here. Kill him, and watch for hisreplacement to come flying out of the cannon up above. What you need to do isget him to land on the platform, then run left so that the platform moves backto its original position with the enemy on it. Once he is up there, keeprunning left, to the ladder. Climb it quickly, and if you're moving fastenough, you will be to the left of the enemy as he walks towards you.

    At some point along the line, he will have picked up the key. Don't worry, wewanted that to happen. One he has moved to the left of ladder that leads tothe door and the puzzle piece, bounce on him and grab the key. Be careful tobounce on him with enough momentum to grab the key and move right so that itremains in your grasp. If it teleports down to the ground, you'll have to tryagain.

    Now that you have the key, climb the ladder, open the door, and grab the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#36] - [w4l7p2]


    From #35...drop back down to the bottom. You may have to move left to get the

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    key again. Now, move right to the area where the enemy is moving around.There is a door over here, but dont open it quite yet. First kill the enemy,then quickly jump up, open the door, run right, drop down, and run left. Youshould be below the left side of the door. The door will be closed, and thekey floating in front of it, to be picked up by a new enemy. Once he has it,go all the way to the right. When the enemy moves towards you, jump over it sothat you're on its left side, then kill it and grab the key. All you have left

    to do is jump up, open the door, and get the puzzle piece.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Time and Decision--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This set of levels uses another new game mechanic. Here, there are purpleobjects that your shadow can interact with. To summon your shadow, you simplyrewind. Your shadow will appear, and perform the actions that you rewoundthrough. For example, if you jump on an enemy and then promptly rewind to

    before you jumped on him, your shadow will appear and jump on him, regardlessof what you do from there.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 1 - The Pit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #37]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#37] - [w5l1p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This piece is part of yet another introductory puzzle. All you have to do toget the piece at the bottom of the pit is jump down, grab it, and then rewinduntil you are back at the top. You will see your shadow jump down and grab itfor you. The only reason he can do this, however, is because the piece ispurple.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 2 - So Distant-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #38, #39]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#38] - [w5l2p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As you enter, you will notice a broad platform above your head, with a ladderleading up to it to your right. On the platform is a purple switch on theright, and a closed barrier on your left, which guards a ladder leading up tothe puzzle piece.

    Climb the first ladder, walk left, and stand next to the barrier for a second.Now, walk over to the switch, flip it, then rewind to when you were standing infront of the barrier. Your shadow will run over and flip the switch, so holdleft so that you can make it under the barrier in the short span that it is

    open. Climb the ladder and grab the piece.


  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    [#39] - [w5l2p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #38...drop down to the bottom and head right. Here, you will see a raisedcentral platform with an enemy walking across it. Above and to the right is aplatform with a purple switch, and above and to the left is a platform withanother barrier, guarding the climbing surface that leads to the puzzle piece.

    This puzzle builds on the basic concept of #38, just with one additionalaction: bouncing on the enemy. To begin, stand on the left edge of the centralraised platform. Now, run right, bounce off of the enemy, and hit the switch.Rewind back to standing on the left edge, and bounce off of the enemy to theopposite platform where the barrier will begin to raise, activated by yourshadow. When it is open, run through, climb the wall, and grab the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #40, #41]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#40] - [w5l3p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Above the entrance door is another platform which can be reached via a climbingsurface on the right. To the left of the top of the surface is a purple doorguarding a puzzle piece. Begin by climbing up to the top and walking to theright edge of the platform.

    Now, this part can be kind of tricky. What you need to do is jump down, grabthe key, turn around and walk left, and jump as far as you can into the death

    pit. Once you've landed, reverse back to standing on the edge of the upperplatform. Your shadow will mimic your movements, leaving the key on the leftedge of the death pit. If you are fast enough, and you initially jumped farenough into the pit, you may be able to grab the key from the shadow as hefalls into the pit. If not, keep reading.

    Climb down, and stand on the left side of the pit. Jump into the pit again,this time landing directly on top of the key and facing left. The left facingis very important, because if you do this correctly, the shadow will grab thekey as he is dying, and it will pop up just enough that Tim can grab it if heis standing on the extreme edge of the platform.

    Once you have the key in hand, climb back up, unlock the door, and the puzzlepiece is yours.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#41] - [w5l3p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #40...walk back to the right along the platform, then hop the gap onto thenext one. This is a large, boxy platform that is supported below by a ladder,which leads to the puzzle piece inside the box. This would be simple, were itnot for the catbunny that guards the ladder.

    Stand on the upper left edge of the platform. Now, run right, drop down, and

    walk left underneath the platform. You should get the catbunny's attention, sowalk a little further right, but without leaving the shelter of the platform.If the bunny kills you while you're on the edge there, even better. Once it

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    appears that his attention is entirely on you, rewind back to standing on theupper left edge of the box.

    Your shadow will head out and begin distracting the bunny. Meanwhile, dropdown on the left side of the box, where the key was. However, don't walk underthe box until the catbunny is on the opposite side. Once he his, run across tothe ladder, and climb up, snagging the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 4 - Crossing the Gap-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #42, #43, #44]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#42] - [w5l4p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Before we begin, let's take a look at the lay of the land. Above you is a

    platform with a cannon shooting purple enemies, above which is a small ledgesticking out of the left wall. Further up and to the right is the platformwith the puzzle piece. The platform with the cannon is separated from anotherto the right by a floating platform controlled by a switch on the right-handside. This larger, right-hand platform can be reached via a couple of ladderseven farther to the right.

    First, take the ladders up to the cannon. Stand in front of it for a moment,then drop down right and kill the purple enemy. Now, reverse back to thecannon. You will see your shadow drop down, kill the enemy, and a new one popout of the cannon, which you can bounce on to reach the puzzle piece.


    [#43] - [w5l4p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This is in the same area as #42. It's above the ladders that lead to thecannon and the switch, on a platform that has a ladder leading to a block-shaped platform that you can't reach by yourself. Stand next to the switch,and when an enemy passes by down below, bounce on him. Reverse back tostanding in front of the switch, and flip it quickly. Your shadow will killthe enemy, and a new one will pop out of the cannon. It will walk across thereal platform, then the shadow platform, over to the block. Hop on its head toreach the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#44] - [w5l4p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    First, make sure that the platform controlled by the switch is in its left-mostposition. This will provide a path for the purple enemy to take that leads itto the area by the exit door. To the left of the exit door is a ladder thatleads to two platforms.

    First, make your way to the exit door area, and kill the enemy if he's made ithere already. Next, climb to the top of the ladder to the left. Wait untilyou see the enemy, then drop down and position yourself so that the enemybounces on your head when he drops down into the pit with the door. Now,

    rewind to when you were standing on the top platform. Your shadow will dropdown, and wait for the enemy to bounce on his head.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    What you need to try to do is jump across the gap, bouncing on the enemy as hebounces off of your shadow's head. This will give you enough air to land onthe far platform with the puzzle piece, above the exit door. This may takeseveral tries.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 5 - Window of Opportunity


    [2 pieces - #45, #46]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#45] - [w5l5p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As you enter this room, you will see this puzzle piece to your right, protectedby a platform above it and terrain on the other three sides. Climb the ladderon top of the puzzle piece, to the broad platform above. Below, you can seetwo doors, one normal and one purple, and a switch to the left of them. As you

    walk right, there will be a gap, across which is an enemy with a key walkingabove the canvas.

    Kill the enemy and take the key. Drop down through the gap to the left, andstand next to the normal door without opening it. Now, walk right, drop down,and walk left to the purple door, open it. Rewind back to standing next to thenormal door. Now, quickly open the door, jump left on top of the purple door,and hop up the platforms. If you're quick, you'll be able to make it on top ofthe door and up before the shadow opens the purple door. Now flip the switchand head back to the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#46] - [w5l5p2]


    Head to the canvas, and climb the ladder to the right of it. Jump right to theplatform with a purple switch and a platform next to it. This switch controlsthe broad platform below, which rises to the floating purple switch. Thatswitch controls the small platform that rises to the puzzle piece at the verytop.

    First, climb down to the broad platform. Stand here a second, then walk backto the upper switch. Flip it, and rewind back to standing on the lower, broadplatform. Your shadow will run up and hit the switch for you. Now, when thebroad platform stops rising, wait a second, then hit the purple switch. Now,rewind again until you're on the upper platform. Run over to the upper switchand hit it as soon as your shadow walks onto the broad platform.

    This way, your shadow will hit the lower switch for you when the broad platformrises. Make sure you're on the small upper platform when he does, and you willbe able to reach the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 6 - Lair-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #47]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#47] - [w5l6p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    Before you do anything, kill the boss. He's carrying a key you need. Youreally shouldn't need help with that, just apply the principles of this world.(Note that the boss is purple.) With him out of the way, grab the key. Now,walk left to the right edge of the left climbing surface (below the leftchandelier). Wait a second, then make your way left, climbing up and left,opening the purple door, and hit the switch. Now, reverse back to standing

    below the chandelier. Run right, open the door, and run to the exit door.There is a barrier blocking the piece, but when your shadow hits the switch, itwill open briefly, allowing you to grab the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 5 - Level 7 - Fragile Companion-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #48]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#48] - [w5l7p1]


    This piece gives a lot of people a headache, but it just requires anunderstanding of how the shadow works. First, climb up the climbing wall, anddrop onto the platform with the enemy carrying the green key. Kill him andgrab the key. Now, to your right are two purple doors, blocking the puzzlepiece.

    Remember that green keys, once used, are broken forever. So, in order to openboth doors with one key, you need your shadow to open one of them.

    Essentially, this boils down to momentum. You need to run at the first door,but hit rewind before you open it, so that your shadow, mimicking your

    movements, runs at the door. However, he won't stop, because you were stillrunning when you hit rewind, so he will open the door, and you can open thesecond, opening the path to the piece. This may take several tries to getright, but don't get discouraged. Just leave and come back if you screw up.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Hesitance--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Here we are, the last world with puzzle pieces in it. Again, we are given anew time power, and it's an interesting one. You have a ring, which can beplaced with , that slows down the time around it. Before now, time was onlycontrolled directly through Tim's actions. But with the ring, you can create a"time field", an area where time flows slower than normal. What's even moreinteresting is that the ring's power is radial. This means that the fartheraway from the ring you are, the less of an effect it has.

    This world has some of the most difficult - and fascinating - puzzles in thegame. Have fun.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 1 - The Pit?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [No pieces]

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    This level is basically a training area for the use of the ring. The big signtells you what to press, and you're just supposed to play around with it beforemoving on.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 2 - There and Back Again-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [1 piece - #49]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#49] - [w6l2p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This level layout may look familiar. This time, the key is normal, as well asthe barrier. So you need to slow the barrier down. Put the ring directlybelow the barrier as soon as you enter, then climb up, grab the key, and climbback down. Avoid the enemies as best you can. Then, before the barriercloses, open the door and nab the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 3 - Phase?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #50, #51]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#50] - [w6l3p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Again, this puzzle will look familiar, but it has some key differences. Mostobviously, there is only one cloud cannon. To begin, climb up to the platform

    that the clouds are crossing. Wait until one is within jump range, and hop toit. Once you're on top, quickly drop your ring. When the next cloud is closeenough, pick up the ring and jump to it. Repeat the process until you can landon the cannon, and the piece is yours.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#51] - [w6l3p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To the right of #50 is another cloud cannon. However, this one only producesone cloud at a time. First, climb up to the very top of the climbing wall, tothe broad platform across the top. There is a flower up here. It actuallymarks the best place to put the ring. Drop it here, then climb down to theplatform that the clouds are being destroyed by. Now, jump to a cloud when itsjust barely within your jump distance. Run across it, then make a leap offaith to the right. The last cloud will disappear, as you hang inside the timefield. You should just barely land on the next cloud as it is appearing. Nowjust hop over and get the piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 4 - Cascade-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #52, #53, #54]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#52] - [w6l4p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    This level can be very confusing, especially when you're trying to figure outwhere to start. For our purposes, we will begin with the simplest piece toobtain. This is the one at the top left of the level.

    First, walk right and climb up the ladder to the top, avoiding the fireballs.To the left is a small death pit that a cannon is launching enemies into. Hop

    over onto the left side of it. Now, place the ring at this edge of the pit.You will see that the enemies become spaced much closer together as they arefalling in. Now, being careful not to get hit, bounce off of one, and as youare falling from the bounce, land on another. You should gain enough heightthat if you hold left, you will hit one more enemy at the maximum height oftheir launch. If you manage to land on this third enemy, you will propelyourself to the platform above, which leads to the piece on the left.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#53] - [w6l4p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #52...head back to the right, over the death pit, past the ladder, towhere the enemies are dropping down from their cannon onto your platform, thenfurther down where they are killed by fireballs. Avoid the enemies and drop towhere they are being killed. Hop over the fireballs, moving towards the cannonfrom which they are being fired. Jump across the gap, timing it so that youare jumping over a fireball at the same time, then quickly hop on top of thecannon. Place the ring here, so that it slows down the rate of fire of thecannon.

    Now the enemies will be able to survive long enough to make it to the rightedge of the platform to the left of the cannon, which is right below the piece.Bounce on one of their heads to reach it.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#54] - [w6l4p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This is the piece right above the entrance door. It has a fairly complexsolution, so I've tried to make the steps as clear as possible.

    Make your way to the large upper platform beneath the small platform with theenemy cannon, near #53. Place the ring right where the enemies land on thisplatform, then bounce off an enemy so that you're up on the cannon platform.

    From here, let an enemy fall down, then jump - don't drop - onto his head. Ifyou hold right, you should just make it onto the opposite high platform. Uphere is a key. Grab it, then drop down and get the ring.

    Now, repeat the process you used in #53 to keep one of the enemies alive. Putthe ring on the cannon to slow the fireballs. Once the enemy has made it pastthe platform they were being killed on, pick the ring back up and drop down towhere the enemy has fallen. Follow closely behind him.

    To the left is a cannon floating in midair. You need to bounce on the enemyfrom this ledge to reach it. Wait until the enemy drops to the floor, then runand jump on him. It may take several tries to get on top of the cannon, justrewind if you screw up.

    Now that you're on this cannon, place the ring as far right on top of it as youcan. This will slow the fire rate enough that you can make it through thepassage the fireballs are traveling through. So drop left, climb the ladder,

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    and do so.

    Open the door with the key you've been carrying around, and hit the switch.This will cause the platform behind the cannon shooting enemies into the deathpit to rise, allowing you access to the puzzle piece. Leave this spot bywaiting until the next fireball comes through the passage, then run through,climb the ladder, and head left to get the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 5 - Impassable Foliage-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [2 pieces - #55, #56]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#55] - [w6l5p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Yet another throwback level. The puzzle piece is above you, beneath an enemy

    cannnon that is spouting them out at a serious rate. Beneath their landingplatform are two normal barriers that are about to intersect, with thehorizontal one being blocked by the vertical one.

    In this case, you need to put the ring down beneath the vertical barrier, sothat it slows down enough to allow the horizontal barrier to pass. However,you aren't done yet. Climb the ladder to the right, and you will see anextremely fast moving flytrap above you. Now, most people's first instinct isto place the ring next to the flytrap. The problem with that is that it slowsTim down as well, making it so that you and the flytrap are going the samepace, just a lot slower.

    Instead, put the ring on the platform below the flytrap pipe. This will still

    slow the flytrap, but allow you to move faster. Climb up and move past it,celebrate your success by bouncing on some enemies, and grab the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#56] - [w6l5p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #55...make your way back to the right, past the flytrap. Grab your ringif you want, I don't use it for this next piece. Make your way right from theflytrap, and onto the next broad platform above the exit door. To your rightis a death wall, and to your left the ground is a different color, with a smallplatform above it where the puzzle piece rests. Above you are three flytraps,and a green enemy cannon to the right of them. The green enemies are walkingout and being killed by the flytraps.

    You need at least two of the enemies to survive the flytrap minefield. Thatway, you can double bounce on them on the left raised portion and reach thepuzzle piece. In order to do this, you need to synch up the flytraps. Placethe ring under the middle flytrap, and watch the flytraps. When you observe amoment when all three are in their pipes, immediately pick up the ring. Waita cycle or two, making sure they are synched.

    Now, press rewind, and either tap or press at the moment when allthree are down. When two or three enemies make it across, let go of andrun left to where the enemies are. When two are on the bottom, before they

    head right into the area where you were standing, double bounce on them toreach the piece. You probably won't get it the first time, but that's ok.Just rebuild your rewind buffer and try again with another set of enemies.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 6 - Level 6 - Elevator Action-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    [3 pieces - #57, #58, #59]

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#57] - [w6l6p1]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    To the immediate right of the entrance door is a ladder that leads to a lockeddoor, which blocks the puzzle piece. Walk past it, and above you will see acomplex of fireball cannnons and ladders. Climb up the ladders, being cautiousof the fireballs. Only the middle ones move faster than you, so it shouldn'tbe too difficult. Once you're at the top, head left, hit the switch, and ridethe platform down.

    The key is down here, but a catbunny is chilling here too. Take him out, grab

    the key, and hit the switch down here to ride back up. While you're in theshaft, walk as far right as possible, so that you're hugging the wall. Whenyou reach the top, drop your ring, and run right, hitting the switch in theprocess. Start making your way down the ladders.

    This will send the elevator down with the ring riding it. If you're quick, thering will slow down each cannon as you reach the platform it shoots at,allowing you to pass. If you can't seem to make it, rewind and try again. Trytiming flipping the switch so that a fireball is reaching the far wall as youreach the first ladder.

    Once you're through, climb the ladder, open the door, and get the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#58] - [w6l6p2]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From the entrance door, head right, past the ladders and fireballs, towards theexit. Above this position is the puzzle. To begin, we'll be getting the pieceon the upper-right. Climb the ladder to the left of the exit door, and jump upto the switch. Place the ring here, and it will slow down the fireball cannonabove you. Now, hit the switch, and wait for the upper left platform with theladder to come down. Another platform will slide in from the right, and thetwo will form one large platform.

    These platforms are time anchors, so jump onto the one that has the ladder, onits rightmost edge, and start rewinding until it's back up top. You should bestanding just to the right of a thin wall, separating you and the ladder. Nowyou can jump up and over through where the fireballs are coming, then up on topof the cannon to the puzzle piece.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------[#59] - [w6l6p3]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    From #58...go back and grab your ring, and hit the switch again. The platformswill lower back down, jump over to them and place the ring where the laddersits. Jump back to the right, and hit the switch...again. Wait until both

    platforms are back at their starting positions, and then...hit the switch.Again. I promise, this is the last time though.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ



    In case you hadn't guessed it by now, the final world is World 1. In thisworld, time moves...backwards. Yep. Your rewind button is now your "play"button, so to speak. They even went so far as to order the levels in reverse.Luckily, the puzzles here aren't too tricky, as there are no puzzle pieces tocollect. Just make it from entrance to exit. That doesn't mean it will be

    easy, however.

    To reach this world, you must collect every puzzle piece and assemble eachpainting within its frame. Once you have done this, the ladder to the atticwill be repaired and you can enter the door above.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 1 - Level 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    In all of these levels, you will be applying the principle you learned in World4: that enemies moving back in time are invincible. The reason for this is

    obvious: the moment you kill them, they have already moved back to before youkilled them.

    All you need to do here is stand where the enemies are flying up from theirdeaths. This will change their moment of death to when you bounce on them, andthey will begin to move around the bottom floor. Then, all you have to do isbounce off of one up to the door.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 1 - Level 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Same principle here, but a more interesting execution. Stand where the enemies

    are appearing, and when a couple are moving around, climb the ladder. You willsee the enemies fly up to the middle level. When they do this, they are ontheir way to you, so prepare to bounce off of one to make it to the door. Allyou really need to do is remember that they will meet you halfway.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 1 - Level 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    This is almost exactly the same as Level 3, except that the ladder is broken.Well, considering that the enemies don't die...the answer should be clear. Youneed to "ride" an enemy up to the top. First, let two enemies live on thebottom floor, then walk right. Watch the bounce pattern for when they reverseback to the middle floor, then time your jump so that you remain bouncing onthem all the way up. Continue the process to the top floor, then let the enemyyou were riding get sucked back into the cannon. Now, the second enemy will becoming along, and all you need to do is the same bounce from Level 3 to reachthe door.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------World 1 - Level 1 - Braid-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Here we are folks, the last level. Climb down the ladders and watch the sceneabove you. While you're waiting, keep one thing in mind for this level: SPEED.

    You will need to RUN through this level. I mean it. As fast as you possiblycan, and then some more. The wall of fire on the left is no joke, and WILL

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    kill you if you dawdle. Perfect your platforming, is all I can say. Yourfirst time through, you will probably have to rewind through several sectionsrepeatedly, in order to make it.

    First, head right, over a couple of platforms. Wait for the princess to flipthe barrier, then head right to the ladders. Drop - DON'T climb - when goingdown the ladders. Wait for the flytrap, walk right, and wait for the barrier.

    This will probably be your first close call with the fire wall, but be patient.If you jump too early, you'll slide back into the fire. So you need to jumpforward at the last possible second to guarantee your success, and jump againto propel yourself further forward once you are on top of the slowly loweringbarrier.

    Next is another close call. You have to wait until the flames are licking yourcoattails, then make a leap of faith into the pit. The princess will flip thelever at the last possible second, and a platform will rise out of the pit.

    Keep running right. You will come to a ladder above a cannon sucking infireballs. Drop down between them, hop over the next, and jump to the ladder.

    Climb up, hit the switch, climb onto the ladder and hit jump to fall down.Move quickly right. Jump onto the climbing wall, again dropping when movingdown. Jump over the death pit and bounce on an enemy to reach the nextplatform.

    This is the part that screws most people up. You need to try to continuebouncing on the enemy, up to the platform with the switch. Throw it quickly,and then you need to drop down BETWEEN enemies going into and out of the nextpassage. This is very difficult, and the window of opportunity is very slim.An enemy will be walking out of it (to the left), and as soon as he is out ofthe way, you need to be in his place, before the enemy walking from the leftoccupies the gap. Just rewind if you make a mistake, and you'll get iteventually.

    Once you're through, hop up and onto the orange platform, which the princesswill raise for you. Continue right, under the stairs, and wait for theflytraps. You'll probably get nervous at the second one, but he will go intohis pipe just in time. Watch the chandelier fix itself, and keep moving right.

    There aren't any more real obstacles, so just run right, climb the climbingwall, and...

    The screen will flash, the music will stop, and the fire will disappear.



    These have been made up by me, based on questions I frequently see on themessage boards. This does not include puzzle piece questions.

    Q: How do I rewind?A: Press .

    Q: What are these green things?A: They are objects that are immune to your rewinds.

  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    Q: What are these purple things?A: They are objects that your shadow can interact with.

    Q: What does this platform with green/white sparks coming out of the top do?A: It is a time anchor. If you rewind while on top of it, Tim won't move, but

    time will still move backwards.

    Q: Hey, what happened to World 1? Why do I start the game at World 2?A: Just keep playing, you'll find out.

    Q: How do I get into the attic?A: Find all the puzzle pieces and assemble the paintings.

    Q: What's up with these blocks with letters on them in the bathroom?A: They are the PC controls. The developer left them in the 360 version on


    Q: Why aren't the stars in your guide?

    A: My first priority is finishing the actual puzzle pieces. However, once I'mdone with everything else I will add them. Although I really don't lookforward to it, they seem very difficult to explain how to obtain.

    Q: The unlockable description you submitted is wrong! There are only 60 puzzlepieces!

    A: I know, I know. I realized this immediately after I submitted the cheat,but for whatever reason it wouldn't let me pull the submission, and decidedinstead that it would give me 404 errors. If it really bothers you, use theproblem reporting form, I'd love to see it corrected.

    UPDATE: They fixed it :)

    Q: My puzzle pieces are stuck together in a weird way, how do I unstick them?A: Unfortunately, you have to start over. There is a bug where if you find a

    piece, combine it with another within the level portrait, leave canvas view,and rewind to before you got the piece, the portrait will glitch and becomeunsolvable. Hopefully this will be patched soon. Most people experiencethis in World 2, if they killed the enemy before getting the piece above thedoor.

    ************************************************^/*\ "Shoot for the Moon. even

    ___/***\___ if you miss, you'll land\*********/ among the stars"\*******//*******\ ...which is really where/***/`\***\ you want to be...'''' ''''


    In-Depth Stars GuideWritten By: LuckylimeBegan August 11, [email protected]


  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ


    Table of Contents


    Version History/LegalIntroduction

    World 2-2 Star [L002]

    Hub-Level Star [L00H]

    World 4-5 Star [L045]World 4-7 Star [L047]

    World 5-4 Star [L005]

    World 6-5 Star [L065]World 6-6 Star [L066]

    World 1-1 Star [L001]

    Secrets [L00S]

    FAQ [L00F]

    Acknowledgements [L00A]


    Version History/Legal


    Version 1.0: Full guide complete, all 8 stars listed:Submitted 9/3/08

    Version 1.5: Edited some minor errors, 4-7 strat revised with easier method:Submitted 9/6/08

    Version 1.75: Added alternate strat for world 2-2 star:Submitted 9/25/08

    ~ As for legal issues, you may go ahead and use this guide for whatever reasonyou may. All I ask is that you please do not change anything inside; and asalways, please give credit where credit is due... Thank you. If you have anyquestions about the stars not listed here, or know an easier method to obtainone of the stars, feel free to e-mail me at "[email protected]" I willnot respond to anything not on the topic nor answer any questions to which theanswer is already available in this guide.




  • 8/7/2019 Braid (Game) FAQ