Bling Blang

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Bling Blang

A politician cut of the same cloth

As the rest of every fiber its society

Is breathing, Is breeding a super-radical

Plot to disable the infrastructure

That keeps the pods sowing their seeds

Maintaining our foibles

In a state of animation,

Automation makes things tick

And that's why this campaign

Will succeed.

Bling Blang

Bling Blang

Copying ersatz, erstwhile


Scoping out the social


Bling Blang

Bling Blang

Wanna get your glam-glam


Looking out a tower made of


A mussed up, messed up smile,

Writhing in denunciations,

Smirking for the camera,

The panorama which sweeps

Viewers off their feet

Which leads to the occupation,

Nay, the veritable mezmerizing of

A spotless mind and a clean

House to downsize the ballot box

To decent proportions.

(Repeat Bling Blang chorus)

--Adam Zens