Bike safety tips before practicing how to ride a bike

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<ul><li> 1. Bike Safety Tips Before Practicing How to Ride a BikeLearning how to ride a bicycle canbe both thrilling and fun! However,it is undeniably risky. This is whyyou need to consider safetyreminders before going to practiceriding a bike.1. You should find a secured andsafe spot to practice. Look for aplace where traffic is light. It isbest to practice in a place wherethere are no other people. Thisway you can avoid crashing to one of them taking into account that you arejust beginning to learn how to ride a bike. Choose a place that is spaciousand flat. An even cement surface will make biking a lot easier. But, shouldyou fall, which is inevitable, it can certainly be an ugly one. If you are tooworried about falling hard, short grass and hard ground are likewise ideal.However, you need to exert more effort in balancing and pedaling in suchsurfaces. Never attempt to practice on the sidewalks. It is too dangerous.Besides, it is illegal.2. Never forget that safety comes first all the time. A bicycle with a lowsaddle or seat and low pedals is ideal for beginners. This kind of bicycle isspecially designed to allow you to get your feet back to the ground faster ifnecessary. Hopefully, this would lessen the number of your falls.3. Check all parts of your bicycle prior to your practice. Check if the tiresare not flat. Be sure they have enough air pressure. Also, check yourbrakes. They should be capable of getting your bicycle toa full stop.4. It is also essential to dress properly. Do not wear shorts; wear longjeans or pants to spare your knees from bruises or scratches. Wear tightlong pants since lose and baggy clothing might get caught in the rotatingparts of our bicycle. Wear rubber, close-toed shoes. Never wear leathershoes or slippers simply because they are not appropriate. They canprevent you from completely stopping your bike if you need to do sowithout using your hand brakes. A helmet, elbow and knee pads are alsonecessary.</li></ul> <p> 2. 5. Learn how to make use of your brakes. For a bike that as handbrakes,test which controls the back tire and front tire? To do the inspection, lift theback part of your bike and spin the tire and hit the brake. Do the spinningmanually. Then repeat the step with the front part of your bike.6. Some bikes are not recommended for first-time bikers, since somefeatures might not be suitable or harder for them to operate. Make sureyou ride the bike intended for you. You can use a custom built bike toensure that it perfectly fits your needs as a novice rider.Zize Bikes is the maker of custom bicycles for every body including ridersup to 550 pounds. Visit them at, or on this page:</p>