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September 26 - October 6th

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  • Important Notices

    Happy Childrens Day!!! Philosophy for Children; Year 1 Term 1. Philosophy begins in wonder- Aristotle

    and who wonders more about the world than kids. Our chosen picture book: Shel Silversteins The Giving Tree. Topics covered: Friendship/ Ethics/ Environ-mental Ethics.

    Field Trip to Pasir Ris Kids Kampong, Thrusday October 13th. Please submit pay-ment ($18) and reply slip by Tuesday, October 11th.

    Center for Effective Living Camp, October 17-19th. Please contact reception to register.

    Friday, October 14th is a Teacher Inset day the Academy will be closed. Term 1 Break: October 1721st. Last session for Term 1 Taekwondo CCA will be Monday October 10th.

    While walking to school, encourage your child to skip, hop, or gallop part of the way.


    NEWSLETTER September 26th October 6th , 2011

    1 0 W i n s t e d t R o a d , B l o c k C # 0 1 - 1 6 , S in g a p o r e 2 2 7 9 7 7 T e l : + 6 5 6 8 3 6 1 1 2 8 F a x : + 6 5 6 2 3 5 6 7 9 7 w w w . l e a r n d i f f e r e n t . c o m .s g

    Greetings from the therapy department! This month the occupational therapists would like to give you some ways to improve your childs fine and gross motor skills that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Fine motor skills require using the small muscles of the hands and fingers and assist with activities such as hand-writing and completing clothing fasteners. Gross motor skills use the larger muscles in the body and assist with activities such as jumping, running, and throwing. Fine Motor Activities: Encourage your child to complete his or her own clothing fasteners independent-

    ly. Depending on the difficulty of the fastener, you may need to provide some assistance.

    Give your child a pair of tongs or blunt tweezers to use to eat a snack such as small crackers, grapes, or cereal.

    Ask your child to manually sharpen the pencils you have at home. When you arrive at home, encourage your child to unlock the door using the key.

    Or if you have a keyless entry, ask your child to unlock a cupboard or drawer. If you use twist ties or clips to keep food fresh, ask your child to put on or remove

    these items. You can also encourage your child to open small containers or zip lock bags.

    Gross Motor Activities: While waiting in line, see how long your child can balance on one foot. Ask your child to help carry in grocery items that are appropriate for his or her

    size and strength. While walking to school, encourage your child to skip, hop, or gallop part of the

    way. While cooking or baking, ask your child to help stir thickened mixtures such as

    dough. When you are finished with a piece of paper, ask your child to crumple it and try

    to throw it into the bin.


  • from features we cut out of

    magazines. The boys also

    drew self-portraits using

    pictures of themselves for

    reference. We have quite a

    few aspiring artists in our


    We have started learning

    about the importance of

    The boys in Ms. Ashley's recep-

    tion 2 class have been hard at

    work with our "My World" IPC

    unit. The children have learned

    a lot about themselves and

    their classmates. They have

    also been working on their

    personal research projects

    where they share information

    about themselves, their fami-

    lies, and their favorite things.

    We have also learned about

    the famous artist Picasso and

    his work with portraits. As an

    activity we painted portraits

    using our classmates (and

    teachers) as our subjects and

    then made more portraits

    Page 2

    We have made some great discoveries about ourselves and our friends over the past few weeks. During our Knowledge Harvest, we learnt about some similarities and differences that we have. We belong in the same learning community, same class and despite coming from different family backgrounds, reli-gions and homes, we are

    able to work together in a cooperative manner. Social competence is an-other area that the stu-dents have started learn-ing about in the Society subject of the IPC unit Living Together. We now understand that we should be sensitive to oth-er peoples feelings by ob-serving the tone of their voice and facial expres-sions. We learnt about some strategies that would keep ourselves calm when were angry, upset, worried or excited like taking deep breaths and thinking of happy thoughts. We have also discovered some interesting facts about Singapore and the origin of the Merlion dur-ing our History class.

    physical education and taking

    care of our bodies with exer-

    cise and a balanced diet. The

    children had fun measuring

    their physical skills with out-

    door running, jumping and

    balancing activities. We are

    going to see if they can im-

    prove their personal bests

    later in the school year. They

    also listed their favorite foods

    and categorized them in the 5

    food groups to see how they

    can balance out or make

    more nutritious food choices.

    In Maths, the boys have been

    tested on their knowledge of

    addition and we are very


    YEAR ONE , MS. KATRINAS CLASS Names of famous people, that were new to our stu-dents, were uncovered during our research.

    These names include Sir Stamford Raffles and Lee Kuan Yew. These people were truly helpful in trans-forming Singapore to a suc-cessful country. We were amazed at how much Singa-pore has changed over the years; from a swampy island filled with trees, to a bus-tling country filled with life and prosperity. Our history research is coupled with an interview with Laoshi. Ni-

    proud of their mastery of the

    topic. We have now moved

    on to Subtraction and are im-

    pressed by how quickly they

    are picking up this difficult

    topic. In Literacy, we have

    moved on to the "ar" and

    "air" sounds and have prac-

    ticed listening comprehension


    Happy Childrens Day!

    Cole, Marissa and Shane conducted an interview with her and are in the midst of preparing their leaflet called, All About Singapore. Genna, Luca, Tvish and Sean will be con-ducting their interview with Mr. Lawrence next week.

    Happy Childrens

    Day to everybody!

    Have a restful long


  • Page 3



    our pictures on the projector

    screen and painted our self-

    portraits. The students also

    learnt about different famous

    painters and sculptors and

    viewed their artworks. In P.E.,

    the children performed activi-

    ties and movements with con-

    trol and coordination such as

    hopping on one foot, skipping

    rope, throwing and catching a

    ball etc. Although we some-

    times stumbled and fell down,

    we all had a blast and pushed

    ourselves forward.

    In Literacy, the children have

    been working very hard in im-

    proving their spelling. Every

    morning after unpacking their

    bags we always have a warm

    are very good at many things (they mentioned mum and dad as ones of the few peo-ple who are good at many things). We need people to be different. Coming from different families, we also learnt that we inherit differ-ent characteristics as well.

    Other than characteristics, the children also learnt that different families have differ-ent preference for food too. Relating this fact with sci-ence, we learnt how to cate-gorize foods. They children watched a short clip on the Food Pyramid and completed

    As we ventured deeper into

    the theme "My World", the

    children began to discover

    more about their families and

    themselves as well. Each of

    them compared the number

    of members in their family

    with the families of their

    classmates. They learnt more

    about their history when they

    shared about their family's

    traditions, religious belief,

    country of origin and some

    other family backgrounds. We

    also used the globe to try to

    find the countries in which

    our grandparents came from;

    we even drew a map. In Art,

    we viewed ourselves through

    our own eyes when we traced

    For the past two weeks, the children have been exploring what they like about them-selves and what they are good at doing. They also came up with what they enjoy doing with their family and friends. Dont be surprised if Angry Birds outnumbered other toys that they enjoy playing with. Emphasizing the positive as-pects of our view of ourselves, we tried to find out what we are very good at and what we still need help with. We con-ducted some experiments both indoor and outdoor to know how fast we hop, jump, and run from one spot to another and how good we catch a ball with two hands or with one hand. We logged results and compared them with one an-other. Weve learnt that it is impossible to be good at every thing. Only a few people are

    a warm-up by doing spelling

    before anything else, how cool

    is that?! The first group has

    been mastering their graph-

    emes, blending and seg-

    menting words on the green

    wall as well. While the other

    group is making all efforts in

    improving their reading and

    forming their own sentences.

    In Maths, we are done with

    number bonds and are now

    moving on to Addition. We are

    learning how to add up two

    single digit numbers by draw-

    ing concrete examples of each

    number and counting them all

    up to find the sum. A little

    "sweet tooth" experience also

    helped us in Addition when we

    completed their own food pyramids by cutting pictures of healthy food from the magazines.

    In Literacy, the older chil-dren learnt about common and proper nouns. They spied with their little eyes nouns around the school and classified them into com-mon and proper nouns. The Rainbow of Nouns that they made is proof that nouns are everywhere in our lives. The younger children learnt the words with graph-eme /-ou/ and created their poems using /-ou/ word cards. They did an OUtstand-ing job! In Maths, both groups were reviewing the use of numbers in our lives through addition, subtraction and number bonds. They came up with

    their own addition stories and solved vertical addi-tion/ subtraction prob-lems independently.

    This week has ended in a very unforgettable way as we celebrated Childrens Day. We played games, sang songs and watched movie.

    Happy Childrens Day!

    practiced solving addition

    problems using "Skittles" as

    our examples. The children

    did a wonderful job so we

    turned it into a celebration

    of colours and fruity taste in

    our mouths.

    Rainbow claps for eve-

    ryone for a job well


    Happy Childrens Day!

  • Every child deserves the right to be taught in the way he or she learns best!