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<ul><li><p>Wendy's Origami</p><p>Adventures in Crafting</p><p>Washi ningyo doll</p><p>22 JUN 2012 8 Comments</p><p>by wendysorigami in Tutorial Tags: doll, ningyo, origami, paper, washi</p><p>(hp:// September for my nieces wedding, I madeher a washi ningyo doll cake topper. I took a bunch of photos as I made the dolls, so I decided to put them here as</p><p>a simple tutorial. I didnt measure things as I went along. I just eyeballed everything.</p><p>Heres what youll need:</p><p> Japanese washi paper Black crepe craft paper (for hair)</p><p> plain colored origami paper cardboard</p><p> wooden clothespin doll and stand small styrofoam ball</p><p> wood skewer white paint or white panty hose</p><p> wire scissors</p><p> glue</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>1 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>/dsc_0706.jpg)</p><p>(hp:// I started by covering the styrofoam ball withwhite organza. I couldnt nd any cheap white panty hose (I wasnt going to pay $5.99 so I could cut up a new</p><p>pair). then I put the wood skewer through the boom of the ball, and stuck it into the clothespin base. (theclothespin is upside down in the base) I wanted a thin neck, so I didnt use the clothespin bead head. Then I cut</p><p>out some black crepe paper into two pieces. One piece was for the bangs, and the longer piece was for the back ofthe hair. I also added a lile bone/bow looking thing at the top of her head.</p><p>* Sorry, my photos are reversed. Youll have to look at them from right to left.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>(hp://</p><p>Then I took some cardboard and rolled it up. I wrapped ittightly around the clothespin base and squished it at at</p><p>the top to form shoulders. Next, I cut out a piece at theneckline so that I could put a collar on.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>I cut a long strip of washi paper and added a strip of light pink and a strip of darker pink at the edges. This willform the collar.</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>2 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>I aached the collar around the skewer, slipping it inside the notches I cut out of the cardboard.</p><p>(hp://</p><p> (hp://</p><p>/2012/06/dsc_0714.jpg)</p><p>Next, I cut out a rectangle of washi paper. I folded it in half vertically, and rounded the inside lower corner. I cut a</p><p>notch out of the open end. I added some light pink accents at the ends and at the boom. The upper left area inthe second photo is going to get aached to the doll. I made 2 of these arms.</p><p>(hp:// aached the arms to the doll on the back,under the hair.</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>3 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>Next, I cut another piece of washi paper for the skirt. I glued a solid pink paper to the corner to show the inside ofthe kimono.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>I glued the skirt to the boom part of the cardboard body. You can still see a white area in the middle that isntcovered yet. Thats where the obi goes.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>I cut a strip of a dierent washi paper and folded the top and boom edges in.</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>4 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>Then I glued the obi on. Voila! The doll is just about nished.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>(hp://</p><p>I made a tiny bouquet of lilies out of 1/2 origami paper. I put a wire through the center ofeach ower, then I wrapped the wires together with a white ribbon.</p><p>(hp://</p><p>I aached the bouquet to her hand with some wire.</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>5 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>I didnt like the purple obi that I originally put on her, so I swapped it out for a dark pink obi. I think this one</p><p>compliments her dress beer. I cut another piece of the pink paper out, and made a round loop and aached it tothe back of the obi. I also changed out the blue ribbon I originally had in her hair. I was going to put her in the</p><p>blue but I decided that I liked the boy doll in the blue beer. Then I went through the same process to makethe boy doll.</p><p>Lastly, I used foam double sided tape on the boom of the wooden stands and aached it to a glass coaster. Done!</p><p>(hp://</p><p>P.S. The groom is holding a HUGE diamond ring. </p><p>:D</p><p>;)</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>6 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>(hp://</p><p>8 Comments (+add yours?)</p><p>Ginger MayersonJun 27, 2012 @ 18:14:51</p><p>You could totally give the clothespin dolls lady a run for her money with these.</p><p>REPLY</p><p>1. </p><p>Trackback: Washi dolls | mistresreyes2. </p><p>thecheetosloverJul 07, 2012 @ 07:17:00</p><p>these are one of the best wash dolls yet! ive been trying to nd some for 8 year old sophia here, shes gonnalove these!</p><p>REPLY</p><p>wendysorigami</p><p>Jul 07, 2012 @ 15:15:32</p><p>Thank you! </p><p>REPLY</p><p>3. </p><p>Yuni Tenri</p><p>Feb 21, 2014 @ 03:41:53</p><p>best tutorial for washi doll I nd so far, thank you so much! for the tutorial (y)</p><p>REPLY</p><p>wendysorigami</p><p>Feb 21, 2014 @ 11:11:37</p><p>Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. </p><p>REPLY</p><p>4. </p><p>nirmala</p><p>Jan 13, 2015 @ 14:06:08</p><p>very prey</p><p>REPLY</p><p>5. </p><p>Mr WashiSan</p><p>Feb 01, 2015 @ 15:00:50</p><p>cool</p><p>REPLY</p><p>6. </p><p>:D</p><p>:D</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>7 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li><li><p>Blog at The Koi Theme.</p><p>Washi ningyo doll | Wendy's Origami</p><p>8 de 8 27/10/2015 17:27</p></li></ul>