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The Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon

A miniature battle

Persia Attacks

The Persian King Darius I commands to invade Athens, a Greek cityHe sends 25000 men and 600 ships to the bay of Marathon, just outside of AthensAthens would have fallen if not for Miltiades, a general from ThraceHe knew Persian tactics and how to defeat them



The Athenians sent a runner to Sparta for helpBut 8000 Athenians defended the bay

The waiting

For 10 days both sides waitedThe Athenian Generals were squabbling Also the Athenians did not have a plan yetThe runner came back to say that Sparta could not helpThe Spartans were observing a religious festival

All on their own

Miltiades took command and put his plan into orderThe Athenians charged down the hillThey hit the PersiansThe sheer numbers of the Persians pushed the Greeks back The Greeks weakened their center and strengthened their sidesThe valley let the sides push into the Persians thus routing them


The Persians ran back to their ships, with 6400 casualties while the Greeks had 192The same runner who ran to Sparta ran back to AthensHe announced the victory and dropped deadThe distance between Marathon and Athens is 26 miles this is about the distance of the Marathons todayThis was the first invasion of GreeceIn the next invasion, the Persians would have many more men and Greece would be in far more danger


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