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  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    BEUMER Belt Tray Sorterwith contactless energy supply

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter

    The outstanding features of this machine are:

    Power supply on demand due to contactless energy supply,no additional generators or batteries required

    Modular design, mechanical components field-proven in all typesof industry and applications

    A control system featuring standard, commercially availablecomponents rather than proprietary and sole sourced

    Low maintenance, easy access, a Belt Tray with 50 % fewercomponent parts

    Wide range of applications, designed for ambient temperaturesbetween 30C and +45C (22F 115F)

    80% reduced maintenance costs compared to conventional busbarsystems of power supply

    Low life cycle costs because of maintenance-free carriageassembly

    Heavy-duty carriage connection, ball-joint type bearing,lubricated for life

    Positive (mechanical) braking system for controlled stop of thesorter during power outage or other loss of primary power supply

    Quality assurance conforms to DIN ISO 9001 standard

    The BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter withcontactless energy supply andlinear induction motor drive is thehigh-capacity system for sorting avariety of products, including:

    Letter trays, packets and smallenvelopes in the postal andcourier industry

    Shoeboxes and apparel in thefootwear and clothing industry

    Plastic film wrapped productswith high-friction (sticky) surfacesas in mail-order companies andthe newspaper distributionindustry

    Unstable and sensitive products,

    such as frozen foods, cakes anddairy products

    Other industries with extremevariation in product types,shapes and frictional behaviorsuch as baggage handling for

    airports or freight centers

    Space-saving Belt Tray Sorter

    for airports and freight centers.

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    Contactless energy supply

    Positive braking system

    Diverts at any position of the sorter circuit

    Thanks to the contactless data andpower transmission, the BEUMERBelt Tray Sorter incorporates theutmost in flexibility.The system can adapt rapidly tovarying requirements in operatingthroughput rate or individualproduct requirements associatedwith seasonal peaks in the busi-ness cycle.

    As the belt tray induct anddischarge speed can be adjustedfor each individual item (providinga multitude of different ramps,tailored to your product), impact re-sulting in product damage and noi-se development is kept to aminimum. By individually adjustingthe start position of each dischargesequence, higher filling rates

    (density of products) can beachieved in the after-sort accumu-lation areas. It is even possible toseparate heavy items from light-weight (fragile) ones within thesame output selection. Beltingmaterials and surface texturescan be formulated to the specificproduct requirements.

    Thanks to the extensive use ofproven technologies and reliablecomponents the BEUMER Belt TraySorter provides high reliability witha cost of maintenance that can be80% less than that of conventionalcrossbelt sorters.The unique contact less energysupply system keeps operatingcosts at a minimum and themodular design concept means

    that systems can be configured toideally suit your building spacewithout having to compromise onsystem performance.

    Tomorrow's sorting and distri-bution tasks require precise, ex-perienced attention to mechanicaldesign and system implementation.BEUMER is prepared to act glob-

    ally with our well-balanced range ofproducts, our world-wide presenceand an established tradition ofexcellence and integrity that ispassed on from one generation ofworkers to the next.

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter

    DriveThe linear induction motors (LIM)which propel the sorter have nomoving parts. Low noise levels areassured. Force components whichnormally impose additional wear onthe carriage rollers are canceled bythe double-sided vertically pos-

    itioned drives. Power loss and theneed for frequent adjustments thatare typical for single-coil, horizontalLIM-arrangements are avoided.


    In normal operation, decelerationand stopping is effected by a directcurrent dynamic brake. In additionand if required, one or more mech-anical brakes with adjustablebraking force can be mounted tothe frame.

    Safety CoversTop, side and bottom covers areof molded, synthetic material. Thelightweight covers are easily re-moved to allow maintenance accessto all areas of the sorting machine.

    Contactless Energy SupplyAn outstanding feature of theBEUMER Belt Tray Sorter is the un-paralleled system for contactlessenergy supply. In the past, electri-cal power has been transmitted toan active/traveling conductor bymaintaining a continuous connec-

    tion between the moving pick-updevice and a static passive supplyline, often called a busbar system.It is still used for electric overheadtrolleys and some conventionalcrossbelt sorters.

    Some alternative designs produceenergy as the carriage assembly ispushed by, equipping the supportrollers with a generator. The energy

    produced is stored on the movingunit by means of batteries.The transfer or production of elec-trical energy with moving contac-tors results in sparking. This is adisadvantage of all contact-line

    transmission systems. The powerpick-up device is a frequent wearpart, high maintenance costs forcontactor or battery systems arethe consequence. The actual aswell as environmental cost of bat-tery disposal should also be con-sidered.

    The BEUMER Belt Tray Sorteravoids these addit ional labor, envi-ronmental and material costs bytransferring energy from an ener-gi-zed cable to the traveling conduc-tor through the air. By convertingelectrical power, everywhere avail-able in industrial plants, into a me-

    dium frequency current, theelectrical energy can be transmit-ted from the static power supplyto the flying transformer over an airgap of approximately 20 milli-meters (3/4 inch) or thumb


    (IR)-data transmitter

    Flying transformerTraveling controller and

    MF/DC converter

    DC motor

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    Due to the selected frequency ofthe current, a very high transmis-sion efficiency of 98 % is realized.At the belt tray, the transmitted me-dium frequency current ischanged to DC power by the MF /DC converter. This converter isequipped with an intelligent power

    output to control the DC motor ofthe Belt Tray.

    Contactless Data Transmission

    Stationary infrared (IR)-data trans-mitters are located along the

    sorter loop, generally where thebelt tray performs actions like load-ing or discharging. The (IR)-datatransmitter sends control com-mands for each sort item, specify-ing the individual handling charac-teristics like footprint, shape orweight.Each belt tray is equipped with acontrol unit. The control unit comp-rises an infrared (IR)-data transcei-ver and a microprocessor. The con-trol unit processes the control com-

    mands captured by the (IR)-datatransceiver and adjusts accelerati-on, deceleration and speed of thebelt tray through the MF / DC con-verter and belt tray motor. The con-trol unit monitors the status of eachbelt tray as well.

    A stationary belt tray check modu-le, equipped with infrared (IR)-datatransceiver and microprocessor isinstalled strategically, for instance

    shortly before the induction group,at the sorter loop. This module re-ceives function and status reportsfrom each belt trays control unit forfurther processing.

    BEUMER Sorter Control (BESC)The control of all machine-relevantfunctions relies on a sturdy, off-the-shelf, programmable logic control-ler (PLC). This real-time system,service supported worldwide, exe-cutes control commands for all themechanical elements of the sorterand its periphery such as productinduction conveyors, code readingdevices (scanners) and the outputs.It also processes the signals fromall sensors and status monitoringunits of the Sorter.The BESC system comprises de-centralized input/output (I/O) devi-ces, communicating by means of a

    standard PROFI-/ASI-bus localarea network (LAN).

    Belt Tray Sorter control configuration

    PC-based supervisoryand visualisation system


    (IR)-data t ransmitter

    Sensor network




    Fieldbus network

    Customer LAN






  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter

    100% controlled discharge allows

    space-saving diverts

    Fragile articles

    Unstable products

    BEUMER System Server (BESS)

    The BESS is a PC-based Windows

    NT server, attending to the upperlevel control of the sorting process.Its major tasks are to: communicate, if required, with a

    management data acquisitioncomputer, often called HOST,over a multitude of available net-work standards and protocols.

    provide the human-machine-interface (HMI) by means ofmenu driven color graphic dis-

    plays and easy to use keyboard,securely protected by a multi-level password system. The op-erator interface may be furtherenhanced by adding a hardenedindustrial grade computer mouse,touchpanel screens or other inputdevices.

    provide extensive data loggingtools for statistics, maintenanceand error corrections.

    transmit data files to the HOST

    for further detailed processing,also with standard office soft-ware.

    serve as the sort allocation com-

    puter (SAC) for the BESC over

    the local area network. A hugeamount of freely selectable sor-ting tables can be downloaded,edited and stored on the BESS.

    ensure historical archive of sys-tem operations for reportingintegrity in the event of commu-nication interruptions with theHOST.

    Merits of the

    BEUMER Belt Tray SorterAs with all products in theBEUMER family of sorting equip-ment, the discharge sequence ofthe BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter is100% controlled, safeguarding thegentle handling of products withthe minimal affect of gravity. Thedirected, horizontal discharge pathwith the assisted power of the belttray makes it possible to use

    smaller, closely stacked destina-

    tions allowing significant spacesavings. As the discharge se-quence is initiated without external

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter



    These and many other industriescan benefit from the high-speedbut gentle sortation of theirproducts through the distributionchain.

    The BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter withcontactless energy supply sortsitems safely and gently to the rightdestination, irrespective of size,shape or surface characteristics ofthe product handled. As with allmodels in the BEUMER family offine sorting machines, the Belt TraySorter is engineered in modules:

    Belt TrayThe operating principle for the BeltTray Sorter is a series of reversingbelt conveyors which operateperpendicular to the sorter direc-tion of travel. To induct a product,

    the specific crossbelt is activated.The item is transferred at a con-trolled velocity. The oppositeprocess is effected during thedischarge. The belt is activated inthe direction of the discharge and

    the product is smoothly transferredto the destination.

    The BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter has50% fewer components than othercrossbelt sorters. The gaps bet-ween pulleys and adjacent belttrays are minimized. Product dam-

    age, jams and system downtimesare significantly reduced by thisunique belt tray design.Each belt tray is driven by a stand-ard DC-motor. The required energyis supplied by a traveling-medium

    frequency to direct current conver-ter (MF / DC converter).

    BEUMER has designed beltconveyors since its foundation in1935. During the design phasequantities and types of mechanicalcomponents are kept to a mini-mum.

    Frame and TrackThe frame profiles with integratedtrack rails are extruded from ano-dized aluminum. Safety covers,photocells and other components

    are attached conveniently at anyposition along the frame.

    CarriageMaintenance-free carriages made

    of die-cast aluminum are assem-bled to form a continuous, closedloop. Support and guide rollers arepolyurethane with integral, shieldedbearings, lifetime lubricated. Thecarriages are connected by high-strength bolts and universal-type

    joints for simple assembly anddisassembly.

    Same level discharge pattern

    Modular design with field-proven components

  • 8/8/2019 BEUMER Belt Tray Sorter






    Conventional and closed belt conveyor systems

    Overland conveyors also in curved design

    High capacity belt and chain bucket elevators

    Apron conveyor systems with chains or steel cable

    reinforced belts as traction element

    Bag handling systems for packing plants

    Screw conveyors in various designs


    Plants for loading of bulk or bagged materialonto trucks, into railroad vehicles and ships

    Semiautomatic railcar unloading machines

    Automatic bag loading systems for trucks and containers


    Palletizing robots

    Automatic high capacity palletizers

    Automatic depalletizers

    Pallet conveying systems

    PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY Stretch wrapping

    Shrink wrapping

    Stretch hood wrapping

    Palletless shrink wrapping


    Computer-controlled handling, sorting and distributingsystems for piece goods

    Routing controlled conveying of palletsand collected loads

    We reserve the right to make changes without notification.

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