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Trabalho de alunos da turma C do 8º ano da E.B. 2,3 de Aradas, no âmbito do projeto comenius 2010/12.

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2. Andorinha-dos-beirais(Delichon urbicum) Eng:Common House Martin Fr:LHirondelle de fentre 3. Andorinha-dos-beirais (Delichon urbicum) The House Martin is a migratory passerine bird of the swallow familywhich breeds in Europe, north Africa and temperate Asia, andwinters in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical Asia.; It feeds on insects which are caught in flight; It has a blue head and upperparts, white rump and pure whiteunderparts, and is found in both open country and near humanhabitation; 4. Andorinha das chamins(Hirunda rustica)Eng: Swallow the chimneys Fr : Avalez les chemines 5. Andorinha das chamins (Hirunda rustica) The swallow-the-chimneys, also known as Tern Red-necked(Hirundo rustica) is a small migratory bird belonging to the family ofandorinhasHirundinidae.It feeds exclusively on insects, which captures in flight.It migrates to the climates with plenty of flying insects. 6. Cegonha-Branca (Ciconia Ciconia)Eng: White Stork Fr: Cigogne blanche 7. Cegonha-Branca(Ciconia Ciconia) The white stork (Ciconia ciconia) has white plumage except Remigiin their wings, which are a glossy black. Stork adult can reach aheight of as much as 1.2 m, measuring nearly 1.2 m body length,with a magnificent wing span that can extend up to 2 m. Her long red beak, broad, pointed at the base, is used by the storkto search the mud frogs, fish or small reptiles. 8. Gara-branca-pequena(Egretta garzetta)ENG : Egret small FR:Aigrete-petits 9. Gara-branca-pequena(Egretta garzetta) The little-egret (Egretta garzetta) is a pure white aquatic bird that isdistributed by the wetlands of central and southern Europe. It isdistinguished by the cattle egrets and long black beak and blackpaws with yellow legs. 10. Milhafre-preto(Milvus migrans)Eng. Black Kite Fr. Black Kite 11. Milhafre-preto(Milvus migrans)The black kite is a diurnal bird of prey. The black kite is about55 cm long and 135-155 cm wingspan, weighs about 1kg. The beak is curved and adapted to a carnivorous mode offeeding.This bird lives in solitary or in pairs.The black kite is a bird predator that feeds on small mammals,particularly rodents, and amphibians, but with characteristics ofopportunistic food diet that varies according to geographicallocation and season.