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Boomerang Total Recall

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Overview of Faandotech\'s business continuity solution geared to the SMB space. Includes offsite backup and restoration on our Grid computing system in the event of a client site disaster.

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Boomerang Total Recall

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servicesData Centero SAS 70 Type IIo Virtual Private Servers 360ITVo Hosting Serviceso Colocationo 99.9986% Uptime

Professional Serviceso Server Virtualizationo Network Design &

Architecture o Network Assessments o Security Audits

Solutions Developmento Web Presenceo Business Management


Managed ITo 180° IT o 360° IT o Boomerang Recovery


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\di-zas-tar re-cov-ery\ noun

1. Disaster recovery is the process, policies and proceduresrelated to preparing for recovery or continuation oftechnology infrastructure critical to an organization aftera natural or human-induced disaster.

\busi-ness con-ti-nu-i-ty\ noun1. The processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensurethat an organization can continue to function through anoperational interruption.

2. Making proactive and reactive plans to help your organization avoid crises

and disasters and be able to quickly return to ‘business as usual’ should they occur.

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• Human Recourses• Operations• Information

Technology}A disaster event

or loss touches everyaspect of an organization.

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Threats facing businesses today:



Human ErrorMalicious




TechnicalData Corruption

Power Loss Telecom Loss

Critical System Failure

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Key Areas of Disaster Recovery

1. Disaster Recover Plan (DRP)2. Business Process Contingency Plan (BPCP)

These Plans:1. Describe how to deal with disasters that make

normal operations impossible.2. When developed and implemented properly ,

will help to prevent operational interruptions.

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Disaster Recovery Management

The ongoing management of the DRP to insure it is always current and available.o Regularly review (at least quarterly)o Test (at least twice annually)o Evaluate test resultso Make necessary changes

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Which Boomerang is right for you?

• Boomerang Image: Snapshot backup for your location• Boomerang Offsite: Automated off-site data vaulting

Boomerang Total Recall: Combines Boomerang Offsite with the ability to “go live” from our data center

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Boomerang Offsite features• A solution that automates BOTH backup and

offsite storage• All required software provided to the client• The customer is in control of their retention

policy. Data can be stored for as long of a period as required.

• Multi-platform support (Windows, Linux, and Macintosh)

• Integrated Security, Encryption, and compliance.• Full recovery support provided by Fandotech

Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

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Boomerang Offsite addresses

• Disaster Recovery: Data available for restore for any disaster (Hardware or Physical Site).• Data Protection: Data is protected both “in flight” and

“on-site” in our Fandotech data center.• Automates the off-site process: No more tapes going home with employees or 3rd party

services.• Provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP):

Real-time protection of many file types.

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Boomerang Offsite provides

• Solution for off-site storage and recovery.• Data can be restored to any device.• Service can protect servers and desktops (great for road warriors).• Continuous Data Protection of Windows and Linux files and message level backup of Microsoft Exchange servers.• Peace of mind, the knowledge that all data is protected and encrypted at all times.

Disaster Recovery

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Where does Offsite stop?Boomerang Offsite provides disaster recovery.

But in the event of a physical disaster,

you would be unable to run critical systems

until new assets are procured.

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Boomerang Total Recall is

Fandotech automates the off-site data vault process,secures the data end to end, and insures that your backup adheres to all compliance


When a client declares and emergency Fandotech provides support and infrastructure resources to bring critical systems online.

A total solution for Small to Mid-sized business providing

off-site backup of Windows, Linux, or Mac serversAND an Infrastructure platform

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Boomerang Total Recall features

• All the features and benefits of the Boomerang Offsite solution plus the ability to recover in the event of a physical loss.

• Client environment is replicated at our data center within our grid computing infrastructure and delivered via the cloud.

• When the client declares an emergency, servers are restored and made remotely accessible for users.

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Boomerang Total Recall benefits

• Solution is tailored to meet the client needs and specifications.

• Service includes Bi-Annual simulated restore events.

• A customized service level agreement (SLA) is provided to the client defining the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) based on the first simulated test.

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provides• All required Backup software.• Software updates for the term of the service.• Scalable data center storage that can grow as your business

requirements expand.• Technical resources to configure and automate your backups.• Monitoring of the backup service, backup status and

bandwidth usage.• Any required remediation.• Infrastructure assets when an emergency is declared.• Support in the event of a required restore event.

You do not go it alone!

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Boomerang Total Recall protects

1. All critical data from physical or mechanical losses.

2. Data in transmission and in storage via encryption options up to 256-bit witha 32-character key.

3. Data from employee negligence.4. Data from media defects.5. Your business! Critical Systems are

available to your workforce soon after the event.

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Boomerang Total Recall

What needs to be included in the off-site backup?1. Your servers’ data and system state.2. Key man PC’s.

How we do it!

Boomerang Total Recall Scenario #1:Client has a traditional client server environment(Servers

and PC’s)

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Boomerang Total Recall





Virtual LAN

Client servers recovered to

Fandotech Grid environment

Key personnel computers ready for remote access to both applications and services

Fandotech Datacenter provides client with Private cloud access

Scenario #1

Access can be made from any Internet connected computer

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What needs to be included in the off-site backup?1. Your servers (data and system state)

Boomerang Total RecallHow we do it!

Boomerang Total Recall Scenario #2Client Environment includes Citrix XenApp or

Terminal Services and/or Virtual Desktops

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Boomerang Total Recall


Fandotech Datacenter provides client with Private cloud access

Scenario #2

Access can be made from any Internet connected computer

Fandotech restores Virtual Servers for all back office services applications and

access services

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Boomerang Total Recall summary

• Software upgrades at no additional cost.• Backups are automated and monitored by

our TAC.• Provides regulatory compliance and adheres to

mandated data security guidelines (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, etc.)

• The TAC is there to help you restore.• AD and Domain synchronization included

between simulated recovery sessions.• Infrastructure in the event of an declared


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• Boomerang Offsite: Pricing starts at $3/GB

• Boomerang Total Recall: Pricing starts at $5/GB

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Free month provided in third month of service, minimum subscription 12 months.