BIG BROTHER Is Watching You. BIG BROTHER…. A person, group, or organization using their ability to have total control over people’s lives. The government.

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  • BIG BROTHER Is Watching You
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  • BIG BROTHER. A person, group, or organization using their ability to have total control over peoples lives. The government and dictators are usually the ones involved when people mention Big Brother.
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  • WHAT IT MEANS In the book, 1984, the people are under Big Brothers Watch. Which means they are under constant surveillance. The telescreens, televisions, are the main source of Big Brother watching them; even in their own homes. Today in 2011 we have rights by the Constitution, amendment four and fourteen, saying that we have the right to OUR privacy in our own homes. Unless a warrant is provided. Search warrant in Arizona. Search warrant Ramsey County, MN.
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  • HISTORY Many dictators invented the concept of Big Brother. -Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union, now formally known as Russia. -Hitler was the dictator of Germany. -Mussolini was the dictator of Italy.
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  • STALIN Stalin used his power of the government to over rule it, and become the dictator of it. Stalin was the Big Brother of the country. And like the book 1984, people werent even safe stating their own opinion on things. The Secret Police would find out and they would be sent to labor camps, or immediate death.
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  • HITLER Hitler used his power and over came the government as well as Stalin. He used the Big Brother concept as well. If children heard their parents or other people complaining about the government ways; they were reported and sent to Labor Camps. The government was ALWAYS watching them.
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  • MUSSOLINI Mussolini was the largest dictator to start Facism, and he convinced the people that he was going to make Italy Big again. By doing so Mussolini made his country believe in ONE type of government. If anyone went against it then they would be sent to death. And like the countries THEY WERE ALWAYS WATCHING.
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  • MODERN DAY BIG BROTHER. The concept in modern day for Big Brother is used in many ways. Security and surveillance at stores, parking lots, buildings, and more like that. Intense laws at airports to help against terrorists. Phone calls, text messages, emails, and things like that are ALWAYS being monitored and watched. Everything you say is recorded forever.
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