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Industry guidesMr. M.Sudhakar(Hyderabad territory Manager) (Lubes)

Mr. B.Raghunath Rao(Asst Manager - Mktg)(Lubes)

Project Report

Project Title How to retain atleast 60% of market share to Mak lubricants sales in authorized service stations in Hyderabad Market. Submitted byP. Sandeep Kumar. (09031EIB42) ( MBA in International Business)

School of Management studies JNTU Kukatpally, a g e 1 | P Hyderabad


How to retain at least 60% of the market share to MAK Lubricants sales in the authorized service stations in Hyderabad MarketPROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED FOR THE PARTIAL FULLFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE





I here by declare that this project report with the title How to retain at least 60% of market share to MAK Lubricants in authorized service stations in Hyderabad market is the result of one month summer internship done by at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited under the guidance of Mr. M.Sudhakar Territory Manager (Lubes) and Mr. B.Raghunatha Rao, Asst Marketing Manager of BPCL ,Hyderabad.

This is to further declare that this project report is authentic and not submitted by any other student previously. I also confirm that the contents of the report and the views contained there in have been discussed and deliberated with the Guide

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My heartfelt gratitude goes to my company guide M.Sudhakar, Territory Manager (Lubes). Who initiated the Midas touch to all the queries and actually made this project possible by edge. I would also like to convey my gratitude to my guide B.Raghunatha Rao, Asstt. Manager Marketing (Lubes) who made me walk all the steps of this project, intricately and helped me in formulating the entire framework of this analytical research. I would also like to acknowledge my sincere thanks to Dr.A.R.Aryasri , Director of SMS, JNTUH for providing me the opportunity to do my summer training in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). A word of thanks to all my respondents who spared their valuable time from their busy itinerary in filling up the questionnaires and made the project complete. Finally, I express my gratitude to the every person who has devoted their valuable time in accomplishing my summer internship project.



Executive Summary .... 8 Brief Analysis of Report.. 9 Introduction. Need for the research .. 11 Research Problem ... 11 Research Objectives .... 12 An Insight into the Research Scope of the study ... 13 Research Methodology 13 Type of research 13 Sources and tools of data collection........... 13 Sampling Techniques. 14 Sample Size ...... 14 Limitation of the Research.... 14 The Indian Lubricant Industry. ... 15 Company profile. ........22 MAK Lubricants .27 MAK Lubricants sales and market share.28 MAK services..29 OEM tie-ups of MAK Lubricants...31 Competitors of BPCL Lubricants (MAK Lubricants) ...34 Brief about the competitors in the authorized service stations segment.................35 Primary Research in authorized service stations38 Present Market share .. ......39 Basis for selecting and buying40 Parameters seen while buying416|Page

Number of brands used .42 Impact of schemes..43 Consumption of lubricants.44 Maximum consumption months44 Findings45 Conclusion46 Annexure..47 Bibliography.50


Executive SummaryThe project title was To analyze the factors to retain at least 60% of market share in MAK lubricants sales to authorized service stations in Hyderabad market. The research work was divided into two phases for reporting & analyzing the factors respectively. Each phase is being described as follows:Phase 1 Phase 1 was the starting point of research work. Before going out for primary research work, I studied the lube oil industry with the help of internet & collected some useful insight about the industry. In the primary research work, I first of all decided on the different category of persons (stakeholders) who are linked with the engine oil. These persons/stakeholders were as follows:1) Concerned persons involved in procurement of Lubricant oil at service stations. 2) Distributor. Then I had carried an exploratory survey for each stakeholder without drawing any questionnaire. This random sample helps me to understand the various factors affecting the buying decision of engine oil. But the information which I get was quite raw & hence I moved on to the second phase for a systematic review of the enlisted factors gathered from the exploratory survey. Phase 2 After understanding the enlisted factors, I formed the questionnaire, covering each & every aspect about buying behavior of engine oil. I formed questionnaire.. I had taken a sample of 26 authorized service stations ( Two wheeler) from all the major part of Hyderabad. From this survey I try to figure out the relationship between the buying behaviors of authorized service stations, after completing primary research work, drafted out the studied factors on the word file & gave the shape of a project report.


Brief Analysis of ReportOverall from the given feedback & analysis it can be clearly stated the fact that the OEM Tie up is the top most factor which is affecting the buying decision of lubricant oil at authorized service stations. Hence in order to increase the market share we have to increase the OEM tie ups parameter of MAK.

The other factor which is affecting the buying decision of lube oil is the price of a particular brand. The brand has to justify the price structure to its users. So, in order to increase the perceive value of MAK the company can offer discounts or complimentary gift items along with the lube oil. So the company should make proper manipulation in its price structure to satisfy the perceived value to its customers.

Quality is also a major factor during selection and buying of the lubricants, it should be continuously improved and its grades also must be improved depending on the technology growth, as the technology in the automobile sector is continuously changing ,so its quality and grades should improved dynamically according to the technology. The market share can also be increased by setting up MAK Garage, Hero Honda Service Stations MAK Quik Lube Oil Change. Even though their presence is available in major cities, its presence not available in Hyderabad market. The company should offer schemes to the customers coming to authorized service stations using MAK lubricant in order to increase the consumption of lubricant at authorized service stations in turn it will increase its sales to authorized service stations.



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Need for the researchBharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is marketing its lube oil under the brand name of MAK all across India. MAK has got many type of lube oil (e.g.:-coolant, grease etc) incorporated under its name. MAK is also the market leader of Indian lube oil industry with a share of around 20%. To increase its market share in authorized service stations, to analyze this recommendations are to be derived out on the basis of the research work to formulate new marketing strategy of MAK.

Research ProblemThe research problem was to know and analyze the factors that will increase the market share in MAK lubricants to authorized service stations. For this analysis to be carried out, we have to work on the various factors which are influencing for the selection of the Engine Oil for use at their service station. These factors will be helpful in formulating new ideas or recommendations for the growth of company. Implementation of the following ideas will help in increasing the market share of MAK lubricants to authorized service stations. So, ultimately the goal of doing this project is:-

To Study the various factors to retain at least 60% of Market share in MAK lubricants sales to authorized service stations in Hyderabad market.

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Research ObjectivesTo understand the Lube industry (mainly MAK engine oil market of Hyderabad) from the Secondary Research.

To analyze all the important parameters in selection and buying of engine oil.

To formulate questionnaire.

To undertake exploratory survey of MAK lubricant at authorized service stations market of Hyderabad with the help of two wheeler authorized service stations.

To know the present market share of MAK lubricants in authorized service stations of two wheeler segment.

To analyze all the survey data & formulate recommendations based on it to increase the market share of MAK lubricants.

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An Insight into the ResearchScope of the studyThe research work will be totally concentrated inside the Hyderabad region. The Research work will cover the respondents from the two wheeler authorized service stations.

Research MethodologyThis research work is done to first find out the factors which affect selection and the buying decision of engine oil in authorized service stations & secondly on the basis of survey analysis, formulate recommendations to improve market share.

Type of researchThe research work conducted is exploratory & descriptive in nature. This research work is used to investigate the factors which are affecting the buying decision of engine oil in authorized service stations. Its an exploratory and descriptive research, as