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best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesAboutI am a first-year Masters student in Arts Administration at the University of Oregon. For this project, I looked at six music venues in Eugene, Oregon. I framed attributes of the venues in the larger context of an audience members live music experience and a venues potential contribution to this experience. I also conducted an informal survey about what made respondents favorite concerts so special. Additionally, I looked at models that increase or subvert traditional modes of participation at a live concert. Finally, I drew some conclusions concerning how a venue might increase or retain their audience base by bearing some of these considerations in mind.


best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesEugene VenuesEugene and its surrounding area is blessed with having many options for seeing live music. The venues I chose to profile for this project are: Luckeys, WOW Hall, Cuthbert Amphitheatre, McDonald Theatre, Hult Center for the Performing Arts, and Cozmic Pizza. I chose these because of their variety in programming, demographic served, size, and building type. I also chose them based on their popularity; as a new resident of Eugene, I have heard more buzz about shows at these venues than many others found in the Venue Guide. My objective was to investigateaudience engagement in these six select venues by gathering and analyzing staff perspectives and making my own personal observations, when possible.Eugene VenuesCozmicHult CenterKesey EnterprisesLuckeysWOW Hall

best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesBest Shows EverI solicited feedback from friends and family on facebook and via email about their favorite concert experiences. I asked them to consider what factors influenced the experience, paying special attention what effect, if any, the venue had.

Survey Roundup:

15 self-selected respondentsvenues ranged widely in capacity from 30 people (backyard) to 23,000 (coliseum)wide variety in musical genres represented: psychedelic rock, r and b, opera, classical, bluegrass, indie rock, pop, folk, and electronic.

The common thread that I extracted from the fifteen respondents accounts of their favorite concert wasconnection. A sense of intimacy was crucial whether the venue was large or small, and could have been fostered by the artist, venue, audience members, or most often, a combination of all three.Best Shows Ever

best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesReferencesArticles Referenced:

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best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesCozmicI attended a performance at Cozmic on November 17th, 2012. Celebrate Africa was an all-day event, its programming taking place at both Cozmic and the University of Oregon. At Cozmic, events included a marimba class, live music and dance performances, and a Fair Trade Goods Sale, where local nonprofits with connections to Africa sold their wares. This was more of a festival than a concert, and by its very nature required the direct engagement of audience. The event was well attended; at about 8 pm I would estimate approximately 150 attendees. I saw two bands during the evening: Denbaya Drum and Dance and The Solutions. Throughout both performances, I saw many patrons dance and commune with friends. It was the most demonstrated sense of community Ive seen at any event Ive attended in Eugene in the short time Ive lived here.CozmicCozmicHult CenterKesey EnterprisesLuckeysWOW Hall

best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesCozmicHult CenterKesey EnterprisesLuckeysWOW Hall

Hult CenterThe Hult, as it is known around Eugene, houses two seating-only theaters: the larger Silva Concert Hall (capacity 2455) and the smaller Soreng Theater (capacity 498). The Hult opened in 1982 and today hosts more than 700 events and activities per year. The Soreng and Silva are home to performances by the Hults six resident companies: Eugene Ballet Company, Eugene Concert Choir, Eugene Opera, Eugene Symphony, Oregon Bach Festival, and The Shedd Institute. Indeed, during the month of December 2012, 23 of the 27 total performances were courtesy of one of the resident companies. Eugenes dance and classical music groups performances are the Hults bread and butter, but upcoming performances at the Silva and Soreng also include acts like comedian Robin Williams, Broadway musical Rock of Ages, and the Monterey Jazz Festival Tour. Artists such as Ray Charles and Clay Aiken have performed at the Hult, but the venue seems to have moved away from booking large musical acts such as these in recent years.

Hult Center

best show everHomeEugene VenuesBest Shows EverTransmediations AnalysisReferencesCozmicHult CenterKesey EnterprisesLuckeysWOW Hall

WOW HallI attended an hour-long volunteer orientation at the venue on November 14th, and put my new skills to use at as Box Office Assistant (aka wrist stamper) at a concert on November 20th. Lost Lander, Laura Gibson, and Typhoon played. The capacity of WOW is 299 occupants (plus another 60 in the basement bar), and on the night that I attended, I would estimate approximately 200 attendees. I observed that the guest list was enormous as I stamped wrists. There were the requisite guests of the evenings performing acts as well as press guests, but most of the comps were volunteer or staff. At WOW Hall, volunteers get into the whole night for free if they complete a three-hour show shift that evening. I would surmise that volunteer attendees feel more engaged or invested in the shows they attend than the average attendee, because they have a deeper commitment to, and understanding of, what it takes to put on a show at the venue. WOW Hall