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  • December 2015: 234x156: 208pp

    Hb: 978-1-138-79345-3 | 85.00Pb: 978-1-138-79346-0 | 29.99eBook: 978-1-315-76111-4

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    Becoming a SportsCoachEdited by James Wallis, University of Brighton, UK andJohn Lambert, University of Brighton, UK

    A coach is more than just somebody who leads in theorganisation and delivery of structured sport. A real coachgoes beyond leadership, employing an understanding ofpedagogy and theories of teaching and learning. This bookintroduces the multi-layered types of knowledge that anyaspiring coach must develop, and that any establishedcoach needs to master to improve their professionalpractice. It explores key themes in contemporary coachingstudies, such as humanistic coaching, inclusive practice,coaching for understanding, and the athlete-coachrelationship, and uses real case studies to illuminate theways transferrable across sports - in which coaches canemploy content knowledge.

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