Bhagavad Gita -First Teaching

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BHAGAVAD GITA: THE VERY FIRST REVELATION 2.12: "Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these rulers of people; nor shall all of us ever cease to be hereafter." This was the very first great reality that Krishna, the friendly guide of confused and despondent Arjuna, expounded to him. The Enlightened Krishna started his enlightening expos at the very concrete and basic level. This means that the constituting elements of any form that we presently perceive in the field of existence have always existed and will always exist. Our perception is a structure of units of consciousness. These blocks of consciousness or knowledge are produced out of the natural activities of the living biological instruments of experience or perception within the field of experience. Our living instruments of perception, which are all organic, are made up of units or blocks of biological cells. The whole field of existence that we perceive through consciousness put together by the activities of biological instruments (including ourselves as part of the field) is made up of units of particles of matter/energy or substance or existence. Hence everything is essentially and substantially derived from matter/energy or substance or existence. Everything, at any point in time, is nothing but a manifestation of existence that keeps transforming and transmigrating itself. The Underlying Self-existent substance, being uncreated and indestructible (2.17), can thus never cease to be. The unmanifest real can never cease to be even if the apparent structure gets eventually deconstructed to be reconstructed into other structures elsewhere. (2.16) Every structure of consciousness manifests through a bodily portal of consciousness within the field of existence/experience. The bodily form/structure goes through stages of birth, childhood, youth and old age and eventually death. Upon death, the constituting elements (made up essentially of matter/energy) of any organism are deconstituted to be reconstituted elsewhere in another form or other forms. Wise mean have no misperceptions about this fact. (2.13) Thus, what can be said to perish or get de-structured/de-constructed are the constituted forms or bodies, which the imperishable and immeasurable substance has temporarily assumed (2.18). Any individual, who has been awakened to this truth (dhiram), cannot be really distressed and they remain poised in suffering and joy (differential experiences through the instruments), fit to realize that which is imperishable. (2.15)

BHAGAVAD GITA: THE ULTIMATE TEACHING 18.65. man-man bhava mad-bhakto mad-yj mm namaskuru mm evaisyasi satyam te pratijne priyo 'si me

18.66. sarva-dharmn parityajya aham tvm sarva-ppebhyo

mm ekam aranam vraja

moksayisymi m ucah

In these two verses are contained the last instructions and teachings imparted by Krishna to Arjuna. Dissolve your into Me, Be genuinely devoted to Me, Sacrifice everything unto Me, Be resigned to Me. I promise that you shall indeed enter into My True Being as you are very dear to Me.

Abandoning all externally imposed religious beliefs and practices, Surrender to Me as the Sole Refuge. I shall free you from all of your transgressions, have no grief or worry.

These ultimate instructions and teachings are imparted only after having enlightened Arjuna about the Great Truths that:(a)

Nature/Existence is the gross and subtle phenomenal Form born out of the One Ultimate Unmanifest Formless Basis of Everything (Brahman); existence cyclically arises out of its own unmanifest state and merges back into the unmanifest state as per the Cosmic Law. (8.19-21) Everywhere Nature acts and drives Its gross, subtle and causal forms and forces into actions/reactions/inertia. It is only out of deluded egoism that people wrongly believe themselves to be the individual doer/experiencer (3.27).



The Cause of Existence (Ishvara: Supreme Destiny), which abides in realm of the heart/core of all beings, keeps all of them revolving in existence by the Power of Its Maya or cosmic delusion, as if they were mounted on Natures revolving machine (18.61). The only way to attain supreme peace and the realm of the Timeless Being is through Ishvaras Grace, which can be attracted through a whole-being surrender unto Ishvara abiding within the heart (18.62). The yogi whose bliss is within the Self, whose resting ground is within Being, who likewise realises the Inner Enlightening Presence- such one merges into the Imperishable Ultimate (brahmanirvanam) and realizes Oneness (brahmabhutam) with the Uncaused Imperishable Ultimate (5.24)



Therefore, whenever Krishna was referring to Me in the above verses, he was not referring to his nature-bound identity (Mr. Krishna) but to his Status as the Cause of Existence or Ishvara and the Imperishable Ultimate (Brahman). The emphasis of this ultimate teaching is on dissolution of mind that dwells in conditionings, beliefs and imagined stories, on genuine undivided devotion and loyalty to the Real, on sacrificing (rendering sacred) all actions and reactions happening through the body-mind complex driven by natural forces unto the Actionless Basis, on resigning ones destiny unto the Basis of existence. Observance of this teaching connects one intimately to the True Basis of Everything. After one is well grounded in the above observances, one is then ready for the ultimate ultimate step towards full liberation from all forms of illusion and ignorance about oneself. At this stage, one simply lets go of all previous practices, observances, efforts, strivings which are seen to reinforce the false sense of being an individual separate identity or persona. One simply lets go and surrenders spontaneously, sincerely and totally unto the One True Basis, the One Truth, which truly liberates one from all forms of ignorance and illusion about ones true Self or Being, which is One with the Ultimate Basis of Everything and Not-two. Koosraj KORA VENCIAH