Blog tips, How to turn your music blog, food blog or video blog to be an income blog

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<ul><li><p>December 13th, 2012 Published by: kingcheung2011</p><p>Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1</p><p>How to make money byblogging</p><p>This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBookCreator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.</p><p>Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock morefeatures and hide this message.</p><p>Blog tips, How to turn yourmusic blog, food blog or videoblog to be an income blogBlog tips, How to turn your musicblog, food blog or video blog to bean income blogDecember 13th, 2012</p><p>Do you have your own personal blog like music blog, food blogor video blog and want to make your blog to make money foryou fast? You are in the right place my friend. I am going toshow you my blog tips about 3 simple steps to turn your bloginto an income blog overnight are you ready for this?I never do a blog post in my life before and now I can able to doevery blogger do by sharing the interesting things and my ownblog tips sharing on my blog without have all those headacheto create my blog and hosting, plug-in, technical staff to drivemassive result I dream the most for a long time ago.There are a lot of people on the internet have blog, blog isthe website for a personal or a group of people who share,comment and give their opinion on the internet and attractpeople to their blog.In team of make money by blogging, you can sell, marketaffiliate and adverting on your blog AFTER you attract peopleinto your blog as we call traffic.</p><p>So an income blog is Traffic Leads SellIt Blog tips article is your those people who having their ownblog who want to know how to create a income blog on top of</p><p>their personal blog. If you are new in blogging, you can go tomy other article 3 simple steps to start your new income blogto start your income blog.</p><p>Blog tips of How to create Traffic foryour music blog, food blog or videoblogThe first Blog tips: how to let people shareyour post around.</p><p>Your blog is just like a retail shop; nomatter you have the best chef, the bestfood and the best service, you still makingzero dollars if no one walks in.It is the same in blogging! No one will buy from you if no oneknows your blog! So the first thing you need to do in team ofmake money from your blog is increase your traffic.Here is something I tried and using now to drive all my organicleads:Social Media Bar it is the free website you can use increaseyour social traffic by have a tool bar on your blog postwhich people can easier share your post to their social medianetwork.Ping-O-Matic It is a free way for you to syndication yourblog post to by Ping your post to 15 difference web site, etc.Pingler It is another FREE Ping service for you to syndicateyour post to over 30 website within a minuteTribePro If you think those 3 FREE sites I just shareare awesome, then TribePro will be the Internet MarketingSyndication GOD for you!It is not the free service but it is rock! It can help you to set over34 Social media sites and it wills Automatic Syndicate you postto all of them! You also can connect with other TribePro users</p></li><li><p>December 13th, 2012 Published by: kingcheung2011</p><p>Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2</p><p>and ask them to Auto Syndicate you as well and I saw peoplecan up to 3000+ share per post.I still remember the first day I buy the TribePro PRO packageand start sharing, I got up to 90+ share in few minutes(It is the first time I am using TribePro and I never have morethan 5 share in my post before)and I got 400+ like on facebook on ONE post only. So I amhighly recommending you to use TribePro for your onlinemarketing Blog.</p><p>Blog tips of How to capture leads foryour music blog, food blog or videoblogThe second Blog tips: How to captureleads</p><p>After you create the foot traffic to your blog, they are not yourcustomers yet. Without a lead capture system, your blog is justlike a free entre gallery and you still cannot make sell fromreturn customers before you have the system for you to captureyour leads.Leads are the people who want to know more about yourproducts and services. Instead of call them or meet them inpersonal to explain your products and services, you can setup a Email Opt-in Box into your blog to capture them intoyour customers list. So you can use Email to communicate withthem and some of them can buy from you!So you need a Lead Capture Page for your blog to capture thetraffic to be your leads. You can go to youtube and search aboutHow to create a leads capture page and follow what they said.</p><p>Why I cannot share my staff to you? Because I nevercreate a capture page myself, I dont need to do thatbecause it is capture pages included from my bloggingsystem and save a lot of my headache.</p><p>The Lead Capture System I am using which is easy to use andcheap is Aweber! You can create an auto responder email setabout your offers for all your leads to introduce your offer soyou dont need to talk to them one by one in person. Here isthe Youtube video for you to have a better idea about what isAweber about</p><p> Your Aweber is your saleman who explain your offerto the customers who have interest</p><p>P.S. If you want to know my untold secret of how to makemoney fast online which I am NOT going to share on my blog,Click HERE</p><p>Blog tips of How to make sell fromyour music blog, food blog or videoblogThe Last Blog Tips I can share to you ishow to make sell from your blog?</p><p>After you set up your Aweber and link it to your leads capturepage, now people can receive your sale letter, but it is notenough!In the traditional way, if you want to make sell, you need to dothe hotel meeting, home meeting, sell meeting or personal coldcall and personal meeting to sell oyu products and your offer.The beauty of internet marketing you can leverage all those sellMeeting with your sell video online.So the same video can sell millions of time by you just do thework once.You will need 2 more things for you</p><p>-A set of emails with good copy writing skills for yourAweber-A sell video which really convert and drive people buyfrom you</p><p>Can you do these? If not, nothing can help you to make selleffectively!</p></li><li><p>December 13th, 2012 Published by: kingcheung2011</p><p>Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3</p><p>The Bonus Blog Tips for you to makemoney fast and easy without doingall those techniques I share beforeThe Bonus Blog Tips How to makemaximum sell, with the minimum work!</p><p>One of my mentor said this to me, if you are not goodat something or you dont want to do something, thatis 100% others people job!</p><p>After you read all those blog tips I share, is that scary? I can behonest to you, I just experience some of them before and it isalready drove me crazy!That why I keep on hurting the blogging system which:</p><p>-Included capture pages with good copy writing skills-Included a set of copy writing sell email for my funnel-Included an easy mode and ready to use word pressblog-Included a good sell video which really convert-Included the BEST sell commission (The dream ofcourse is 100% sell commissions)-Included the real bad ass training which can turn meto become a internet marketing monster-Included the good community which Empowerpeople</p><p>After you read those entire targets I am aiming for, I think youjust like most of my friend said to me before It Is Impossible.</p><p>Well, I can tell you the fact is IT ISPOSSIBLE and I am using right now!</p><p>Empower Networking Blogging System Which offing 100%sell commission (The co-founders also make their moneylike us with 100% commissions) with the easy mode wordpress blog which everyone can able to play around with andincluding all those target I aim before.It included a sexy lead capture page like this You can take alook their lead capture lead!And also you can place your email to apply and take a look thegreatest sell video I never seen Here is the videoAnd I can tell you the Empower Network have the awesometraining</p><p>The 15K per month formula for you to apply how tomake 15K per MONTH;The Costa Rica video training which entertainingeducation video;The inner circle audio will make support your mindand keep moving forward!The most bad ass training is the Master trainingcourse for you to become a master which you saw onthe internet!</p><p>All the things I just share to you, I learn them all within thosetraining and It is just a little piece from them.So, The Bonus Blog Tips at the last is Get yourself theEmpower Network and blog to be Rich! Click the button to seeit in your own eyes</p><p>WARNING! You have to promise meyou wouldnt laugh when you watchthe video! Because it might be TOOBad Ass for you!I am a husband and a father! I hope you enjoy myblog. I love to share what interesting things and whatpeople are looking for. The beauty of this is you canmake 100% commissions blogging using our viral bloggingplatform as you see here. To learn more about how you canmake money blogging Please click one of the banners onthe site or go here &gt;&gt;</p><p>Blog tips, How to turn your music blog, food blog or video blog to be an income blog</p></li></ul>