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    --------------- [ GENERAL TIPS and ARMORED VEHICLE FUNCTIONS ] --------------

    A Button-

    -->This is used to jump while inside the vehicle, use this to jump over many

    obstatcles that stand in your way

    -->When Jason hops out of the vehicle he can also use this to jump as well

    -->When inside a room this is used to fire grenades, each grenade is

    equivelent to 8 bullets fired from your gun, but these have very poor range

    -->This is also used to hover, when you have recieved the component from the

    3rd Underworld Warlord, a bar under your Life Guage is used to tell how much

    you have left in your Hover Engine, you can collect these Hover Energy Tanks

    from rooms and often Missles that fly by in numerous stages and some


    To hover press A then press and hold A again to hover while using the

    directional button to control the direction in which you choose to go, but

    Hover last very quickly

    B Button-

    -->While in your vehicle this is used to fire out a powerful blast from your

    Vehicle's Cannon, but when first used the blast is usually weak, but after a

    few Underworld Warlord fights you can obtain stronger components that can


    a very powerful shrieking plasma blast torwards your foes, sometimes even

    through walls to find hidden locations

    -->While in a room this is used to fire bullets from your gun, your gun has

    good range and it will become more powerful as you collect items labeled "G"

    which can be found throughout rooms but rarely outside rooms. Look for these

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    items as they can make boss fights a snap and your Maximum Gun Power can


    travel through matter

    -->While holding down on the direction pad at the same time as pressing B


    vehicle will fire out one of three special weapons you assigned in your

    vehicle. Each weapon has its own attribute so make sure you carry enough for

    each situation

    -->While holding up and pressing the B button at the same time you can aim


    hitting any foe above your vehicle and you can do this while in mid air as well

    Start Button-

    -->Used to show your Vehicle's status when your in your vehicle and what

    components you have and what special weapons you have collected and how


    you have remaining

    -->When in boss battles this is used to pause the game. Also you can press

    pause rapidly during the boss battle music to get a real nifty tune ^_^

    Select Button-

    -->This is only used to move in and out of your vehicle. Occasionally you

    might have to leave your vehicle behind to reach certain areas.

    ----------------------------- [ General Tips ] ------------------------------

    -->Never leave your vehicle unless you have to enter a room. When you leave

    your vehicle your armor will protect you but your armor only has half the

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    defense of your vehicle. Also NEVER JUMP OFF HIGH CLIFFS! This is hazardous

    because depending on the height Jason falls he can either lose alot of damage

    or might even lose his own LIFE! Try not to wander too far off from your

    vehicle or else you might not find a way back.

    -->If you can't find your way back or you can't find you way back just die so

    you'll end up back at your vehicle.

    -->Also if you lose too much life when your out of your vehicle you can enter

    back in your vehicle to restore your life to full. You can do this as many

    times as you wish.

    -->Listen for noises in the game, sometimes you might hear awkward noises

    meaning that missles can be heading your way!

    -->Watch for patterns in your opponents moves, because incase you might


    to encounter them again you'll be better prepared.

    -->Make it essential for killing all on screen enemies because if your ever

    low on life or just need a little boost in your Hover engine luck just might

    stop by and drop a few items

    -->When your inside rooms with Jason be sure to blast all enemies because


    may never know what you can find.

    ---------------------------- [ Walkthrough ] --------------------------------

    ---------Stage 1----------

    Here you will see a tunnel and then you blast off ready to set fot into

    your new adventure! Its all basically linear here when you first arrive at the

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    stage. Shoot all enemies and stay away from the sharp thorns in the pits

    because believe or not they can damage your vehicle! Also watch out for those

    flying heads that drops bombs, take very precaution to avoid them because


    can lose up to two blocks of life if you touch them. After the first area

    you'll enter a room with a cannon shooting wildly around, destroy it if your

    trigger happy otherwise its not neccessary.

    Just skip the enemies in here and head on. Here in the next room you will find

    a ladder, but you do not need to go here because there is basically nothing to

    collect in here. So ignore the ladder and continue on. As you get deeper into

    the stage you notice a lake of some kind beneath. If you go to the right you

    will see a mutant guarding a wall of some sort shooting fireballs wildly, and

    no matter how many times you shoot it you can not destroy it. For now you can

    collect the heat seeking missles at the bottom of the lake to the right. To the

    left interior of the lake is a door which has absoulutely nothing to do with

    beating the game although the items you'll find can be worth the trip. Now

    return to the surface and head right and drop your car and dive into the lake

    avoid those giant eyes and keep going down. Until you reach the bottom of the

    lake travel to the right until you reach a ladder, now save yourself sometime

    by swimming up the ladder and then climb the long ladder. Here you'll reach


    isolated area, press down to enter the room. In this room its pretty linear

    make your way to the boss, but when you enter a room with Giant floating


    shoot them to collect the Triple Warhead Missles left by each of them.

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  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    hate that. There is one caution point to notify here and that's the little

    corner all the way at the very bottom right corner of the room. Never enter

    your vehicle there because once the vehicle moves into that little corner you

    can't get out unless you have HOVER or WALL1 and you won't be getting those

    items for a long time. Now head for stage 2 in the giant doorway.

    --------Stage 2---------

    When you first enter the next area you'll see small beatles which you can't

    normally shoot with your Cannon because you'll blast over the beatles, so


    sure you blast ahead of time shoting the beatles before they hit the ground

    other wise you might as well try to avoid them or get out of your vehicle and

    let Jason blast the beatles himself. Watch out for the spikes below each gap in

    the bridge because there very hard to get out of. After the first room just

    continue on and make your way to the top of that room. When you enter this


    room enter it and quickly go back to the previous room, this allows you to

    escape damage because you'll see a flying creature that will drop a bomb just

    as you walk in but if you enter and quickly exit you'll narrowly miss the bomb

    and the guy dropping the bomb will be gone.

    In this room its sorta like a long hallway but make sure to jump up and shoot

    in advance before those flying heads come by again. In this next room its

    pretty simple, just continue going up and ignore the lava pits obviously and

    the beatles. In this next area you'll encounter many platforms just continue

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    Boss: Crabullus Component: Crusher Beam

    This boss fight is fairly easy. You can also damage it with your normal gun

    because its weak against your gun, but I would prefer using your Grenade not

    unless you have a 1 meter gun so you can keep it at a distance. All you have to

    do is keep shooting at the jagged claws near the mouth, everywhere else is

    invincible so don't make a point by shooting the claws. Afterwards collect the

    component and you will be automatically warped near the entrance again.

    Go back to your car and make your way back to where you saw a whole bunchof

    platforms. Now on the right side of the giant verticle room you'll see a

    barrier under a wall that sorta stands out because of the color balance, shoot

    that wall and then another barrier that is just beneath it and you'll enter a

    room with a gate leading to the next area.

    ------Stage 3------

    This area is can sometimes get confusing and pretty tough because of all the

    new enemies lying around. Here when you land on a platform, you'll see small

    mechanical creatures, once you step on the same platform they begin to go


    and drop bombs around. Stay away from the bombs because they can lose

    25% of

    your life with each hit and shoot the mechanical creature if its ever in your

    way. After the first room drop down into the next room, when you reach a room

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    with a narrow passage all the way at the end you'll notice spikes as well,

    ignore it for now and continue on. Keep going and ignore all doors because in

    this game, the longest path is the right path. Also try not to go into an

    unneccessary places like going under narrow platforms because your car willbe

    stuck and you'll either have to lose or start the game over.

    When you reach the area with a florescent background, don't bother collecting

    the Hover Capsules after you have destroyed each missle because it won't


    much of a difference, yet. Now after you have been through the linear area

    you'll see a door at a dead end. Now get out of your vehicle and go inside the

    door. When your inside you'll see walking bolts for some reason I don't know,

    they grey ones you shoot once and for the red ones you have to shoot four


    or once with your grenade gun. After the first room stop and don't move, wait

    for those walking bolts to come to you and quickly hit them with your grenade

    as soon as your in range and quickly walk down because those mobile


    are right to the side of the entrance to the door and will try to ran you when

    your on the same line as they are. Once you get into the next room you'll see

    alot of red blocks, shoot them all if you want because its not neccessary but

    each row of blocks contain something special and its also worhtwhile to kill

    the enemies in here because they can drop extra Power Capsules incase youare

    low on life. When your ready head to the next room and prepare for your next

    boss fight.

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    Boss: Photophage Component: Hover mechanics

    This boss fight is pretty easy, but can still lose you alot of damage. First

    off go right next to where he appears and stand to the left of him and continue

    to blast him until he teleports. Keep moving right while still rapidly pushing

    that A button, after the first row he moves down to the left this time a little

    lower from where he first appeared, follow him there and keep blasting at him,

    afterwards he'll appear to the right, a little lower from where he was standing

    in the first row. He'll continously go into this ZigZag pattern. Also if you

    fail to predict where he may land he'll reappear somewhere else and leave a

    residue of himself sorta like a clone except it can't attack you. Those clones

    he left behind is one of the spots he will teleport to and often he will leave

    about 5 clones laying around and you will have to play psyhic on your part to

    predict where he will land next. The more he is damaged the less amount of

    clones he will leave behind. After continously blasting him he begins to get

    faster and yet he will leave no more clones of himself, that's when you know

    that he is almost gone. After destroying him pick up the Hover Mechanics and

    return back to your vehicle.

    Now sometimes your low on Hover and sometimes your full on Hover,

    depending on

    how much you collected before will determine how much you have now. After

    aquiring your Hover blast a few flying missles incase your low on Hover and fly

    back to the top. In the second room of the flourescent background hover uponto

    a platform, which is your shortcut out of this stage. After that make your way

    back to all the way in the beginning of stage 1, don't ask why just do it.

    Nothing here? How odd. Well with your newly aquired Hover you can fly atop

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    area. Try to keep a good distance away from the platform because those


    will jump at you and try to knock you out of your Hover state. After you make

    it to the first platform you'll see a flashing Hover Capsule. Collect and go

    onto the top of the next platform and keep a good distance away from the

    platform but not too far because there is another mutant. Now collect another

    Flashing Hover Capsule and make your way to the top and it might take up all


    your Hover energy, once your up top you'll see a door. Enter the door and

    destroy any enemies that are in your way and down below is your way to Stage4.

    ----------Stage 4----------

    Well here it gets a little more difficult because you'll actually have to find

    your way around this time. The first area is pretty linear, blast away any

    enemies that stand in your way obviously. When your in the next room you'll

    have a choice of going to the left or to the right, take the left because to

    the right is a giant padlock that blocks the garage wall from opening. When you

    take the left watch out for mutants who instantly comes at you, blast any

    unneccessary enemies and continue. After when you reach the next room drop


    and head to the right. Here is where the maze starts, its a little confusing

    sometimes because of the amny passages, but one things for sure, its that any

    door you find here is obsolete.

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    First keep going right until you hit a dead end, now drop down and take the

    left opening and continue until you hit another dead end. Now drop down the

    long shaft and continue all the way torwards the right, if you followed the

    path correctly mechaincal missles should now be coming at you from all

    directions, so you'll need at least 4 blocks of Hover energy and if you don't

    have four blocks of Hover energy keep shooting the missles until you do. When

    you reach the next dead end drop all the way down and you should see


    beetles in your path, shoot them and continue on. The background is now blue

    and you are now close to your next destination. Drop down and when you see


    opening on top use your Hover to get through.

    Here just keep going until you veer off the giant platform and drop off,

    continue going but always continue to shoot your Crusher Beam to stop any

    enemies because you'll encounter these mutants with guns that fire bullets


    cannot be destoryed and will be directly in front of you unless you can destroy

    the guards before they fire the gun. Now when you reach the end you'll find a

    long ladder going up, climb the ladder and enter the door. When your inside

    becareful, many guards are roming around here and it will take you 4 bullets to

    destroy each guard or one grenade. Destroy every guard you see because it


    be hazardous if you don't. Also always stay on the platforms, stay away from

    the pods off the platform that sorta look like honey combs because they mean

    instant death as you will quickly evaporate into the searing heat. Also when

    you see a flashing Power Capsule ignore it because its on a ledge comepletly

    remote from your position and its only there to fool you. Also there are many

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    items to collect along the way as well like power Capsules, Gun Capsules, and

    Hover Capsules. When you start coming near the end of the room the ledges


    standing on get smaller so make sure you take extra precaution and also the

    guards here cannot shoot you off the ledges its only you who stumble off the

    ledges. After you have been through the long walkway its time to head to the

    next boss and for the first time the door leading to the boss is on the side,

    although this is insignificant I thought I would just like to point that out.

    Boss: Fred Component: Key

    Wait a minute, is that Fred? I believe it is!This boss is not very hard at all,

    but his pattern can keep you guessing for awhile though. Only shoot him when

    his mouth is open, try to look for a pattern like when he sticks out his tongue

    and then fires fireballs from his mouth. You can't harm him when his mouth is

    closed, and always stay to the side of him and shoot your grenades from there.

    Afterwards you'll obtain a giant key, return to the spot where I told you about

    the giant padlock locking a garage door. Now when you reach here open the


    and you'll see a ladder, climb up the ladder, also be careful because there are

    a series of high ledges that can quickly end Jason's life and make your way

    around to open the padlock from the other side. When you reach here enter


    door and proceed to the next stage.

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    --------Stage 5---------

    Wehn you first reach this area its completey surrounded by water, you cannot

    use your Hover to move out of the water because the water would just


    dissolve your fuel. Don't worry though, just continue to sink down all the way

    to the bottom, destroy enemies in your path, and enjoy the 8-bit scenary.


    you amke your way down to the bottom you'll see a small opening that your


    cannot reach, so what do you do? Get out of your car of course! Now head out


    the car and enter the small tunnel and destroy the mutant divers along the


    and head for the giant pipe. Here its pretty linear, just blast your way

    through the enemies, but I wouldn't reccomend that because the enemies take


    many bullets to destroy and they will probably hit your first before you can

    destroy them. Once your in the next room you are given the choice of taken


    first pipe or the second pipe, and remember how I told you that taking the long

    way is always the right way? So take the bottom path and shoot the divers that

    are in your way and collect any needed Power capsules. Head down a long


    going southwest and watch out for those mutants that look like missles heads

    that veer off the cliffs when you are near them. Shoot the divers and you'll

    see a pipe along the way, ignore that pipe and go up and take the pipe from

    there. Here just go all the way to the end and enter the door. When your in

    this room just continue to make your way through and watch out for those

    walking red bolts you saw in level 3. When you make your way through head


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  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    destroy those blocks that you shot down earlier because you cannot shoot up

    unless your vehicle is standing on a ledge and the ledge is too far down for

    you to stand on. Well for now go back a little bit down through the gap and

    look on the left side and you'll see a pipe to the left, blast your way through

    and enter it. Here you'll see a bunch of new rooms and this place is very

    linear so blast your way through enemies and when you reach an area with no

    water at the top your pretty close and also ignore any doors you see. When


    reach near the entrance of Stage 5 don't go through that entrance but instead

    go all the way to the upper right and you'll find a pipe there, enter it and

    blast your way through and you should find the next gate, enter the gate and

    head for Stage 6.

    -----------Stage 6-----------

    Here you car can get very slippery on the ice. Here this area is pretty linear,

    make your way to the top right and continue from there. Also when you reach

    areas that have small platforms and a vast area underneath make sure you


    drop through otherwise you'll just have to start through again, not the entire

    stage but just the area. Also when you encounter rooms with two doors the


    door is always the right path. Also watch for rooms with alot of blocks and

    spikes between ice blocks. Those breakable blocks contain alot of useful items

    mainly special weapons that can refill your inventory. Also there are alot of

    areas that have cliffs that your car can easily fall off of, dropping you to

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    the room with giant shooting fish heads and spikes. When you reach a room


    a ton of stacked up bricks blocking a doorway make sure not to shoot all the

    ice bricks so that you can create platfroms for you to walk on. When you have

    made your way through enter the door on the high right top corner. When your


    this room make sure you have quick reflexes because there are many ice

    platforms that can make you slip into the spiked floor. Here what you want to

    do is just move slow while shooting all enemies that bother you. Once you


    your way to the next room you'll see a whole bunch of disposable rocks that


    can destory, although its only optional you can completely fill up your Gun

    Capsule tank by destroying all the rocks and collecting the two flashing gun

    capsules, one is on the right side beside the wall and the other is somewhere

    in the middle of the room. To get the one on the right move towards the


    and you'll see a door, don't go through the door but just go into the door so

    that you barely enter the door and walk along the right side. When you enter

    the next door you are given two paths, one path is the more dangerous path


    the many spiked patforms and the other is the safe path with those gun


    The one with the ice platform is just a short cut but the long path is not

    really much longer and plus its alot safer. After you have chosen either path

    destroy the enemies in your path and you'll see five spiked platforms, you'll

    notice a small crack at the bottom that is passable without obtaining any harm.

    Now enter the next room and prepare for a familiar boss fight.

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    Boss: Frozen Crabullus Component: Wall(1)

    Well the boss you foguth earlier is back but this time he's been revamped with

    more weapons and also ice missles come at you from his claws, and not to

    mention that his arms are longer. This boss fight is pretty tough and I don't

    even think you can get through without a scratch. Well here you'll expierience

    alot of slow down but the boss should be pretty easy to defeat if you follow

    the steps to beating him like before, also he fires six mouth bubbles this time

    instead of four. So waht you can do is hit and run and try to look for an

    opening an attack his claws near the mouth because like last time he is

    invincible everywhere else.

    After you have picked up your Component head for your car and exit the stage.

    When you reach the next room you'll see a door to the right, its actually a

    short cut back to stage 5, blast your way through that door and head back to

    stage 5. Now head your way back to stage 4. Here head your way back to


    one. Now go to stage two. So why am I going here you ask? Well its your next

    destination. Now after the first room of stage two you'll see three flying

    heads, blast them and go across and destroy the block that is in your way.


    you'll reach the long shaft, blast your way through the blocks once again and

    head all the way down. Now head for the room to the left and this path should

    look exactly like the path you took to the boss in this stage earlier. If you

    have been exploring earlier you've probably noticed it and wondering how the

    heck do you get up there. Well with your newly aquired Wall(1) you can now

    climb walls and defy the law of gravity a bit. In this room even if you have

    maxed out your Hover you still can't make it to the top. Well climb the left

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    wall and continue until you reach the top and watch out for the mutants that

    are in your path, make your way to the platform and enter the next room. Here

    all you have to do is get across, and if you want to enter the area among the

    gaps you can pick up a set of Heat Seeking missles if you want. When youreach

    the next room enter the door and make your way through to stage 7.

    ------------Stage 7-------------

    Here when you reach this area you'll notice that your deeper into the Earth's

    core because the area has become more orange and red obviously. Also this


    is pretty long, but watch out for the enemies here. The enemies here are

    stronger and will resist a little better to your weapons like those red

    mechanical missles that now drop Power Capsules when you destroy them


    of the usual Hover Capsule. You'll also encounter long ways that constantly

    drops enemies so make sure you aim your cannon up as you are going through

    these long tunnels. Also any doors you see that are not in the green area are

    really obsolete doors. Also you might encounter two green areas the one with

    the real door is the area where you see a flashing Gun Capsule on the ceiling.

    And also the longest way again is always the right way. When you reach the


    in the green area that is above the flashing Gun Capsule enter it. In this room

    its pretty linear no puzzles for you to find out, and also always stay on the

    platform otherwise the lava will eat you alive and you'll also see familiar

    guards. In this area you'll also see two flashing gun capsules so try not to

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  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    any enemies you see here because they can distract you. Keep going until


    reached passed the spikes and you should see the gate to the next and final

    area on top of a bulky platform, enter it to reach Stage 8.

    ------------Stage 8------------

    Well in this area you'll notice that the music has completely changed from the

    others changing into a more suspense type of music. Well here this stage is

    pretty linear. When you reach the next room you'll see alot of spiked blocks.

    When you first reach the next spiked block just drop through it, don't worry

    this is the only time you'll have to sacrifice any damage to advance any

    further. When your on this platform make sure you don't accidentally move off

    of it because having your new wall components can confuse you sometimes


    you start getting use to it. Just make a light jump off to the next platform

    and enter the door from there. Here in this area is a little confusing, you'll

    appraoch three doors in this room, the first two doors you see on the right are

    really nothing, so continue your way down and head for the room to the left.

    Here in this next room you'll see a gap between you and the next destination

    full of spikes, here you'll have to time your jump just right and then use just

    an once of Hover energy, or you can just drop and take half your life away and

    then jump onto the next platform. When you reach this next area you'll see


    your platform is completely cut off. Here just drop down below and move


  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    the right wall and you should land on the next platform to the door. In this

    next room can get alittle tricky along the way, the minature beetles that

    attack you are really not much of a problem. Certain jumps in here require you

    to make light jumps to make it through between gaps, also when you enter this

    room there is nothing up top of this room even though you see a door atop.


    you make it past this room your worries are over. The rest of this stage is

    pretty linear, when you reach the next room ignore the door to the right and

    head to the door on the left. Here just walk along the floor your on and blast

    any enemies that are in your way. Once you reach the end of this room you'll

    see the next room with a bunch of spikes. Since this is the last stage of the

    game you won't need to blast through any walls. When you first enter this


    blast the block that is on top of the bottom block closest to the spikes. Then

    just hop on the block and blast your way through to the door.

    When your in this room you'll see swirling mutants around, just wait for them

    to shorten the diameter and blast them when they are close. From here justkeep

    shooting up and the boss is in the room directly north of the entrance. Now

    wipe the sweat off your controller and hands and take a deep breath as you


    about to face off against a very tough boss, that really has no weaks points to

    be exploited.

    Boss: Plutonium Boss Component: None

    This boss is very difficult to defeat even though all he does is just stand

    there. He will let out four bouncing rocks that bounce and reflect off the wall

    each time, along the way one of the rocks will just go away but he'll let out

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    another rock to replace the one that was gone. So basically he'll let out four

    rocks at a time and no more, aim for his chin and never look away unless a


    is coming after you, try to aim for the tip of his chin because if your too

    close you'll completely miss contact with it, so when the battle is about to

    begin get up to the chin and blast away before he lets out his rocks. Also you

    can bounce away the rocks from you if you blast the rocks, it doesn't matter if

    you use a regular bullet or grenade.

    Boss: Underworld Lord Component: None

    This boss is rather easy no matter how you fight him. Right after you defeat

    the first boss he'll immediately come at you with his whip. But if you want to

    destroy him real easily just get to the right wall and wait until he is close

    to you that way he will always whip to the left of you instead of diagonally.

    Just keep shooting him until he is dead. Also this guy has quite a bit amount

    of lives and will take about 150 grenades to kill him, and considering it takes

    30 to destroy the Plutonium Boss, that's quite a bit of work. Also the way you

    can tell when he is almost dead is when he loses his shield after a while.

    First he comes equipped with his shield, then the shield cracks a bit, after a

    couple of more blasts his shield is completely gone, and then he has no shield.


    Well this is a real spoiler if you haven't played the game yet, so if you don't

    want the ending spoiled for you just skip this next section.

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    Well after Jason destroys the Plutonium Boss, the boss vaporizes and Jason


    in his vehicle and escapes hastily to a far away cliff and he notices a tunnel

    beyond the cliff that is shining bright. He heads for the exit and guess what?

    He's out of the underworld and Jason sees that the tower of the Underworld


    is collapsing into the rubble of the underground and the people of Earth will

    not have to fear no more for the mutants of the underground. Afterwards Jason

    returns home as an awaiting croud is there to congratulate him on his success

    as he recives the medal of honor.



    --------------Gun Parts--------------

    Your gun is composed of eight parts in which you find cpasules for. They are

    usually laying around in most areas so they are not hard to find. The more gun

    capsules you collect the more range and power your gun has.

    0 Capsules: Short ranged bullet, nothing much and not very good

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    1 Capsules: Long ranged bullet, excellent for keeping opponents away

    2 Capsules: Long ranged bullet, excellent for keeping opponents away

    3 Capsules: Long ranged bullet, excellent for keeping opponents away

    4 Capsules: Gun speed is slowed down, but fire power is tripled

    5 Capsules: Gun speed is slowed down, but fire power is tripled

    6 Capsules: Gun speed is slowed down, but fire power is tripled

    7 Capsules: Gun is put to the max, bullets travel through matter and become

    three times as strong and are more flourescent

    8 Capsules: Gun is put to the max, bullets travel through matter and become

    three times as strong and are more flourescent

    Also you will lose one Gun block if you are hit by an enemy, this does not

    include enemies that are outside of the rooms. Also Jason's weapon does not

    change outside of rooms regardless whether he has maxed guns or zero guns.

    -----------Vehicle Components-----------

    Your car is composed of six mechanical components. Each component is used


    help your vehicle advance and find the next component.

    Hyper Beam: A very powerful beam that can really give enemies a taste of raw

    power, its used to blast the mutant guard in Stage 1.

    Crusher Beam: The names saids it all. An extremely powerful beam that can

    destroy most enemies with one shot and its so powerful that it

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    can even destroy barriers.

    Hover Engine: This gives the vehicle the ability to fly, certain situations

    call for flight when you can't make your way around.

    Dive Motor: An excellent addition to your vehicle, its gives the vehicle alot

    of manuverability in water and can go extremely fast in waters

    Wall(1): When your Hover just won't get you anywhere this is the thing to

    use. It has the ability to climb ceilings and can get you around

    many places.

    Wall(2): Sometimes Wall(1) can't really reach all places so this is a

    component to add. This component can walk along ceilings defying

    the law of gravity, useless without Wall(1).

    ----------Special Weapons-----------

    Homing Missle: An excellent weapon used to destroy multiple on screen


    this weapon will follow and track enemies and gets stronger as

    the strength of your beam goes up.

    Multi Warhead Missle: Very powerful weapon that can destroy up to three

    enemies with a single shot as 3 missles come flying


    Thunder Break: Immensely powerful weapon that puts the stroke of lighting

    through your opponent. This weapon lacks alot of horizontal

    range and is only used to hit opponents below the vehicle,

    also this weapon can be used in the air.

  • 8/2/2019 Blaster Master


    NOTE: To use a special weapon simply collect a special weapon icon, and hold

    down plus the "B" button to fire.

    ---------------Other Info--------------

    To destroy bosses without a sweat use this tactic.

    - When you hit a boss with a grenade immediately hit start as the grenade

    connects, while your holding start the grenade acts like a multiple grenade

    bomb. This continuosly hits your opponent until its fried, you can release the

    start button whenever you think its dead. This only works for bosses in stages

    2, 4, 6, and 7. Also you might have seen this code on a NES Tip Sheet that was

    included in most NES gamepacks back then.

    Obtain a few extra special weapons when your supply is low.

    -You can only obtain this when you have Wall(1) and Wall(2). In the begining of

    Stage 1 you can climb the ceiling to collect an extra set of special weapon and

    also a flashing Power Capsule.

    Items that you'll often find.

    -Flashing "P": This will refill either Jason's or the Vehicle's power Guage

    by four blocks, meaning half your life.

    -Standard "P": This will refill either Jason's or the vehicle's Power Guage

    by one block, meaning one eight of your life

    -Standard "H": This will refill the Hover tank by one block

    -Flashing "H": This will refill the Hover Tank by four blocks