BI Private Branding Program Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

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BI Private Branding Program Solutions for Independent Software Vendors Slide 2 About Speedware Founded in 1976 Publicly-traded (Toronto Stock Exchange: TSX) Strong financial health ($40 million in annual revenues, 13 consecutive profitable quarters) 3000+ customers spanning North America, Europe and Latin America Slide 3 Speedwares Portfolio of Solutions Comprehensive suite of software solutions Business Intelligence solutions (data analytics and reporting) Web and client/server application development technologies HP e3000 migration solutions Strong commitment toward partners Value that ISVs, VARs and distributors play in our success Commitment to developing innovative programs to best suit the needs of our customer bases. Slide 4 Our Partners Objectives Respond to customer needs by providing enhanced features and functionality Capitalize on interest in new and exciting business intelligence software technologies to: Increase revenue streams Gain competitive advantage Slide 5 The Solution: Speedwares BI Private Branding Program Including Speedwares business intelligence technologies as add-on tools to your existing product offerings can yield significant revenues and competitive advantage. The strength of Speedwares technology under your brand name! Slide 6 Overview of Partnership Models Option 1: Add-on BI Tools Speedwares tools sold as additional components to partners existing solutions Speedware branding or partners brand (name, logo) Option 2: Customized BI Applications Custom BI Application co-developed between Speedware and partner to add value to partners packaged application Marketed under partners own brand (name, logo) Slide 7 Option 1: Add-on BI Tools Speedwares technologies sold as add-on component tools Tool marketed, sold and supported directly by partner Partners branding (name, logo) Customer builds own solution using tool Slide 8 Benefits to Partner Product offering is enhanced and partner gains strategic competitive advantage By providing proven, cutting-edge business intelligence technology Attractive potential revenues On sale of software licenses By providing support, consulting and training Minimal investment and risk No R&D costs Speedwares technology is simply sold as an add-on to existing packaged application Speedwares technology carrying your brand name! Slide 9 Option 2: Customized BI Applications Co-creation of a customized BI application between partner and Speedware Complete with industry-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI) designed to allow companies to better manage their business Custom dashboards, data dictionaries and repositories Speedwares technologies seamlessly integrated and customized Slide 10 Benefits to Partner Clear competitive advantage for partner through offering of customized solution Solution designed specifically to meet particular needs of your customers: Include industry-specific key performance metrics to help customers better manage their businesses. Potential for increased revenues Customized solutions sell more easily than BI tools alone. Strong demand + simpler sales cycle = increased revenues Partners enjoy compelling returns on their investments. Solution may be immediately used and enjoyed by end- user upon purchase (elimination of customization and testing phases) Slide 11 Solution Co-Development Requirements Outline of requirements on ISVs side for co- development of custom BI application Time Investment Resources Potential sales Slide 12 Overview of BI Technology Speedwares solutions are designed to allow easy access to complex data to improve decision-making. Primary features include: Industry-specific key performance indicators Data extraction from multiple sources Query and report analysis What if analysis and future projections Complex data presented in intuitive graphical format Slide 13 BI Product Architecture * Illustration of connectivity to ISVs application to come Slide 14 Media Slide 15 About Media Multidimensional data analysis solution Rapidly transforms volumes of data from disparate sources into valuable information using to aid in decision-making Intuitive graphical user interface (dashboards) represents complex data correlations at a glance Easy to use SQL statement generator (CAR) Industry-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Available in both Web and client desktop interfaces Slide 16 Esperant Slide 17 About Esperant Sophisticated enterprise query and reporting solution Easy to use English syntax query generator Supports data mining through a graphical interface to help analyze correlations between data elements Export to 3 rd party software (Excel, Outlook, etc.) Available in both Web and client desktop front ends Slide 18 Why Partner with Speedware? Leading business intelligence technology provider Strength of our reputation 25+ years in business and strong financial health. Firm commitment to delivering the best to our customers and business partners We can demonstrate compelling returns on investment for our customers and partners Only BI technology provider to allow partners to offer our solutions as private brands As a mid-sized company, Speedware can respond to your particular needs with speed and agility. Slide 19 Partner Success Story: ECS Enterprise Computer Systems Mid-sized ISV that develops and markets ERP solutions for building materials industry Leader in niche Products co-developed between Speedware and ECS ECS Dashboard (Analytics) ECS Reporter (Ad-hoc reporting) ROI achieved in only 9 months Sales increased significantly compared to previously-offered solution (Cognos) Slide 20 ECS Applications Slide 21 Slide 22 ECS Return on Investment Application type: large BI solution designed for building materials (lumber) suppliers 10 key performance indicators 30 data dimensions Technical resources: 1 ECS + 1 Speedware Time to completion: 6 months (each ECS and Speedware) Total investment: $90,000 ($45,000 each) Average sale: $20,000 @ 3 sales per month ROI: 9 months Note: Figures above are exclusive of revenue earned from technical support, training and consulting. Slide 23 Partner Success Story: PG Systems PG Systmes - Mensys Mid-sized ISV that develops and markets software solutions for municipalities Leader in niche market Reseller of Speedwares BI tools Sold as a module with canned reports Specific reports designed for particular products One order a month for the last two years Slide 24 Partner Success Story: CIO CIO - Virtuo Mid-sized ISV that develops and markets accounting/financial and procurement (ERP) solutions for services organizations Excellent competitive position in the public sector (ministries, healthcare, other public and para-public organizations) Complete integration with Speedwares dashboard technology Sold as a module with their subject-driven data warehouses (finance and procurement) 15+ KPIs by subjects + pre-built analysis interfaces Bi-directional integration Two major deals in the last month Slide 25 CIOs Application Snapshot to come Slide 26 Thank You Q&A