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    SheerDriving Pleasure

    BMW Lifestyle

    Miniatures 2010/2011

  • BMW MINIATURES.BMW has been dedicated to the sheer driving pleasure since 1929. The Original BMW Miniatures collection offers you the opportunity to get up close and personal with over 80 years of fascinating automobile history. Discover the incredible detail that has been achieved in months of develop-ment work. These hand-crafted miniatures are mini masterpieces, many of them involving over 100 process steps with tiny individual components. The fi nished models are a fi tting tribute to the perfection of the original cars.

    The different scales at a glance:

    1:18 Models of this size will allow you to admire the beauty of the engine and chassis. The interior features original carpeting, a detail that works particularly well when the doors are open. Imprint elements enhance the top-quality look and feel.

    1:43 These miniatures are so small that even the largest collection doesnt take up too much space. Despite their size, the miniatures feature a wealth of detail. Thats why models in this scale have plenty to please connoisseurs and collectors alike. From the delicate rear-view mirrors and chrome-fi nish radiator grilles to the realistic looking brake systems, the faithful detailing found in these miniatures is quite astounding.

    1:87 This scale originated with H0 gauge model railways. These faithful miniatures are made from synthetic materials and feature impressive details such as authentic paint fi nishes.


    BMW miniatures are available from your BMW partner or via the Internet at 0302



    Love of detail.Using advanced software, all the data of a full-scale BMW are converted to scale, with details retained. On 1: 87 models, for example, the logo can only be seenunder a magnifying glass.

    Handmade.All BMW Miniatures are made by hand, and every single one is subject to post-assembly quality control. The inspectors dont miss the slightest scratch.

    Original colours.The paint fi nish of BMW Miniatures uses the original BMW paintwork colours. So you can use products from the Original BMW Car Care range to care for your miniatures.

    for the miniatures body and are fi lled with either molten plastic or zinc, dependingon the scale. After a fi rst, stringent quality control process, the casts enter the paint shop, where they are painted in three steps, using the same paint that is used for the respective full-sized BMW model. After hardening and cooling its time to tackle the details: the so-called tampon printing process enables us to print on even the smallest components. With our smallest-scale models, the results of this advanced process for example a detailed

    replica of the BMW logo on the bonnet can only be fully appreciated when viewed through a magnifying glass. Tiny chrome surfaces provide further exquisite details to enjoy. They make the exterior mirrors sparkle, for example, and are also used to give the radiator grille itstrademark shiny appearance. Real carpeting in original BMW colours for the footwells and luggage compartment and realistic reproduction of leather up-holstery seamsmake the interior of the 1:18-scale modelslook incredibly authentic. Once all the

    details have been taken care of, the indi-vidual components are assembled into a real BMW by hand. And it is this precise workmanship that makes BMW Miniatures so unique, turning every miniature into a true original.

    It doesnt matter whether you see it on a twisting country road or on a polished mahogany desk: a BMW is always a fascinating sight. To ensure that BMW Miniatures look just as attractive as the originals, they are manufactured in close cooperation with BMW designers. This applies to BMW Art Cars as much as it does to the new BMW 5 Series. Every BMW Miniature delights with numerous details and precise workmanship. At the start of production, the design department uses computers to process

    the specifi cations laid down by the BMW engineers. To make sure that important details like the logo or windscreen wipers are both recognisable and robust enough to survive handling, simply miniaturising the original parts will not do. Instead, individual parts have to be redesigned almost from scratch. Afterwards, a die-cast mould is fash-ioned for every component. This is so time-consuming that it can take up to ten weeks. But it is also well worth the effort: the die-cast moulds provide the framework


    BMW miniatures are available from your BMW partner or via the Internet at 0504


  • BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car will not just impress car experts. Even in its miniature form the concept for the forward-looking diesel-hybrid is sure to please . (Image may vary from the original)

    Scale: 1:64 (Available from 04 / 2011)White / Blue 80 45 2 209 951

    BMW 1 Series Convertible (E88). The level of detail of this 1:18 scale BMW 1 Series Convertible leaves nothing to be desired. The miniature features the elegant tailgate and elongated bonnet that people have come to know and love on the original vehicle. The brake system and engine compartment are faithfully modelled on the original. The doors, boot lid and bonnet can be opened, permitting an interior view that will warm the heart of any BMW enthusiast.

    BMW 1 Series Coup (E82). This miniature is a real eye-catcher - and not just because of its colour. The elongated bonnet, trapezoidal roof shape and crisply formed tailgate demonstrate just how perfect proportions can be. The original wheel rims with BMW logo are an inspired touch. The interior of the 1:18 scale model of the BMW 1 Series Coup also promises plenty of enjoyment. Leather seats and genuine carpeting make it feel like you are looking at the original.

    Scale: 1: 87Cashmere Silver Sparkling Graphite Titanium Silver 80 41 0 427 039 80 41 0 427 041 80 41 0 427 040

    Scale: 1:18Cashmere Silver Sparkling Graphite Titanium Silver 80 43 0 427 020 80 43 0 427 022 80 43 0 427 021

    Scale: 1: 87Crystal Blue Black Sapphire Sedona Red 80 41 0 427 071 80 41 0 427 072 80 41 0 427 070

    Scale: 1:18Crystal Blue Black Sapphire 80 43 0 427 065 80 43 0 427 066

    BMW miniatures are available from your BMW partner or via the Internet at 0706


  • BMW 3 Series Convertible (E93). This miniature will defy any weather. The BMW 3 Series Convertible features an attractively long wheel base, stretched bonnet and wide double kidney grille. This is a real eye-catcher, particularly in the 1:18 scale version. Like the original BMW 3 Series Convertible, the miniature also has a folding hardtop.

    BMW 3 Series Coup (E92). Clear proportions are the key to the BMW 3 Series Coup, its sporting nature emphasised by the accentuated linear design. The rear spoiler in the same colour as the vehicle itself underlines this sporty character.

    BMW 3 Series Touring (E91). The BMW 3 Series Touring is a robust car that is ready for any challenge. As well as an elegant exterior, it also boasts plenty of leg and shoulder room inside. The miniature features impressively coordinated colours and materials, as well as delicate chrome detailing.

    Scale: 1:87Platinum Bronze Black Sapphire Space Grey 80 41 0 413 379 80 41 0 413 381 80 41 0 413 380

    Scale: 1:18Platinum Bronze Black Sapphire Space Grey 80 43 0 413 373 80 43 0 413 375 80 43 0 413 374

    Scale: 1:18Black Sapphire Space Grey 80 43 0 407 222 80 43 0 407 220

    Scale: 1:87Arctic Silver Titanium Silver 80 41 0 394 351 80 41 0 394 354 Scale: 1:18Arctic Silver Monaco Blue 80 43 0 394 359 80 43 0 394 361 Titanium Silver Sparkling Graphite 80 43 0 394 360 80 43 0 394 362

    BMW M3 Convertible (E93M). Whatever the scale, the BMW M3 Convertible is sure to impress. The bulging bonnet offers a clue to the power to be found beneath. The vehicles dynamism and athletic presence are perfectly expressed in the trade-mark side gills and chromed tailpipes. Another highlight is the folding hardtop in the 1:18 scale model which never fails to impress.

    Scale: 1:87Alpine White Melbourne Red Silverstone II 80 41 0 430 950 80 41 0 430 951 80 41 0 430 952

    Scale: 1:43Jerez Black 80 42 0 430 949

    Scale: 1:18Alpine White Jerez Black Melbourne Red 80 43 0 430 944 80 43 0 430 945 80 43 0 430 946

    BMW M3 Coup (E92M). The BMW M3 Coup impresses right from the start with its sporty character. This is thanks to the M double-spoke alloy wheels fitted as standard. A special feature of this miniature is the faithfully rendered carbon roof. (Image may vary from the original)

    Scale: 1:87Melbourne Red Silverstone II 80 41 0 422 608 80 41 0 422 609

    BMW miniatures are available from your BMW partner or via the Internet at 0908


  • BMW 5 Series Touring (E61). The BMW 5 Series Touring shows its class even in the 1:18 scale model, offering plenty of space for driver and passengers as well as a generously proportioned luggage compartment. The doors open, allowing youto see into the interior, which is almost exactly the same as the original version: theinnovative iDrive, the accelerator and brake pedals and the automatic transmission are all reproduced in loving detail.

    Scale: 1:87Mystic Blue Titanium Silver Silver Grey 80 41 0 308 421 80 41 0 308 420 80 41 0 308 419

    Scale: 1:18 Silver Grey Titanium Grey 80 43 0 308 413 80 43 0 308 414

    BMW 5 Series Saloon (E60). True greatness lies in the detail. The fifth genera-tion of the BMW 5 Series features innovative d