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Bijoux Beautiful Jewellery Catalogue

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Catalogue for products in the Bijoux Beautiful jewellery collection by James Easter

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  • Bijoux Beautiful was founded in February 2013 by James Easter. From an early age James loved to create and give jewellery as gifts for friends and loved ones and now he is bringing luxurious, handmade beaded jewellery to you!

    At Bijoux Beautiful we are dedicated to providing you with the best most affordable jewellery created from the finest designer beads on the market. All of the jewellery featured in the Bi-joux Beautiful range incorporates a rich array of colours to create true collectors pieces. All pieces in the collection feature an eclectic mixture of highly detailed, finest quality glass, clay, metal, rhinestone, shell, leather, fabric, resin, wood and bone beads in a stunning array of styles, shapes and sizes. All hand strung onto strong coloured waxed cotton cord, delicately finished with a secure silver or 9ct gold plated twist-closure barrel clasp.

    Every pack of beads that we use to create these exquisite pieces is unique and therefore you can be sure your jewellery is one of a kind and you will not see anyone else wearing one the same.

    We at Bijoux Beautiful suggest that you, the customer, choose your outfit, flick through this catalogue and we guarantee that you will be able to find a jewellery piece that compliments your outfit perfectly and enables you to attract all the right attention.

    All of the jewellery in our collection is made to order and as a result can be customised and tailor made to your personal taste. First choose your bead package from a range of over 30 amazing colours and then simply place your order specifying whether you would like a short or a long necklace, a bracelet or a matching set.

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    Short Necklace (24)

    Long Necklace (32)

    Necklace and Bracelet Set






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  • Atlantis

    This necklace features a mix of beads in stunning shades of blue, turquoise and navy, hand strung onto strong dark blue waxed cotton cord. A great piece to wear for all occasions, particularly with denim.

  • Marina

    This necklace, hand strung onto brown waxed cotton cord, features a mix of beads in shades of emerald green, cream and black. A gorgeous piece that is sure to turn heads no matter what the occasion.

  • Spice Market

    A colourful Moroccan inspired piece featuring an eclectic mix of beads in shades of orange, olive green and brown. Hand strung onto chocolate brown waxed cotton cord.

  • Ice Bloom

    An eye-catching necklace featuring a cooling combination of blue, turquoise and silver. Hand strung onto turquoise waxed cotton cord.

  • Outrageous

    A stunning piece that is sure to attract all the right attention! This necklace features a colourful mix of beads in shades of purple and teal with accents of silver, all hand strung onto strong purple waxed cotton cord.

  • Midnight

    This necklace features a mix of mon-ochrome coloured beads in shades of black, white and silver all hand strung onto strong black waxed cot-ton cord. A fabulous necklace that would work great with jeans and a tee as well as your sharpest business suit.

  • Urban Bronze

    A sumptious necklace in rich shades of bronze, burnt orange and gold. Hand strung onto chocolate brown waxed cotton cord. These earthy tones are ideal for bringing a touch of colour to your autumn wardrobe.

  • Nostalgia

    A very pretty necklace in delicate shades of rose pink, green and gold beads, hand strung onto burgundy coloured waxed cord. A great addition to your spring and summer wardrobes.

  • Vanilla

    This necklace features a mix ofbeads in neutral shades of white, cream, mocha and bronze with delicate silver accents all hand strung onto strong cream waxed cotton cord. An extremely versatile piece that will jazz up any outfit.

  • Atmospheric

    A stunning necklace featuring a mix of beads in shades of teal, sea green and silver. Hand strung onto teal waxed cotton cord. A vibrant summery option to add a touch of glamour to any beautiful outfit.

  • Natural Beauty

    This necklace features a beautiful array of beads in olive green, gold and black. Hand stung onto strong caramel coloured waxed cotton cord,. A must have addition to your jewellery collection.

  • Orchid

    An elegant piece featuring a mix of purple, plum and magenta beads/ hand stung onto purple waxed cotton cord. Ideal for adding a splash of colour and sophistication to any outfit.

  • Angelic Banana Creme Bohemian

    Botanicals Brown Sugar Sahara

    GypsyGlitz n GlamCloisonne

  • Spinach


    Hush Latte

    Royal Charm

    Sublime Tapestry

    Spiced Raisin

    Midnight Mambo

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