Big Brother is Watching!

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Big Brother is Watching!. Hodgson Academy Learning Gateway Mr P Lamoury Lead Teacher of ICT. What is a Learning Gateway?. The school Learning Gateway will allow you to view: Your Childs Achievements Your Childs Behaviour Record Your Childs Session Attendance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Big Brother is Watching!Hodgson Academy Learning Gateway

    Mr P LamouryLead Teacher of ICT

  • What is a Learning Gateway?The school Learning Gateway will allow you to view:Your Childs AchievementsYour Childs Behaviour RecordYour Childs Session AttendanceYour Childs Lesson Attendance In Real TimeYour Childs Personal DetailsIn a secure online environment!

  • How to log on

  • How to log on

  • What will it look like?Families Home PageLinks to My Children& School DetailsParent DiscussionForumLinks to School CalendarLinks to School DocumentsArt Gallery

  • The My Children Page

  • Positive & Negative Behaviour SummaryPositive BehaviourNegative Behaviour

  • And the all important.. timetable!

  • F.A.QWhat is the security of the system like?Can I see any other information?What if it doesnt work?What if I have a problem?

  • Any problems???


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