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Boldocynara & Nephrosolid Shaye Hughes SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd Pioneer in Natural Health Since 1923

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Living Naturally with SA Natural Products

Boldocynara &NephrosolidShaye HughesSA Natural Products (Pty) LtdPioneer in Natural HealthSince 1923

5 Body Systems

Immune SystemCentral Nervous SystemCirculatory SystemDigestive SystemFiltration System

Filtration SystemHeartLungsLiverSmall intestineColon

Liver & Gallbladder

Liver1 000 000 (million) lobules each with 350 000 cells350 000 000 000 liver cells200 Separate functionsWeighs +/- 2 kgFilters 600 litres of blood daily2nd Largest organ of the body

What role does the liver play?

The liver has many functions:Bile and enzymes - manufacturesIts a storage unitIt detoxifies It secretes bileWhat role does the liver play?

The Liver = Yours Bodys Post OfficeWhat role does the liver play?

Liver = The bodys regulatorChemical ProcessCleans blood, produces cholesterol, gall, hormones, enzymes & red blood cellsStores iron & glucose, Vitamins A, B, D, E & K Transforms fats into unsaturated fats for energyDid you know?

Weight gainRegenerateThree quarters of the cells in the liver can die before it stops functioning. The liver is strongly connected to emotionsVigorous movements adversely affect the liver if its very inflamed.Liver & gallbladder warning signsWaking between 2 - 3am for no reasonMoodinessTirednessLight headednessHigh cholesterolWeak resistance to illnessDry, itchy skinRed, itchy eyesBitter taste in the mouthExcessive thirstIndigestionConstipation, pilesNauseaIrritable bowel syndromeUnexplained pain in the right side of the bodyPain in the headPain in the shoulderPain in the elbowPain in the hipPain in the kneePain in the big toe

Some advice from Dr. VogelIf we ensure that our daily nutritional intake is healthy and we strike a sensible balance between mental and physical activity, the liver is unlikely to grumble at occasional sins and will cheerfully labour to rectify the chemical mess we burden it with now and then.

Some advice from Dr. VogelBeing continually on good terms with ones liver is one of the most important rules of health.

Kidneys & Bladder

KidneysFilters 800 litres of blood daily1 000 000 (million) Nephrons in each kidneyWork with liverContinuously clean out waste and toxinsRegulate water & pH levels in the bloodResponsible for new red blood cells produced in the bone marrow

Typical kidney warning signsHigh blood pressureSore joints and musclesPain on top of the head, behind the neck and along the spineSwollen eyes after sleepSwollen face, hands, legs and anklesToo little or slow urine flowSmelly, dark or discoloured urine, continuous urinationPain on the inside of the left legPain behind the kneesEczema, fungus on soles of the feetBurning, sweating, aching soles of feetSore heelsAthletes footSmelly feet

Did you know?If you follow a high protein diet, you should increase daily water intake.Parsley, asparagus, cucumber and celery are good kidney cleansing foods.

A note on the kidneyskidney produce about 1.7 litres of urine filtrate per dayThe kidneys also maintain the delicate balance of electrolytes and pH in the blood.

Some advice from Dr. VogelAside from the heart and the liver, no other organ suffers more from the consequences of our modern lifestyles refined foods than the kidneys.

Some advice from Dr. VogelOften, kidney patients are relieved of their pains simply by abstaining from all foods containing sugar.

Two excellent herbal tonicsBoldocynaraNephrosolidVogel always treated liver and kidneys simultaneously

A.Vogel BoldocynaraLiver and gall bladder dropsFormula:Cynara Scolymus ArtichokeTaraxacum Off DandelionPeumus Boldus BoldoMentha Piperita Peppermint

IngredientActionArtichokeDandelionBoldoStimulates the functions of the liverArtichoke DandelionBoldoPeppermintStimulates Bile ProductionBoldo PeppermintCounteract digestive difficulties frequently associated with liver and bile complaintsBile contains bile acids, which are critical for digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the small intestine. Many waste products, including bilirubin22How to use BoldocynaraThe recommended dose is 15 drops 3 x per day. For those who suffer from gall stones or who have had malaria or hepatitis, it would be better to start on a lower dosage. Reduce dosage to 8 drops to begin with, 3 x per day for 10 days. Then increase to normal dosage for six weeksBoldocynara is recommended as a liver tonic for six weeks at a time, three times a year to ensure good liver and gallfunction.People on chronic medication should useBoldocynara daily to support liver function.

A.Vogel NephrosolidKidney and bladder dropsFormula:Solidago Virg Golden RodBetula Pendula BirchEquisetum Arvense HorsetailOnonis Spinosa Restharrow

IngredientActionGolden Rod antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary tractIt is very efficient for bladder problemspotential to prevent kidney stones and even assist in excreting existing onesBirchaid detox by supporting the bodys natural elimination of toxins and impuritiesRestharrowHorsetailsupport bladder healthHow to use NephrosolidAs a general support and detox Nephrosolid is recommended for six weeks at a time three times a year at a dosage of 15 drops three times per day. People on chronic medication should use Nephrosolid daily to support kidney function.

Two excellent herb tonicsLiver one of the most important organs for metabolizing or breaking down medications.

Two excellent herb tonicsMay benefit from additional cleansing and detoxifying support during course of medication.

Boldocynara & NephrosolidWho cant use Boldocynara & Nephrosolid? Boldocynara - Patients with obstructed bile ducts or liver cancer.Nephrosolid - Patients undergoing dialysisBoth these herbal formulas are safe to use daily, long term and with other medication.Children younger than twelve years may usethese herbal tonics if recommended by aprofessional therapist.

Boldocynara & NephrosolidFAQCan the products be used long term?Are there any side effects?My gall bladder has been removed. Can I use the products?

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