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Bloody Ishq for TBZ

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BLOODY ISHQ BLOODY ISHQ Jewelry Partner – TBZ the original

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BLOODY ISHQBLOODY ISHQ Cast : Akash Singh, Shilpa Anand and Tripta Parashar along with Mukesh Tiwari, Simran, Karan Mehra, Kuldeep Mallik, Vikhram Sahu, Manoj Tiger, Shubham and Ravi Khemu Producer :: Kunal Singh

Writer : Arati Singh

Director : Aroop Dutta ( Morning Walk Fame)

Dance Director : Raju Khan

Stunt Director : Tinu Verma

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BLOODY ISHQBLOODY ISHQ• Shooting Scheduled: The film goes on floors on 24

November 2011 and will be shot in a single schedule till 22th Dec 2011.

• Location : Bangkok , Pattaya, Phuket

• Release Plan:   The movie is tentatively set to release in

Jun 2012

• Budget : 6 CR

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Introducing Akash SinghIntroducing Akash Singh

As As Nirvaan Nirvaan

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As As


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Engagement….TBZ As Jewelry Partner

• Complete Jewelry treatment to the lead heroine

• Exclusivity of TBZ as jewellry as partner

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Bloody IshqBloody Ishq PLOT

• The emotional love story revolves around the three newcomers and showcases the love trap which Nirvaan throws for Natasha hiding the fact that he is married to Radhika. The love mystery unravels as destiny has something else planned for Nirvaan.

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• We have a strong promotion plan for our Film • Additionally we are looking for add on promotion

from our Brand tie-ups.• We are touring with Star Cast Nationally to promote

the film. • A 360 degree media plan • (please refer to last slide for our brand tie-ups )

Bloody IshqBloody Ishq Marketing and Promotional Plan

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Benefits for the brand• We can workout a very good integration of the brand

in the movie.

•  Rights to use the stills and footage to do a co-branded association during the release of the movie.

•  Visual placement in the film

•  Credit mention in the film TBZ as the jewelry partner»


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Benefits for the brand

• Once the film is ready to release we can further extend and make the association stronger by doing a co-branded media promotion.

•  The  brand logo will be carried across all our mediums of promotions such as the audio cd inlay covers, hoardings across various strategic locations, posters, standees at cinemas and multiplexes

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Benefits for the brand

•   Special show, during the release week would be exclusive for Brands employee. We can also have a show for your privileged customers or any of your lucky winner customers.( for any associated contests)

• The Star cast touring plan across the cities will strongly mention Branding

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Requirements From Production House

• Jewelry for In filming (returnable)• Co Branded Promotion Print, Holdings, Online.

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Bloody IshqBloody Ishq Social Media Promotion

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