Ben Edwards Jamorama Review - Online Guitar Learning Course

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  • 1. There has been many learning guitar software, DVDs, e- books that promises so much and delivering so little. So many hypes have been generated by these so called"ultimate" learning kits that many consumers find of littleuse.

2. Now, another guitar learning program is out in the market that is called Jamorama. It was created by Ben Edwardsand is basically a guitar learning course that uses software,videos and games to help you learn guitar fast. 3. The program is best suited for beginners as well asintermediate guitar enthusiast out there. 4. Jamorama comes in an e-book format (.pdf) with supplemental audio and video files. The lessons aresupported with 400 audio files and 84 video files thatmakes learning guitar a breeze. 5. Also the program is well structured that progress in alogical manner, easily understandable by users. Thegraphical presentation is professional looking and easy torefer to. Explanation of each topic is clear and concise and to the point, less jargons making this program one of thebest. 6. Jamorama cost $39.95 with a 60 day money backguarantee. The offline access however makes someinconvenience when you try to click the links directly from the lessons. And since this product is more geared for beginners and intermediate, it doesnt have techniques inplaying lead. 7. However, the program shows the right and left hands thatwith practice will give students a solid foundation inplaying the instrument. For technical support, customerscan contact them through e-mail. 8. All in all, this product is a good to excellent buy and you can expect to get what it promises to deliver. 9.