Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is characterised by extreme mood swings from hopeless depression to euphoric or irritable mania with each episode usually bookended by symptomfree periods referred to as euthymiaIncident InNewZealand,bipolardisordermay be more prevalent among Mori !"#$%&, compared to 'aci(cpeoples !)#*%& and peopleof+uropeanandother ethnicities!,#-%".he(rs.noticeable mood disturbance in people with bipolar disorderoftenoccursduring adolescence/ one study found the mean age of onset was ,* years !012 " years3pproximately ,4 ,5% of people with untreated bipolar disorder can be expected to die due to suicide,42,5 % suicideM667 89:;.:3.I6NManiac episode8ull manic episodeBI'693< 7I=6'+Bipolar I.he cause of bipolar disorder is often multi2factorialInheritedenvironmental Bipolar disorder is often diagnosed as ma?or depression'eople with bipolar disorder often have@3 family history of bipolar disorder or Amanic depressionB'roblems with alcohol7isplayed risk2taking behaviour in the past, e#g# sexual,(nancial or travel2related3 history of complicated and disrupted circumstances,e#g# multiple relationships, switching ?obs freCuently or freCuent change of addressM3D6< 7+'