Fourth Year Drama Production 2018-2019 Season Queens Red Speedo Mother Courage and Her Children Martyna Majok Lucas Hnath Bertolt Brecht English Version by Eric Bentley

Bertolt Brecht Mother Courage and Her ChildrenBertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, directed by Richard Hamburger, a depiction of the cost of war that still resonates

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Fourth Year Drama Production2018-2019 Season


Red Speedo

Mother Courage and Her Children

Martyna Majok

Lucas Hnath

Bertolt Brecht

English Version by Eric Bentley


A Message From Evan Yionoulis:

Welcome to Juilliard Drama Division’s Fourth Year Repertory. We are excited to share with you the work of our actors as they, in their final year at Juilliard, call on all aspects of their training, their passion and conviction, to bring to life a diverse roster of plays, working under the direction of exciting professional directors, and in worlds created by extraordinary teams of designers.

This year’s repertory features three productions:

Queens, by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwriting alumna Martyna Majok, and directed by Tyne Rafaeli, which depicts the lives of two generations of immigrant women and the price of starting over;

Lucas Hnath’s Red Speedo, directed by Zi Alikhan, which examines two brothers’ quests to secure the American Dream, even if it means risking everything; and

Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, directed by Richard Hamburger, a depiction of the cost of war that still resonates powerfully today, 80 years after it was written.

We hope that you have had the chance to see several of the productions that Group 48 is sharing with our community this year. We look forward to seeing you back in the theater in the spring for Shakespeare’s As You Like It, directed by Ian Belknap, and The Tempest, directed by Jenny Koons, both featuring our third year actors.

Evan YionoulisRichard Rodgers Director of the Drama Division Fa


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The Juilliard Schoolpresents

Fourth Year (Group 48) Performance ProjectsFebruary 15–24, 2019 Stephanie P. McClelland Drama Theater

Martyna Majok


Lucas Hnath

Red Speedo

Bertolt Brecht

Mother Courage and Her ChildrenEnglish Version by Eric Bentley

Friday, February 15 at 7:30pmTuesday, February 19 at 7:30pmFriday, February 22 at 7:30pmSaturday, February 23 at 2pm

Saturday, February 16 at 7:30pmWednesday, February 20 8pmThursday, February 21 at 7:30pmSunday, February 24 at 8pm

Sunday, February 17 at 7pmWednesday, February 20 at 2pmSaturday, February 23 at 8pmSunday, February 24 at 2pm

The three plays of the Fourth Year Repertory Season are rehearsed simultaneously and performed in rep as our actors reach the culmination of their training and prepare to enter the profession. These fully-mounted productions allow our actors to explore vital stories that speak to the concerns of the times, to apply all aspects of their training to the creation of character, and, finally, to share the work with you, the audience.

These productions use the artist engagement services of the University Resident Theatre Association, Inc.

The Drama Division’s 2018-2019 season is supported in part by a generous grant from The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.

Please make certain that all electronic devices are turned off during the performance. The taking of photographs and the use of recording equipment are not permitted in this auditorium.


Group 48

The Company of Actors in their fourth year of training in the Juilliard Drama Division

Anthony Bowden

Naples, Florida

Hannah Rose Caton

London, England

Brandon Mendez Homer

Boston, Massachusetts

Lorenzo Jackson

Sayreville, New Jersey

Henry Jenkinson

Oxford, England

Jayme Lawson

Washington, D.C.

Nate Mann

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Julia McDermott

Manhattan Beach, California

Keshav Moodliar

New Delhi, India


Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Regina De Vera

Quezon City, Philippines

Suzannah Herschkowitz

New York, New York

Ramzi Khalaf

Beirut, Lebanon

Juliette Kenn de Balinthazy

New York, New York

Tracie Lane

Houston, Texas

David Rosenberg

Miami, Florida

Sebastian Roy

San Salvador, El Salvador

Maggie Walters

Ontario, Canada

Anya Whelan-Smith

Newton, Massachusetts

Photos © 2018 Gregory Constanzo


QueensBy Martyna MajokDirected by Tyne Rafaeli

Scenic Design: Narelle SissonsCostume Design: Andrea HoodLighting Design: Dan ScullySound Design: Fabian Obispo

Production Stage Manager: Sarah E.T. Jackson †

CastInna/Eva Julia McDermottRenia Suzannah HerschkowitzPelagia/Dragana Tracie LaneAamani/Yara Hannah Rose CatonIsabela/Glenys Juliette Kenn de BalinthazyAgata Angelina Impellizzeri**Lera/Joan Maggie Walters

SettingVarious parts of the world, 2001-present day (non-linearly).Primarily, one night in a basement apartment in Queens, N.Y., in June, present day.

Queens will be performed with a 15-minute intermission.

Staff for Queens

Associate ProducerJames Gregg

Dialect CoachJerome Butler

Alexander Technique CoachCarolyn Serota

Fight DirectorMichael Chin

Assistant Stage ManagerRayne O’Bryant*

Associate Scenic DesignerJoshua Smith

Assistant Costume DesignerTiffany Chen*

Associate Lighting DesignerValerie Insardi

Assistant Sound DesignerChris Schardin

Assistant Fight DirectorNancy Cantine

Director, Professional Apprentice ProgramHelen Taynton

† Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association* Member, Professional Apprentice Program** Alumnus of the Drama Division; appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association


Red SpeedoBy Lucas HnathDirected by Zi Alikhan

Scenic Design: Narelle SissonsCostume Design: David HymanLighting Design: Dan ScullySound Design: Fabian ObispoChoreographer: Mayte Natalio

Production Stage Manager: Cristina Sison

CastRay Keshav MoodliarPeter Ramzi KhalafLydia Jayme LawsonCoach Brandon Mendez Homer

SettingIn a natatorium, 2012. One month before the Summer Olympics.

Red Speedo will be performed without an intermission.

Staff for Red Speedo

Associate ProducerJames Gregg

Voice CoachAndrew Wade

Alexander Technique CoachErin O’Leary

Fight DirectorMark Olsen

Stage ManagerJenise Catrone*

Assistant DirectorHenry Nettleton

Associate Scenic DesignerJoshua Smith

Assistant Costume DesignerMcKenna Duffy*

Associate Lighting DesignerValerie Insardi

Assistant Sound DesignerChris Schardin

Assistant Fight DirectorBrandon Mendez Homer

Director, Professional Apprentice ProgramHelen Taynton

* Member, Professional Apprentice Program


Mother Courage and Her ChildrenBy Bertolt BrechtEnglish Version by Eric BentleyMusic by Paul DessauDirected by Richard HamburgerMusical Direction/Additional Music and Orchestration by Matthew Liu

Scenic Design: Narelle SissonsCostume Design: Grier ColemanLighting Design: Dan ScullySound Design: Fabian Obispo

Dramaturg: Melissa Cooper

Production Stage Manager: Iván Dario Cano †

CastEilif, Mother Courage's son Anthony BowdenProtestant Chaplain Darryl Gene Daughtry Jr.Mother Courage Regina De VeraCook Lorenzo JacksonSwiss Cheese, Mother Courage's son/ Henry Jenkinson Peasant Sergeant/Yvette's Colonel/Soldiers Nate Mann of Various Armies Yvette Pottier/Peasant Woman Libby McKnight**Recruiting Officer/Ordnance Officer/ David Rosenberg One Eye/Soldiers of Various ArmiesCommander/Sergeant/Regimental Clerk/ Sebastian Roy LieutenantKattrin, Mother Courage's daughter Anya Whelan-Smith

Musicians: Matthew Liu, Piano; Jacob Borden, Percussion

Setting1624–32, during the Thirty Years War which raged over the continent of Europe. And today.

Mother Courage, a canteen woman, follows the war across Europe and back again, selling goods to whichever army will buy.

Mother Courage and Her Children will be performed with a 15-minute intermission.

Special thanks to Moni Yakim and Thomas Cabaniss


Staff for Mother Courage and Her Children

Associate ProducerJames Gregg

Dialect CoachDeborah Hecht

Alexander Technique CoachCharlotte Okie

Fight DirectorMichael G. Chin

Stage ManagersJenny Barretto*, Emily Tang*

Associate Scenic DesignerJoshua Smith

Assistant Costume DesignerRobin Piatt Stegman*

Associate Lighting DesignerValerie Insardi

Assistant Sound DesignerChris Schardin

Props Run CrewMelia Beschta

Assistant Fight DirectorNancy Cantine

Director, Professional Apprentice ProgramHelen Taynton

† Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association* Member, Professional Apprentice Program** Alumnus of the Drama Division; appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

And I always thought: the very simplest wordsMust be enough. When I say what things are likeEveryone's heart must be torn to shreds.That you'll go down if you don't stand up for yourselfSurely you see that.

— Bertolt Brecht


The John Houseman Prize

Drama Council

20th Century Fox Film

Established by Joan Houseman in the spring of 1994 to honor the memory of the Juilliard Drama Division’s founding director, The John Houseman Prize, in the form of a living-expense stipend, is awarded annually to acting students at the end of the third year of training who have demonstrated exceptional ability in classical theater. Selected by the Drama Division faculty, the prizewinner for the 2018–19 academic year is Anthony Bowden.

Sharon Ruwart, Chair

Margot Adams Cynthia Bayles Barbara File Barbara Fleischman Boyd Gaines

Margot Harley Suzanne KovnerSahra T. LeseLaura L. LinneyStephanie P. McClelland

Dianne R. MorrisonJohn PhilpitAlice ScovellJohn Yarmick


Drama Division Faculty, Staff, and Guest Artists

Evan Yionoulis, Richard Rodgers DirectorRichard Feldman, Associate Director Katherine Hood, Managing Director

Lindsey Alexander, Assistant to the DirectorZi Alikhan, DirectorIan Belknap, DirectorElana Bell, PoetryElena Berger, Guest Teaching ArtistJessica Blank, Graduate SeminarJerome Butler, Voice AdjunctChristine Caleo, Alexander Technique AdjunctAnne Cattaneo, Dramaturgy and ContextAmy Christopher, Guest Teaching ArtistSarah Cimino, Stage MakeupAlex Correia, DirectorMarcia DeBonis, Guest Teaching ArtistMichelle DiBucci, Music StudiesSteven Dougherty, Ballroom DancingJack Doulin, Guest Teaching ArtistEstefanía Fadul, DirectorSusan Finch, Voice AdjunctDavid Gaines, Musical Vocal CoachBrittany Giles-Jones, Assistant Managing DirectorJames Gregg, Production Activities ManagerRebecca Guy, Director/Scene StudyLisaGay Hamilton, DirectorLiz Hayes, Voice AdjunctDeborah Hecht, VoiceDennis Hilton-Reid, DirectorRené Houtrides, Graduate SeminarCandis Jones, DirectorMichael Kahn, Director EmeritusClaire Karpen, DirectorKati Koerner, Graduate SeminarShana Komitee, Graduate Seminar/DramaturgJenny Koons, DirectorBob Krakower, Guest Teaching ArtistDeborah Lapidus, SingingSarna Lapine, DirectorEllen Lauren, Suzuki MethodDavid Lindsay-Abaire, Co-Director, Playwrights ProgramJenny Lord, Director/Graduate SeminarKathleen McNenny, Director/Masks/ Audition Workshop

Budi Miller, Guest Teaching ArtistKym Moore, Guest Teaching ArtistMarsha Norman, Co-Director, Playwrights ProgramEllen Novack, Guest Teaching ArtistErin O’Leary, Alexander Technique AdjunctBrian O’Neil, Guest Teaching ArtistCharlotte Okie, Alexander TechniqueRoger Oliver, Dramaturgy and ContextMark Olsen, MovementOrlando Pabotoy, Director/Physical ComedyJesse Perez, Director/PlayMarci Phillips, Guest Teaching ArtistDarryl Quinton, MovementTyne Rafaeli, DirectorMary Robinson, DirectorCarol Rocamora, Guest Teaching ArtistMichael Rudko, Guest Teaching ArtistDawn Saito, Guest Teaching ArtistCarolyn Serota, Alexander TechniqueJerry Shafnisky, Operations ManagerMichele Shay, Guest Teaching ArtistMeg Simon, Guest Teaching ArtistCristina Sison, Stage ManagementElizabeth Smith, Voice/Scene StudyKaitlin Springston, Scheduling CoordinatorDaniel Swee, Guest Teaching ArtistAdam Szymkowicz, Literary ManagerDanya Taymor, DirectorBernie Telsey, Guest Teaching ArtistGaven Trinidad, Administrative ApprenticeAndrew Wade, Voice AdjunctWendy Waterman, VoiceHeather Weiss, Stage ManagementSarah Wells, Special Events CoordinatorBeth Whitaker, Graduate SeminarWhitney White, DirectorAdrienne Williams, DirectorKate Wilson, VoiceMoni Yakim, MovementStephanie Ybarra, Graduate SeminarJanet Zarish, Director


Juilliard Production Department

Kent McKay, Associate Vice President for ProductionJean Berek, Business and Operations ManagerThom Widmann, Production ManagerDavid Strobbe, Production ManagerPhil Gutierrez, Associate Production ManagerSallyann Turnbull, Production Office Administrator

Costume Shop Supervisor

Luke Simcock

Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor

Nicola Gardiner

Costume Shop Office Manager

Edda Baruch

Wardrobe Supervisor

Márion Talán

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor

Amelia Dent

Design Coordinator

Audrey Nauman

Head Draper

Barbara Brust


Kimberly BuetzowTomoko Naka

First Hands

Naoko ArcariKatie MilesFaye Richards

Costume Shop Staff

Tiffany Chen*McKenna Duffy* Phoebe Miller* Robin Piatt Stegman*


Genevieve BellerLauren GastonKyle PearsonMegan QuarlesSharne van Ryneveld

Crafts Artisan

Victoria Bek

Wardrobe Crew

Amanda BouzaRebecca ChristianAmelia DentDeirdre MorganMolly Shimko

Wigs and Makeup Shop Supervisor

Sarah Cimino

Wigs and Hair Supervisor

Troy Beard

Wigs and Makeup Staff

Alyssa Johnson*Austen Marroquin*

Wigs and Makeup Run Crew

Sara Donovan

Electrics Shop Supervisor

Jennifer Linn Wilcox

Assistant Electrics Shop Supervisor

Joel Turnham

Master Electrician, Stephanie P. McClelland Drama Theater

Tercio Bretas

Assistant Master Electrician

Chloe Brush*

Staff Electrician

Eleanor Smith


Taylor Lilly*Elizabeth Schweitzer*

Light Board Operator

Kenzie CarpenterCassie Klepzig

Audio Supervisor

Marc Waithe

Audio Technician

Christopher Schardin

Properties Shop Supervisor

Kate Dale

Assistant Properties Shop Supervisor

Josh Hackett

Stock Manager/Artisan

Jessica Nelson

Properties Carpenter/Artisan

Ashley Lawler

Properties Artisans

Andrew Carney* Ally Combs Katie McGeorge Rachel Wier*

Technical Director

Richard Girtain

Associate Technical Director

Justin Elie

Stage Supervisor

Byron Hunt

Assistant Stage Supervisors

Colly CarverJessica Sloan Hunter

Scene Shop Manager

Josh Sturman

Lead Carpenters

Aaron MartinKeegan Wilson


Nate AngrickJill SalisburyJohn Simone

Technical Direction Apprentice

Reed Neal*

Run Crew

Melia BeschtaSamuel FloydSamantha McCann

Scenic Charge Artist

Jenny Stanjeski

Assistant Scenic Charge Artist

David Blaakman

Scenic Artists

Jacob Caire*Delia Revard*

* Member, Professional Apprentice Program


Suzannah Herschkowitz and Henry Jenkinson at the design presentation for the fourth year rep

Photo: Jonathan Tichler

Fourth year actors Julia McDermott, Juliette Kenn de Balinthazy, and Suzannah Herschkowitz in a table-read for Queens

Photo: Claudio Papapietro



Damian Woetzel, President

Office of the PresidentJacqueline Schmidt, Vice President and Chief of StaffKathryn Kozlark, Special Projects Producer

Office of the Provost and DeanAra Guzelimian, Provost and DeanJosé García-León, Dean of Academic Affairs and Assessment

Dance DivisionAlicia Graf Mack, DirectorTaryn Kaschock Russell, Associate Director Katie Friis, Administrative Director

Drama DivisionEvan Yionoulis, Richard Rodgers DirectorRichard Feldman, Associate Director Katherine Hood, Managing Director

Music DivisionAdam Meyer, Director, Music Division, and Deputy Dean of the

CollegeBärli Nugent, Assistant Dean, Director of Chamber MusicJoseph Soucy, Assistant Dean for Orchestral StudiesMario Igrec, Chief Piano TechnicianJoanna K. Trebelhorn, Director of Orchestral and Ensemble Operations

Historical PerformanceRobert Mealy, DirectorBenjamin D. Sosland, Administrative Director; Assistant Dean for

the Kovner Fellowships

JazzWynton Marsalis, Director of Juilliard JazzAaron Flagg, Chair and Associate Director

Ellen and James S. Marcus Institute for Vocal ArtsBrian Zeger, Artistic DirectorKirstin Ek, Director of Curriculum and SchedulesMonica Thakkar, Director of Performance Activities

Lila Acheson Wallace Library and Doctoral Fellows ProgramJane Gottlieb, Vice President for Library and Information Resources;

Director of the C.V. Starr Doctoral Fellows ProgramJeni Dahmus Farah, Director, Archives Alan Klein, Director of Library Technical Services

Pre-College DivisionYoheved Kaplinsky, Artistic DirectorEkaterina Lawson, Director of Admissions and Academic AffairsAnna Royzman, Director of Performance Activities

Evening DivisionDanielle La Senna, Director

Enrollment Management and Student DevelopmentJoan D. Warren, Vice PresidentKathleen Tesar, Associate Dean for Enrollment ManagementBarrett Hipes, Associate Dean for Student DevelopmentSabrina Tanbara, Assistant Dean of Student AffairsCory Owen, Assistant Dean for International Advisement and Diversity

InitiativesWilliam Buse, Director of Counseling ServicesKatherine Gertson, RegistrarTina Gonzalez, Director of Financial AidTeresa McKinney, Director of Community EngagementCamille Pajor, Title IX CoordinatorTodd Porter, Director of Residence LifeHoward Rosenberg MD, Medical DirectorBeth Techow, Administrative Director of Health and Counseling Services

DevelopmentAlexandra Wheeler, Vice President and Chief Advancement OfficerStephanie Gatton, Acting Director of Special EventsKatie Murtha, Director of Major GiftsLori Padua, Director of Planned GivingEd Piniazek, Director of Development OperationsEdward Sien, Director of Foundation and Corporate RelationsRebecca Vaccarelli, Director of Alumni Relations

Public AffairsMaggie Berndt, Acting Director of Public AffairsBenedict Campbell, Website DirectorThiago Eichner, Design DirectorJessica Epps, Marketing DirectorSusan Jackson, Editorial Director

Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Corporate SecretaryLesley Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer and Corporate SecretaryChristine Todd, Vice President and CFOCameron Christensen, Associate Vice President, Facilities ManagementKent McKay, Associate Vice President for ProductionBetsie Becker, Managing Director of K-12 ProgramsMichael Kerstan, ControllerIrina Shteyn, Director of Financial Planning and AnalysisNicholas Mazzurco, Director of Student Accounts/BursarNicholas Saunders, Director of Concert OperationsTina Matin, Director of MerchandisingKevin Boutote, Director of Recording

Administration and LawMaurice F. Edelson, Vice President for Administration and General

CounselMyung Kang-Huneke, Deputy General CounselCarl Young, Chief Information OfficerSteve Doty, Chief Technology OfficerDmitriy Aminov, Director of IT EngineeringJeremy Pinquist, Director of Client Services, ITCaryn G. Doktor, Director of Human ResourcesAdam Gagan, Director of SecurityHelen Taynton, Director of Apprentice Program


Bruce Kovner, ChairJ. Christopher Kojima, Vice ChairKatheryn C. Patterson, Vice Chair

Julie Anne ChoiKent A. ClarkKenneth S. DavidsonBarbara G. FleischmanKeith R. GollustMary GrahamJoan W. HarrisMatt JacobsonEdward E. Johnson Jr.Karen M. LevyTeresa E. LindsayLaura LinneyMichael LoebVincent A. Mai

Ellen MarcusGreg MargoliesNancy A. MarksStephanie Palmer McClellandChristina McInerneyLester S. Morse Jr.Stephen A. NovickSusan W. RoseJeffrey SellerDeborah SimonSarah Billinghurst SolomonWilliam E. "Wes" Stricker, MDYael Taqqu


June Noble Larkin, Chair Emerita

Mary Ellin BarrettSidney R. Knafel


Mitchell Nelson, Chair

Michelle Demus AuerbachBarbara BrandtBrian J. HeidtkeGordon D. HendersonPeter L. KendYounghee Kim-WaitSophie Laffont Jean-Hugues Monier

Terry MorgenthalerHoward S. PaleyJohn G. PoppGrace E. RichardsonJeremy T. SmithAlexander I. TachmesAnita Volpe

Juilliard Board of Trustees and Administration

Elizabeth McCormack

Joseph W. Polisi, President Emeritus

Juilliard Scholarship Fund

Behind every Juilliard artist is all of Juilliard—including you.


to b

y C


io P




For more information please contact Tori Brand at (212) 799-5000, ext. 692, or [email protected]. Give online at giving.juilliard.edu/scholarship.

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