BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. Nicholas II and Alexandra Romanov –Doomed from the day of their wedding –1300 people died on that day –The couple went ahead and

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BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION Slide 2 Nicholas II and Alexandra Romanov Doomed from the day of their wedding 1300 people died on that day The couple went ahead and attended a ball given by the French embassy. Already the people began to loathe the seemingly callous couple Slide 3 In the Beginning The Tsar was cursed from birth Did not want to be tsar Tortured psychologically by his father His priorities were his family not his country. Would rather go on a cruise with his family than deal with the problems brewing in his country. Slide 4 THE IMPERIAL FAMILY Slide 5 LONG TERM REASONS People were angry with the government. Russia was an autocracy. Peasants wanted more land Bread lines were long, Working conditions (factory workers) were poor. Slide 6 RASPUTIN Holy man from Siberia Tsar trusted Rasputin Healing Powers?? No political experience Slide 7 BLOODY SUNDAY January 22, 1905 Proletarians protested at the Winter Palace Working conditions were bad The guards began to fire into the crowd. Many were killed Bloody Nicholas. Slide 8 BLOODY SUNDAY Slide 9 STRIKES AND REVOLTS Bloody Sunday caused many revolts and strikes. Tsar did not care about the people Gap between upper and lower class widened. Ideas of revolution began to stir. Slide 10 BAD DECISIONS Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905 Wanted a port that would not freeze. 15,000,000 soldiers. Battle of Tsushima straights Yula River. Portsmouth treaty People wanted Freedom of speech as well as political freedom. Slide 11 DUMA Imperial Manifesto The Duma-elected government body Seemed Nicholas was making an effort. Tsar would not keep his bargain. Slide 12 THE GREAT WAR Russia a united front Transportation was inadequate food shortage around the country 3 bullets a day. Moral started to nosedive with the Russian people Protest and strikes started up again Nicholas commanded his army to put an end to all disorderly conduct in the streets of the capital Slide 13 LENIN In the background was a man named Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov or Lenin. Exiled to Siberia in 1895 for joining a communist ring He returned in 1900 and begin to fuel the fire of revolution. Leader of the Bolshevik party which believed in a five year socialist state in a conversion to communism. War cry was Peace, Land, and Bread. Slide 14 Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov Lenin Slide 15 DEATH OF THE MAD MONK Nobles assassinate Rasputin Poisoned Shot twice Thrown into the Neva River Too little too late Slide 16 MARCH REVOLUTION Lenin created a new Bolshevik the red army The Menshevik Party the white army. The red army beat the white army Ended in the abdication of Nicholas and his son. Slide 17 END OF THE ROMANOVS Family exiled to Siberia. Bolsheviks moved the family to Yekaterinberg. Family was assinated on July 16-17, 1918 Slide 18 Slide 19 END OF AN ERA 1918 peace treaty signed to end WWI. The white army was defeated by the Reds in 1920. Communist state of Russia would last 74 years.