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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars


  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars


    Niraakaara descends as Naraakaara

    Yada yada hi dharmasya glaanir bhavati,

    Bhaarata, Abhyuthtaanam adharmasya tad

    aatmaanam srjaamyaham.

    Parithraanaaya sadhoonaam, vinaasaayacha

    dushkrtaam, Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya

    sambhavaami yuge yuge

    Whenever dharma declines, I restore it

    and put down the forces which cause thedecline, by assuming a form and, I am

    born again and again in every crisis in order

    to protect the good, punish the wicked and

    restore dharma. (S.S.S. Vol. IV - p. 119)

    When decline descends on the Dharma

    which has been laid down, I Incarnate as

    Naraakaara from the state of Niraakaara, in

    order to revive it and protect the good from

    fear. (G. V. p. 56)


    Incarnation means God appears on earthfilled with affection and love for the mankind,

    everywhere- Divine Consciousness in human

    form. (S.S.S. Vol. p.272)

    The Universal Absolute Birthless

    Formless, Unmanifest and Infinite, takes on

    the limitations of name and form on its own

    initiative and concretises itself on many

    occasions as incarnations, Avatars,

    manifesting countless instances of Divine

    intercession and grace (N.G.M. p. 22)

    I incarnate from age to age, time to

    time, to save dharma from anti-dharma.

    Whenever strife, discord and disharmony

    overwhelm the world, God incarnates in

    human form to show to mankind the way to

    love, harmony and peace.(S & M. p.216)

    Avatars never come to re-establish

    Dharma - Dharma was never destroyed-but

    the practice of Dharma went on decline The

    basis for Dharma is Truth, and Truth is

    something which is permanent, and so

    Dharma also is something which isunchangeable. (M. L. p.256)





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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    The incarnation comes to warn, to guide,

    to awaken, to lay down the path, shed the

    light of love on it. But man has to listen, and

    obey with hope and faith.

    (S.S.S. Vol. VIII p.143)

    To elevate man to the level of His

    Consciousness He (God) has to incarnate asa man. He has to speak to them in their own

    styles and languages. He has to teach them

    the methods they can adopt and practice.

    Birds and beasts need no Divine incarnation

    to guide them, for they have no inclination to

    stray away from their Dharma. Man alone

    forgets or ignores the goal of life .

    (M. L. p.253)

    Avatars appear in India

    Only in India Avatars born mostly, because

    only in India are Sastras (scriptures)understood. And only in India do Sages

    constantly experiment and practise. It is like

    a gold mine. When gold is found, there

    gather geologists, engineers and experienced

    miners. The gold is mined there and then it

    is taken all over the world. (N.N.S.G.(5)p.5/6)

    Avatar is not born

    It was declared that Rama was born of

    payasam which was brought by the Deity

    from out the sacrificial fire. No Avatar is bornflesh and blood, including this Avatar ( Sri

    Sathya Sai Baba). The body of the Avatar is

    chit substance; it is not jada like other

    materials. The embryo of ordinary mortals is

    jalodakasayi enveloped in watery stuff; the

    embryo of the Avatar is encased in

    Kshirodakasayi, the pure white milk of

    holiness. That is why in the make-up of the

    Avatar, there is no blemish, there is no trace

    of Guna. (S.S.S. Vol IV p.15)

    An avatar is born through Pravesa (byentry or immaculate conception) unlike man

    who is born through Prasava (the process

    of reproduction). Further, an Avatar chooses

    his parents, while mans parents are chosen

    by destiny. (U. p. 10)

    Every one is an Avatar

    (Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has

    declared on His Birthday Festival in 1971)

    Everyone of you is an Avatar.You are Divine

    encased like Me in human flesh and

    bone.Only you are unaware of it. You have

    come into this prison of incarnation throughthe errors of many lives. You are bound to

    the body with rope of three Gunas. I am free,

    untouched by them, for the gunas are but My

    playthings. I am not bound by them, I use

    them to bind you. You are moved this way

    and that by desire. I have no desire except

    the one to make desireless.

    (S.S.Sm. Part III p. 309)


    The word Avatar means descent. It is

    not coming down from the peak of a mountain

    or the top storey of a building. It is a descent

    from the state of Atma to the state of the


    The descent of the Avatar means the

    Divine coming down to the level of the human.

    No blemish attaches to the Divine as a

    result of the descent. There is no diminution

    in His puissance. Here is an example of a

    child playing on the ground. If the mother

    feels it is beneath of her dignity to bend and

    call upon the child to leap into her arms, thechild cannot do so. But out of love for her

    child, the mother stoops and picks up the

    baby. By bending down to take the child,

    does the mother bow to the child? Likewise,

    the Avatar descends to the level of the

    human to bless and rescue those who cannot

    rise to the level of the Divine. The ignorant

    assumes that because the Divine has

    descended with human form, God has lowered

    Himself to the human level. This is a case of

    bending and not kneeling down. It is an act

    of benediction and not submission.(M.L. p.253)

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  • 8/13/2019 Bhagavan Speaks on Avatars





    Avatar in human form

    Why God should assume form? Because

    that is the only way to incarnate the God

    within man. The Avatar takes human form

    and behaves in a human way so that humanity

    can feel kinship with Divinity. At the same

    time he rises to godly heights so that mankind

    also can aspire to reach god. The realisation

    of indwelling God as the motivator of life for

    which avatars come in human form. (S & M.

    p. 236)

    People cannot stand the Lord in

    superhuman form. It is only when the Lord

    comes in human body that people are able

    to approach Him and learn to love Him even

    a little bit. But one should not make the

    mistake of thinking that the Lord forgoes His

    powers on assuming human form. For

    instance, the aeroplane flying high in the skydescends to the airport. But one should not

    think that the plane is the ground machine

    because one sees it on the ground. Once it

    has taken on its load of passengers, it again

    zooms up high into the sky. In like fashion,

    although the Lord has made a landing here

    on the earth, so to speak, He is not limited

    by His human form. (AV-P61)

    The Lord is love itself. He comes in

    human form so that you can talk to Him,move with Him, serve Him, adore Him, and

    achieve Him, so that you can recognise your

    kinship with Him. S.S. S. Vol. IV P. 148)

    The formless Lord takes the form a

    human being and comes in the midst of

    human beings so that he mixes with them

    and sets examples and ideals of human

    beings and conveys to them all aspects

    which they should learn. Many people ask

    very innocently and ignorantly why an Avatar

    who possesses all powers should subject

    itself to all troubles and why it should tolerate

    hunger and suffering all around. An Avatar

    who has all powers should remove all such

    sufferings in one moment. If there is any

    meaning in such a question, why should an

    Avatar come in human form at all? The

    Avatar can remain as a formless divinity and

    do all these things from that position itself.

    In the end certain conditions and

    environments, wherever has to be done must

    be done and such acts at a human level

    have to be performed. Certain things are

    essential for remedial action and withoutdoing those things, to expect an Avatar to

    simply remove all suffering is a foolish thing.

    First of all, you should make an attempt to

    make good use of the mental and physical

    strengths that have been given to you. God

    comes in human form to demonstrate how

    the material and physical strengths and other

    organs may be used. The essential quality of

    an Avatar is to teach you how to make a

    proper and good use of your thought, word

    and deed. Depending upon the conditions in

    the country, the avatar comes to teach you

    and show you the right use of your organs

    The avatar behaves in a human way so that

    mankind can feel kinship, but, rises to super-

    human heights so that mankind can aspire

    to those heights. (S.R.B.M. p. 51/52)