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  • 7/31/2019 Bodybuilding Tips by Xtreme NO


    June 10th, 2012 Published by: christayl

    Bodybuilding Tips byXtreme NOExperience Explosive Growth

    with Xtreme NO Muscle BuilderIn order to get the very best results from all your

    hard work in the gym, you may need to include abodybuilding supplement into your rountine. Of all thebodybuilding supplements on the market, one of themost effective is Xtreme NO. Find out why this is takingthe bodybuilding community by storm and see if it'ssomething that will help you to get to the next level.

    Power bodybuilding Program

    with Titan of American

    GladiatorsBy admin on June 10th, 2012

    Titan was absolutely one of the most intimidating castmembers of the American Gladiator show. I used to get a bigkick out of how he man handled most of the contestants withincredible ease. Howd he do it? Hes built like a tank and hesincredible strong! Most of those contestants didnt stand achance when they were matched up with him unless they couldscoot between his legs and run.

    Now Mike is sharing his Power Bodybuilding secrets with us.In the video below, he shows you how to pack on mass and

    increase your strength. This particular video is his powerbodybuilding chest workout.

    Caring for Boxing GlovesBy admin on June 10th, 2012

    Image by via Flickr

    You decided to take up some form of boxing, whether as

    fitness workout or a competitive sport. You took the time select the perfect pair of boxing gloves for the type of boxi

    you perform, and you are putting them through a fair amouof work. If you do not take proper care of your gloves, they wquickly become grimy, smelly and dull-looking. Fortunatehandling yourboxing gloves correctly is neither difficult ntime consuming. The key is knowing the right way to go abodoing so.

    Wipe the gloves down after every use. Use a soft, clean cloto rub the exterior of your gloves following a workout match to remove dirt, sweat and even blood from the leathor vinyl. Use appropriate leather or vinyl cleaner to remo

    particularly stubborn stains. You can find these cleaneat most sporting goods or shoe stores. Massaging leathconditioner into leather gloves every few months will help yo

    boxing gloves stay supple to prevent cracking and maintainlustrous appearance.

    Storing boxing gloves properly following and between uswill go a long way toward keeping them smelling fresh alooking good. Open the gloves wide after wearing them aavoid stashing them in your duffle bag or other confined spaCarry them in a breathable cloth bag that will allow theto air out while protecting them from scuffs and scratchinstead. Keep your gloves in a cool, dry place that is out
  • 7/31/2019 Bodybuilding Tips by Xtreme NO


    June 10th, 2012 Published by: christayl

    direct sunlight, which may cause cracking or discoloration, butallows adequate ventilation.

    If your gloves have not been properly maintained and emit afoul smell, there are steps you can take to remove the odor.One method is to fill clean cotton socks with cedar chips orsawdust. Tie the ends of the socks or close them using a rubber

    band and then stuff a sock into each glove. Filling your boxinggloves with crumpled newspaper can also absorb sweat andodors. If your gloves are particularly stinky, combine equalparts of water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a spray

    bottle. Spritz the solution inside of the gloves and then stuffwith newspaper or wood-filled socks. The solution will help killgerms that cause odors.

    Having a Workout Partner Will

    Intensify Your TrainingBy admin on June 10th, 2012

    Flex Lewis and Workout Partner

    I have been bodybuilding for a number of years and Ive doneit alone and Ive done it with a workout partner. I have to say,hands down, that the best work I do in the gym is when I have atraining partner that is at the same level as me and who pushesme to do more. There is no question about that.

    I had a workout partner years ago and it was an awesomesituation. I have never enjoyed working out as much in mylife, but then he got transferred and I found myself alone at thegym. It was ok at first, but soon I started just going throughthe motions and skipping exercises I didnt like and not reallypushing to the point of failure. Why? Because I didnt havesomeone in my ear motivating me to do more. I didnt havesomeone who depended on me to be on while I was at thegym. I have always found that my mood definitely determines

    what type of workout Im going to have. And if Im a little

    draggy, it shows in my training. When I train with someonewho enjoys the sport as much as I do, it automatically puts mein a better frame of mind and I push a little harder.

    Its lonely when you are having to do everything all byyourself and you dont have anyone to discuss diet and posing,supplements, and all the other aspects of being a bodybuilder.You can only read so many bodybuilding magazines to get

    advice on all these things. Its better when you can discussthem with a like minded partner who has similar goals andtraining philosophies.

    On top of that, a good workout partner will be a great sourceof moral support and this can help to intensify your workouts

    so you get every bit that you can from every single rep yoperform. Did I mention friendly competition? You will amazed at how much you push yourself to keep up with yopartner. This is powerful!

    So what should you look for in

    workout partner?Here are some of the key things that you should look for intraining partner:

    Reliability Do they show up for every workout?

    Compatibility Do you generally get along or do yargue?

    Like Minded Do you have similar idefor succeeding in bodybuilding?

    Goal Oriented Do they have goals or do they just shoup to push weight around?

    Motivation Does having this person around intensthe workout and motivate you to be better?

    If you can find a workout partner that has the traits listabove, you have probably found the perfect workout partne

    One more thing I personally look for in a workout partnersome creativity when it comes to exercises. I dont like to gall crazy, but I get bored very easily and I dont want to do tsame exercises week in and week out.

    So if youve never had a workout partner, think about gettione, but be choosy. Not everyone is cut out to be a goand reliable training partner. Take your time to get the rigpartner.

    Secret Shoulder Exercises for

    Getting Wider ShouldersBy admin on June 10th, 2012

    The shoulders are definitely one of the most importaglamour muscles. Some people are genetically blessed wireally wide shoulders but many of us have to work hard achieve that. Having wider shoulders and back helps to g

    you that V look that is so important for bodybuilders.

    How to Get Wider ShouldersIf you think that just going through the motions of shouldpresses will get you the best results, think again. There i

    correct form that you should use if you expect to get the moout of your shoulder exercises. No matter if you prefer to standing or seated shoulder presses, this tip can help you achieve powerful, wider-looking shoulders.

    Shoulder Exercises for Maximum

    GainsHeres what my buddy Nick Nilsson says about using tcorrect form to maximize this exercise.

    The problem is, most people do it wrongor not ascorrectly as they could be
  • 7/31/2019 Bodybuilding Tips by Xtreme NO


    June 10th, 2012 Published by: christayl

    Now, Im quite sure youve seen this one done beforeand youve probably done it many times yourself.What you may not realize is that theres a lot more to itthan just a simple up and down pressing movement.

    Elbow, head and bar position play a big role inmaximizing the tension on the deltoidsif you do itwrong, youre missing out on substantial results instrength, mass and definition.

    Im doing these in the rack in a standing position, butthese instructions apply whether its freestanding orseated.

    Grip the barbell just inside your normal bench pressgrip. Now, instead of flaring the elbows wide to thesides at the bottom, bring the elbows forward. This isnotonly easier on the shoulder structure, it also setsthe stage for the action of the shoulders as you pressup.

    Read the rest of the article and see the illustrationshere: Click Here

    If you follow Nicks tips for doing these exercises, youll getmuch better results than just going through the motions

    like the other guys at the gym do. Ive been followingNick for years. He typically comes up with the mostunusual exercises because he figures out a way to get more outof what youre already doing.

    A trainer once told me, Youre already here and youre doingthe exercises, why not get more out what youre already doing

    by doing it correctly? That changed the way I work out. Ino longer just absent minded-ly push weight around. I payattention to my form and squeeze the most I can out of everyrep.

    This not only applies to shoulder excises, but to every exerciseyou do. If you concentrate on doing it correctly, youll find that

    you have to do a lot less to get amazing results.

    This is just one of the things that I incorporate into my dailyroutine. I also supplement, eat right and get plenty of rest.Another key to maximum results is to drink a ton of water. I

    drink water all day and I drink a lot of it before, during andjust after my workouts. Try it and youll be surprised at howyour body responds.

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    Are You Making Mistakes in

    Your Training? Learn To TrainLike a ProBy admin on June 10th, 2012

    If youre making mistakes with your training, youre not alone.Weve all done it, even the pros. Its just part of living and

    learning but wouldnt it be nice if you had someone who couldtell you what NOT to do before you waste your time doing it?This is not even taking into account the fact that you could

    avoid injuries.

    One of my favorite Weight Training Gurus is Nick Nilsson.Check out this picture and youll see why:

    After my slip After 2 Rounds ofMetabolic Surge

    I follow Nicks lead on a lot of things especially some of hworkouts because you get results and you get em fast. Thawhat keeps me going. Its kind of addictive.

    Anyway, Nick wrote a new article I want to share with you the 7 training mistakes he personally made. Learn from Hes the man. I only posted part of the article but click on tlink at the end of it and you can read the whole thing.

    The 7 Worst Training Mistakes Iv

    Ever Made

    By Nick NilssonIn my 21+ years of training, Ive seen and done a LOTof different muscle-building and fat-loss programs.

    Ive performed (and created) more exercises thanI can even remember and Ive tried a plethoranutritional programssome good, some bad.

    And right now, I want to give you the rundown onsome of the very worst mistakes I ever made whiledoing all these things.

    Im hoping by doing this, I can help you avoid makingthose same mistakes, saving you from frustration and

    potential injury.

    Here we goand these are in no particular order ofseverity or stupidity

    1. Too Much Barbell Curling

    In my first year of training, I was constantly at thebarbell curlI curled so much that I ended up havingnear constant pain in both wrists. So what did I do?

    I bought some neoprene wrist wraps and kept barbellcurling. Stupid.

    Of course, keeping on with the curling just madethings worst until I read one important fact aboutbarbell curlsbecause your hands are locked ontothe bar and because your arms are attached to yourshoulders, the stress of the exercise ends up in the mostvulnerable part of the armyour wrist. The over-reliance on barbell curls lead to the wrist pain.

    The solution: dumbell curls. Very simple. By allowingfree rotation of the wrist, it takes all that torque off thejoint. The problem cleared up within a few weeks.

    The Lesson:
  • 7/31/2019 Bodybuilding Tips by Xtreme NO


    June 10th, 2012 Published by: christayl

    Dont be overreliant on barbells for your training. Thiskind of strain can happen not only on curls but on justabout any barbell exercise.

    2. I Didnt Eat Egg YolksThis is actually one of the funniest stories about my

    first year of training (when I didnt really know what

    I was doing but thought I did)for 8 months, I refusedto eat egg yolks.

    I thought (correctly) that that was where all the fat inthe egg was.

    What I didnt realize is that its also where the vastmajority of the beneficial nutrients of the eggs were.Yolks are also necessary to make egg protein complete(egg whites on their own are not complete in terms ofamino acid profile theyre good, but not perfect, likea whole egg).

    The funny part is, I was eating fried cafeteria eggsat the time (6 every day)fried on a griddle covered

    unidentifiable grease that Im VERY sure containedat least 3 times the fat of those yolks I would cut outof my fried eggs (like an idiot). And by not eatingthe yolks, I wasnt eating the lecithin found inside theyolks that would emulsify and help protect me fromthe effects of that terrible fried grease I was e...