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BEAUTY POINT BUZZ · PDF file 2019-11-19 · It was extremely interesting seeing how movies and music are made! Mr Mowday showed us a sneak preview of a new show coming out called

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  • From the Seven Habits Tree: Put First Things First


    Quote of the Week: Dear Parents and Carers This week at Beauty Point…… We are already into week 4 and the classes are in full swing with their programs providing exciting lessons around the school. Today as I took a new family on a tour there was a class planting corn, another class learning about how to make public speaking a world you can imagine and a third studying one of my favourite books The Cay by Theodore Taylor. Two lucky classes will visit the Zoo tomorrow to highlight their Science learning on The Living World.

    BEAUTY POINT BUZZ 17 Medusa Street, Mosman NSW 2088

    Telephone: 9969 4260 Fax: 9968 1210 ABN: 18 246 198 266

    Website: Email: [email protected]

    TERM 4 WEEK 4 6 November 2019

    A Quality School in a Picturesque and Caring Environment mailto:[email protected]

  • Our colourful festival mural by students and Bibi Barba Kindergarten enrolments If you have any friends or neighbours who are in our catchment please remind them that we would love them to come and enrol as we are currently planning staffing and classes for 2020. Huge thanks to our school community as you have let us know who is returning and we can plan for that too.

    Cooking at the festival

    Festival of Creativity I have included a few extracts from student responses and photos from this event. All student responses were exceptional in their ideas. I have never experienced anything quite like our Beauty Point Festival of Creativity and was impressed by the warmth and generosity of our community who gave up much time to inspire our students. Thank you! Student responses from 3/4R (I will add responses from other classes in the next newsletter) This festival developed our teamwork and taught us new skills…I wish we could have festival of creativity every week so we could go and learn in different workshops… Juliette I liked the comedy and drama workshop because we talked about what it would be like to be a director of a TV show or an actor which I partially want to be. We were filmed talking about

  • ourselves or an experience or a made up advertisement. I did a small video on how I can solve 3 rubiks cubes. Felix The highlight was the costume designing because it was enjoyable and fun glueing the fabrics on the paper and then cutting them out to make a shirt, a skirt, pants, shoes and accessories. It was also interesting listening to Coco Chanel’s (designer) backstory…I liked movie and music making a lot! It was extremely interesting seeing how movies and music are made! Mr Mowday showed us a sneak preview of a new show coming out called Pretzel and Pickle living in medieval times. I also liked making our own song… Lucia I learnt how to play the ukulele and do fashion design. The performance on the school stage was fun and looked really cool…Ella The highlights were Art class with Ms Duffield, costume designing with Lou and pottery with Miss P because all of it was fun. I loved creativity week and think we should do it again! Mirella I liked that we moved around to different classes and saw their movies and Art. I liked Friday as we got to do different things in classes and the hall. We did drama and a play. I also did digital music. Eden The highlights were basically everything I did. My favourite were cooking and robotics. I could work with my friends and could combine creations in robotics. Ryuto My favourite was when we made three films because I had never done anything like that before and it had such a good message. Holly

    Author talk at the Festival Illustrator talk at the Festival Festival Art Work Healthy faces with Mrs Duffield

  • Festival weaving with Mrs Facer Mr Stephens launching the festival films

    Mask making with Ms Mowday Hansel and Gretel

    Process drama – The Varmint Festival Robotics

  • Music Count Us In at Beauty Point PS 2019 Today our whole school participated in this event which involves singing a song composed by students together with public schools all around Australia. I can honestly say this is the best Music Count Us In which I have attended because of the spectacular and beautiful way the students sang. Thank you to our teachers Mrs Gregory, Ms Stevens, Mrs Coleman, Ms Weir, Ms Bentley and Ms Heath for increasing our musical opportunities in the school. Research has shown that Arts based education is a proven way to improve confidence, learning in all areas and mental health. Drama activities are being embedded by teachers in their units of work. Current research at Beauty Point PS has clearly demonstrated that Drama activities improve Writing, inferential comprehension and fluency in Reading. Classes 1ER, 2H and 2S and their teachers are working with actors from the Sydney Theatre Company over seven weeks this term and are focusing on improving English outcomes for their students while upskilling in this area. Hansel and Gretel and the Varmint Process Drama Last week all of our students watched Years Three and Four presenting two magnificent items. We are so proud of our students for the amazing theatrical and musical performances and the confidence they showed. Not to mention their excellent memories and timing. Well done Years 3 and 4, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Robertson for leading this. Year One at the Festival Special thanks to Ms Mynett, Ms Webster, Mr Robens and Ms Ewan for working with their wonderful students on singing with Mrs Coleman and drama with Amber for performances at the festival. STEM Showcase and Fair Please encourage your children to participate in the Science Fair led by Mr Johnston and Mr Robens. These teachers will mentor and assist any student who would like to participate. The school will buy resources for your child if there is a Science project they would like to do and are unable to access what they need. The Years 3 and 4 teachers and Mr Robens as leader will be attending the University of Sydney next Friday to present the project based learning of their students. We commend these teachers for creating such wonderful opportunities for their students. Punctuality Please ensure that your child attends school between nine o’clock and three o’clock each day. It is said that a student who attends only ninety percent of the time misses out on one year over their schooling. We know that there can be special circumstances but please adhere to these times on a regular basis. Many thanks, Janelle Warhurst



    Friday 8 Year 2 Band Readiness Program

    Friday 8 Stage 2 School Sport – T-Ball

    Friday 8 Stage 3 Surfing

    Monday 11 Selective High School Online Applications – Website Closes at 10pm

    Wednesday 13 Kindergarten Orientation – Sporting Activities with Yr 6 & Pickles Uniform in Hall

    Wednesday 13 Mosman High School Experience Year 5 excursion

    Friday 15 Year 2 Band Readiness Program

    Friday 15 Stage 2 School Sport – T-Ball

    Friday 15 Stage 3 Surfing

    Tuesday 19 Kindergarten Robotics Incursion

    Thursday 21 STEM fair 2019

    Thursday 21 Day of Disability at Mosman Council – Year 6

    Friday 22 Year 2 Band Readiness Program

    Friday 22 Stage 2 School Sport – T-Ball

    Friday 22 Stage 3 Surfing

    Tuesday 26 Kindergarten Robotics Incursion

    Tuesday 26 Band Pizza Day

    Friday 29 Year 2 Band Readiness Program

    Friday 29 Stage 2 School Sport – T-Ball

    Friday 29 Stage 3 Surfing


    Tuesday 3 Year 6 Graduation Dinner

    Wednesday 3 Kindergarten Robotics Incursion

    Friday 6 Stage 2 School Sport – T-Ball

    Friday 6 Stage 3 Surfing

    Tuesday 10 Annual School Concert @ Monte Sant Angelo

    Thursday 12 Whole School Presentation Day – In the School Hall

    Monday 16 End of Year Celebrations – Manly Surf n Slide Years 3-6

    Monday 16 End of Year Celebrations – Collaroy Cinema Years K-2

    Wednesday 18 Final Day of Term 4


    Wednesday 29 First Day of Term 1 - Students Return


    Tuesday 4 Swimming Carnival 2020 (Yrs2-6)

    Tuesday 4 First Day for Kindergarten 2020


    Award Student Name Roll Class Award Student Name Roll Class Gold Card Sofia, P KB Silver Card Emilia, C 3D Gold Card Hadi, A 1W Silver Card Bowie, L 3D Gold Card Zachary, L 1W Silver Card Kayla, L 3D Gold Card Max, P 3D Silver Card Stanislav, N 3D Gold Card Max, R P 3D Silver Card Leyla, O 3D Silver Card Vuk, B KB Silver Card Mackenzie, S 3D Silver Card Georgie, K KB Silver Card Sassy, T 3D Silver Card Sofia, P KB Silver Card Ellen, T 3D Silver Card Christopher, A KR Silver Card Jemima, H 4C Silver Card Timmie, A KR Silver C

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