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Beowulf Characters. Part I. Odin Scyld Scefing. Sent from Odin to be king of the Danes. God of the Danes. OnelaHealfdene. Scyld Scefing’s grandson. King of the Swedes. HrothgarHeorogar. Healfdene’s son (Scyld Scefing’s great grandson ). Healfdene’s son - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Beowulf Characters

  • Beowulf CharactersPart I

  • Odin Scyld ScefingGod of the DanesSent from Odin to be king of the Danes

  • OnelaHealfdeneScyld Scefings grandsonKing of the Swedes

  • HrothgarHeorogarHealfdenes son(Scyld Scefings great grandson)Becomes king of the DanesHealfdenes son(Scyld Scefings great grandson)

  • HalgaCannot locate a picture of HalgaHe is the brother of Hrothgar and HeorogarGreat grandson of Scyld Scefing

  • HeorotThis is a PLACE not a personKing Hrothgar built this hall.

  • GrendelWealhtheowThe first monster Beowulf encountersHrothgars wifeQueen of the Danes

  • UnferthEcglafA Dane, but not a warriorAn evil characterUnferths father

  • HygelacBeowulfKing of the Geats(Beowulfs uncle and his king)A Geat warriorComes to the land of the Danes to fight Grendel

  • Prince Sigemund FitelaA prince. Huge and very strong. Popular because he uses his strength for good.Sigemunds nephew. Small, timorous & shy. He and Sigemund work together to defeat the dragon.

  • Beowulf CharactersPart II

  • Grendels MotherAeschereThe name says it allHrothgars best friend and most trusted advisor

  • Beowulf CharactersPart III

  • Queen Hygd HardredWife of King HygelacSon of King Hygelac. Becomes king as a baby when King Hygelac is killed.

  • Ohthere OnelaFather of Eanmund and EadgilsKing of the Swedes

  • Eanmund & EadgilsSwedes. Had a fight with their dad (Ohthere) and rebelled against their uncle King Onela and got kicked out of Sweden. Hardred gave them asylum in the land of the Geats.

  • Weohstan WiglafWiglafs fatherLoyal to Beowulf. Young, has not been in any battles. He fights the firedrake with Beowulf.