Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentorship Programme Handbook

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Big Brother/ Big Sister Mentorship Programme Handbook


<ul><li><p> 0 </p><p> Big Brother/Big Sister Program Handbook </p><p>2010 </p><p>The University of the West Indies, </p><p>Cave Hill Campus </p></li><li><p> 1 </p><p>TTTAAABBBLLLEEE OOOFFF CCCOOONNNTTTEEENNNTTTSSS </p><p>Background ________________________________________________________________ 2 </p><p>Programme Objectives ______________________________________________________ 3 </p><p>Roles &amp; Responsibilities of the Mentor ______________________________________ 4 </p><p>Roles &amp; Responsibilities of the Mentee ______________________________________ 4 </p><p>Life in the programme_______________________________________________________5 </p><p>To Do List__________________________________________________________________6 </p><p>Programme Sponsored Events_______________________________________________7 </p><p>Code of Conduct ___________________________________________________________ 8 </p><p>Students Evaluation of Big Brother/Big Sister ______________________________ 9 </p></li><li><p> 2 </p><p>BBBAAACCCKKKGGGRRROOOUUUNNNDDD </p><p>The Big Brother/Big Sister Mentorship Programme was launched to </p><p>ensure that Jamaican students studying on the Cave Hill campus had </p><p>adequate support and guidance whether academic or social. Making the </p><p>transition into a new culture, coupled with the pressures of studying, is not </p><p>always easy to handle alone. Therefore this programme seeks to ensure that </p><p>students are equipped with basic knowledge of procedures, places and </p><p>programmes on and off campus to assist in alleviating some of these pressures. </p><p>This student-centred approach is a unique way to offer an inside perspective </p><p>on how to handle student life at Cave Hill. </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p>PPPRRROOOGGGRRRAAAMMMMMMEEE OOOBBBJJJEEECCCTTTIIIVVVEEESSS </p><p>The Big Brother/Big Sister Programme seeks to achieve these objectives: </p><p> To assist in ensuring a smooth transition into student life at Cave Hill for </p><p>New Jamaican students; </p><p> To ensure that each Jamaican student at Cave Hill has basic guidance </p><p>and support; </p><p> To bridge the gap between new students and those already on campus; </p><p> To foster a sense of family amongst Jamaican students on campus; </p><p> To facilitate social networking among the cohort of Jamaican students at </p><p>Cave Hill and; </p><p> To provide opportunities for students to explore their new surroundings; </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p>RRROOOLLLEEESSS &amp;&amp;&amp; RRREEESSSPPPOOONNNSSSIIIBBBIIILLLIIITTTIIIEEESSS OOOFFF TTTHHHEEE MMMEEENNNTTTOOORRR </p><p>The primary roles and responsibilities of a big brother / big sister shall be to: </p><p> Develop a sustainable relationship with your mentee; </p><p> Assist with social networking of each mentee, such as incorporation into </p><p>the Jamaican Association; </p><p> Use his/her knowledge to provide advice and support where required; </p><p> Attend the Programme Orientation at the beginning of the Academic </p><p>Year; </p><p> Attend scheduled group events; </p><p> Participate in the evaluation process and; </p><p> Keep the Office of the Vice President abreast of developments and </p><p>difficulties. </p><p>RRROOOLLLEEESSS &amp;&amp;&amp; RRREEESSSPPPOOONNNSSSIIIBBBIIILLLIIITTTIIIEEESSS OOOFFF TTTHHHEEE MMMEEENNNTTTEEEEEE </p><p>A mentee shall be expected to: </p><p> Maintain at least a professional relationship with their Big Brother/Big </p><p>Sister in the capacity of Mentor; </p><p> Try as best as possible to participate in the mentors initiatives; </p><p> Meet with his/her Big Brother/Big Sister at least once per week; </p><p> Attend the Programme Orientation at the beginning of the Academic </p><p>Year; </p><p> Attend scheduled group events; </p><p> Participate in the evaluation process and; </p><p> Keep the Office of the Vice President abreast of developments and </p><p>difficulties. </p></li><li><p> 5 </p><p>LLLIIIFFFEEE IIINNN TTTHHHEEE PPPRRROOOGGGRRRAAAMMMMMMEEE </p><p>Kemoy McEkron : I think the Big Brother Big Sister Programme is an </p><p>amazing initiative! I have benefitted </p><p>tremendously from books, advice, </p><p>counselling, support and a lifelong and </p><p>strong friendship. Without the programme </p><p>my second year would have been like my </p><p>first- clueless. </p><p>Howard Hinds: I totally enjoyed the programme. My sister, Maravlyn, was </p><p>there for me the entire year and I </p><p>didnt have to ask twice for her </p><p>assistance. I would encourage all </p><p>new students to participate in [this </p><p>programme]. </p></li><li><p> 6 </p><p>TTTOOO DDDOOO LLLIIISSSTTT </p><p>Heres a list of things that Big Brothers and Sisters can do with their mentees. </p><p>This list is just a mere starting point as the activities that you can engage in a </p><p>virtually endless; we just wanted to share some ideas with you: </p><p> Visit the Sheraton </p><p> Go Bowling / Bumper Cart Driving / Paintballing </p><p> Go to the movies or go to the beach </p><p> Go to church together </p><p> Study together </p><p> Go to a beer lyme </p><p> Go to the Boatyard </p><p> Go to Harrison Caves </p><p> Drive around the island </p><p> Visit the Barbados National </p><p>Museum </p><p> Attend a cricket match at Kengsinton Oval </p><p> Go grocery shopping together or Play tennis at UWI </p><p> Lyme at school or just have lunch together </p><p> Go on the Harbour Master /Atlantis Submarine </p></li><li><p> 7 </p><p>PPPRRROOOGGGRRRAAAMMMMMMEEE SSSPPPOOONNNSSSOOORRREEEDDD EEEVVVEEENNNTTTSSS </p><p>What: Programme Orientation Whats it About: Mentors and mentees will be officially introduced. Programme goals and expectations discussed. Hear from previous programme participants. </p><p>Where: The Guild Of Students Conference Room </p><p>When: September 2010 </p><p>What: Welcome Lyme </p><p>Whats it About: Games night and social for all members of JASAC. Refreshment will be provided. Where: The Guild Of Students. </p><p>When: September 2010 </p><p>What: Beach Lyme Whats it About: JASAC Beach Lyme in association with JAMBAR. Where: TBA </p><p>When: TBA </p><p>JASAC SPORTS CARICOM Football [Male] CARICOM Football [Female; </p><p>JASAC are reigning champions] </p><p> Six a side Board Games Dominoes </p><p> Sign up for a Committee Today Entertainment Committee Cultural &amp; Educational Committee Constitutional Committee Welfare Committee Culinary Committee Sports Committee Special Projects Committee </p><p>Welfare Food Drive Prayer Service Annual Church Service Emergency Financial Assistance Book Grants </p><p>JASAC WEEK Flag Raising Ceremony JASAC Play JASAC Food Day Fete Beer Lyme </p><p>JASAC provides numerous opportunities for participation and service throughout the entire year </p></li><li><p> 8 </p><p>CCCOOODDDEEE OOOFFF CCCOOONNNDDDUUUCCCTTT </p><p> The Big Brother/Big Sister Programme is designed with certain objectives </p><p>in mind. To ensure the achievement of these objectives professional conduct is </p><p>required by all participants. To this end: </p><p>1. Mentors are advised to exercise caution when recommending or </p><p>participating in physical activities such as jet skiing. </p><p>2. Mentors will be deemed to have acted outside the scope of their duties </p><p>should they facilitate a mentees participation in activities which are </p><p>illegal in Barbados. </p><p>3. Mentors shall not request payment from mentees for any service </p><p>conducted in the capacity of mentor save and except where such </p><p>payment is pursuant to an agreement between the mentor and mentee. </p><p>4. Mentors shall keep all information conveyed to them by their mentee in </p><p>the strictest of confidence. </p><p>a. A mentee may waive this right to confidentiality at any time </p><p>b. The mentees right to confidentiality is deemed to have </p><p>automatically been waived should the mentor reasonably believe </p><p>that the life of the mentee is at risk of imminent danger. </p><p>i. Where the mentor so reasonably believes, he or she must </p><p>contact the office of the Vice President as soon as is possible </p><p>and take reasonable steps to mitigate the situation should </p><p>the threat of danger be immediate </p><p>5. JASAC accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by mentors or </p><p>mentees as a result of participating in activities conducted in pursuance </p><p>of the objectives of this programme </p></li><li><p> 9 </p><p>SSSTTTUUUDDDEEENNNTTT SSS EEEVVVAAALLLUUUAAATTTIIIOOONNN OOOFFF BBBIIIGGG BBBRRROOOTTTHHHEEERRR///BBBIIIGGG SSSIIISSSTTTEEERRR </p><p>SECTION A: This section is to be completed by mentees only </p><p>1. Did your Big Brother/Big Sister assist you in any way to better handle </p><p>the challenges of the academic year, both in terms of your academics and </p><p>life outside the classroom? </p><p>2. Was your Big Brother/Big Sister approachable? Yes No </p><p>3. Were you able to meet with your Big Brother/Big Sister at least once </p><p>monthly? </p><p>4. Was your Big Brother/Big Sister reasonably accessible? </p><p>5. Do you think that your Big Brother/Big Sister was effective in achieving </p><p>the objectives of this programme? </p><p>6. Did your mentor provide helpful advice and feedback? </p></li><li><p> 10 </p><p>SECTION B: This section is to be completed by both mentors and mentees </p><p>7. What were your general impressions of your mentor/mentee? </p><p>8. What group activities did you enjoy the most this year? </p><p>9. What did you least enjoy about the programme? </p><p>10. How do you feel we can make this programme better? </p></li></ul>


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