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BHAI PARMANAND VIDYA BHAI PARMANAND VIDYA MANDIR Class VIII Holidays Homework (2016-17) ENGLISH 1. Read all the novels given below and prepare yourself for the book review on any one,

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  • BHAI PARMANAND VIDYA MANDIR Class VIII Holidays Homework (2016-17)


    1. Read all the novels given below and prepare yourself for the book review on any one, of your

    choice. Discussion will be held in the class on all the novels. Participation is mandatory.

    a) Emma by Jane Austin

    b) The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

    C) The murder of the Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

    d) The book thief by Markus Zusak

    e) Othello by William Shakespeare

    2. Write a composition on each of the following topics in about 100-120 words.

    a) Nurture nature

    b) Good beginnings last a lifetime

    c) Children are the seeds that make our future blossom

    d) No man is an island.

    e) Lead the way to a brighter day

    f) The ballot is stronger than the bullet

    g) Benefits of Balance diet.

    h) Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

    i) Never refuse to reuse

    j) When in Rome do as the Romans do.

    3. Read the novel ' The Tales of Oscar Wilde' and write the answers the following questions in

    separate notebook:

    a) Write the character sketches of the following characters in about 80-100 words:

    i) Happy Prince

    ii) Swallow

    iii) The School boy


    v) Professor’s daughter

    vi)The Star Child

    b) Mention the two ways in which the Happy Prince helped his countrymen.

    c) What made the Swallow decide to stay with the Happy Prince forever?

    d) What broke the heart of the Happy Prince?

    e) What happened to the Happy Prince and the Swallow at the end of the story?

    f) Why was the Student so unhappy?

    g) How did the Nightingale make the red rose?

    h) What was student’s opinion of Love at the end of the story?

    i) How was the beauty of the Star-child harmful to him?

    j) How did the Star-child treat his mother?

    k) What was the Star-child’s punishment?

    4. Revise the following grammar topics and make a chart for the presentation in the class,

    according to your roll number.

    a) Determiners ( 1-5)

    b) Tenses ( 6-10)

    c) Different forms of verb ( 11-15)

    d) Modals ( 16-20)

    e) Adverbs ( 26-30)

    f) Prepositions (31-35)

    g) Conjunctions ( 36-40)

    h) Reported speech (41-46)

    5. Do first three unseen passages from Grammar Chest in a separate notebook.

    * Do all your written work in a separate notebook

    * Revise whatever has been done in the class till now.


    1 Hkkjr dh [kkst iqLrd dk voyksdu djsa o A4 vkdkj ds i`’B ij lkj fyf[k, A 2 O;kdj.k fuiq.k & vH;kl i= 1¼i`’B la[;k 67½esa fn, x, iz”u la[;k 4]6]djsa o dk;Z izi= &5

    dk iz”u 1]2vkSj 5 iqLrd esa djsaA

    3 d{kk esa djk, x, ¼loZuke] Ik;kZ;okph]ok.kZ&foPNsn rFkk vusd “kCnksa ds fy, ,d “kCn½ O;kdjf.kd dk;Z dks daBLFk djsaA

    4 fuEufyf[kr fo’k;ksa ij O;kdj.k vH;kl iqfLrdk esa 80 ls 100 “kCnksa esa vuqPNsn fyf[k, A d½ Hkkjr dh vkRek& Hkkjrh; xzke

    [k½ dkYg djs lks vkt dj

    x½ ou egksRlo

    5 vfHkyk’kk ikB~; iqLrd ds ikB 1]2]3 ds iz”uksŸkj o vH;kl dk;Z ;kn djsaA

    MATHEMATICS (Note: Do all the homework in A4 Size sheets neatly and compile the sheets in a file)

    Explore the internet to get the idea about the model/chart in any one of the following

    topics and bring the layout in the form of a rough sketch :

    1. ‘Ratio of circumference to diameter’ of different types of circles

    2. Nets of cuboids, cube, tetrahedron and octahedron.

    3. Medians and angle bisectors of triangles by paper folding

    4. Music/Dance and mathematics

    5. Magic squares on faces of cube.

    6. Quiz on Mathematicians and their main contributions

    7. Story of zero /To show inventions of Indian mathematicians

    8. Altitudes of different types of triangle

    9. Mathematical painting using tangrams

    10. Criterias of congruency

    11. Mathematics through newspapers

    12. Quadrilaterals and their use in real life

    13. Distributive property by using square paper

    14. Pythagoras Property

    15. Rotational symmetry

    16. Women Mathematicians

    17. Perimeter of figures bounded by semicircles

    18. Visualisation Solids

    19. Exterior angle property and angle sum property of triangle

    20. Number system.

    ASSIGNMENT (for each student)

    1 Mark Questions

    1. Multiply (i) -3/5 x 15/3 (ii) -2/7 x -14/18

    2. Write the multiplicative and additive inverse of -2/7

    3. Write the class size of class interval “15-25”.

    4. Write the Lower limit of class 35-40

    5. Test the divisibility of 774,216,504 by 9.

    6. Is 2 3 x 3

    2 divisible by 2

    7. Is 1720 divisible by 2 but not by 9?

    8. Find the product of multiplicative inverse and additive inverse of-3

  • 9. Upper limit of class 30-35 is=?

    10. Write the Class size of the class “5-10”

    11. What is the sum of upper and lower limit of class interval 60-70?

    12. Is 216 a perfect cube?

    13. Is it true that a cube of a number can end with two zeros?

    14. A number ends with 8, What will be unit’s digit in the cube of this number?

    15. If x/y is the additive inverse of c/d. Then, what is x/y – c/d = ?

    2 Marks Questions

    16. What number should be added to 2/7 to get 5/4?

    17. What number should be subtracted from 2/5 to get 5/6?

    18. Find 3 rational numbers between 4/5and 2/5

    19. Find 4 rational numbers between -1/2 and 5/4

    20. What is the reciprocal of (-3/8) * (-2/7) ?

    21. Give two examples each of commutativity and associativity in rational numbers

    22. Simplify

    (i) (2/3 x 15/16) – (7/12 x -24/35)

    (ii)(5/7 x -14/15) + (-8/15 x 3/16) – (2/9 x-27/16)

    23. A die is thrown.What is the probability that the number 2 will appear on the upper face?

    24. A die is thrown. What is the probability that the number comes up is even?

    25. A coin is tossed. What is the probability that head will come up?

    26. 49/4m cloth costs Rs 637/3.Find the cost of 1m cloth.

    3 Marks Questions

    27. A shopkeeper had a ball of jute string measuring 15 m. He sold 2 m to the first

    customer and 3 m to the second customer.What length of the jute string is left with him?

    28. The sum of two rational numbers is -5 . If one of them is

    , find the other.

    29. A train goes 80km in 1 hour.How much distance will it cover in 45minutes?

    30. Use digits 0 to 9 to solve the following S E N D

    + M O R E

    M O N E Y

    31. The weight (in kg ) of 40 persons are given below



    Prepare a frequency distribution table with class intervals 40-45 and so on, and then represent

    the data in form of histogram

    32. Verify the following statements,

    a) (3/4 × -11/5) × 2/7 = 3/4 × (-11/5 × 2/7)

    b) 5/9 (5/6 + -4/9) = (5/9 x 5/6) + (15/19 x -4/9)

    4 Marks Questions

    33. Find the range of the following data :

    (a) 10,13,7, 3,10 , 6, 17, 15, 14, 11, 10, 09, 6, 17, 5, 15

    (b) 9,7, 8, 11, 12, 9, 5, 8, 12, 10, 7, 5, 8, 10, 12, 9, 11, 5, 8

  • 34. Draw a pie chart to represent the following data showing the people

    subscribing to different newspapers in zone.

    35. By taking X = -5/2,Y=3/4 and Z=-7/6,verify that

    a) X x (Y+Z)= X x Y = X x Z

    b) X(Y-Z)=XxY – X x Z

    36. The following data gives the number of Hindi and English books bought by a

    library during the year:

    Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

    Hindi 350 400 520 600 650

    English 300 380 400 450 600

    (a) In which year the difference in the purchases of two language books was minimum?

    (b) In which year the difference in the purchases of two language books was maximum?

    Draw the double bar graph.

    37. On a particular day the sales (in rupees) of different items of a baker’s shop are given


    Ordinary bread : 320

    Fruit bread : 80

    Cakes and pastries: 160

    Biscuits : 120

    Others : 40

    Draw a pie chart for this data

    38. Re arrange suitably and find the sum in each case:

    a) 5/3 + 11/2 + (-9/4) + (-8/3) + (-7/2)

    b) -4/7 + 7/6 + 2/7 + 3 + (-11/6)

    39. An unbiased die is thrown . What is the

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