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Basque Cooking Course & Food Journey exploring the Basque ... · PDF fileBasque cooking course & food journey exploring the Basque Country. ABOUT SAN SEBASTIAN FOOD The San Sebastian

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  • Basque Cooking Course & Food Journey exploring the Basque Country

    By San Sebastian Food 5th 12th October 2014

    Learn to Cook Like a Local And in the Basque Country, the locals are Michelin star clad! Our exclusive team of local expert chefs and culinary guides will use their professional skills in their Master classes as they teach you techniques, tips and traditional delights, and their insider savvy will transport you straight into the Basque gastronomic world. Eat, Sleep and Travel in Lavish Excellence Fly in comfort in one of San Sebastin Foods reserved seats on the one-time only New York to Vitoria direct flight, and find yourself luxuriously accommodated at the acclaimed 5 star Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastin. Arzaks 3 Michelin stars will host you for dinner and with our local expertise you will taste for yourself why the Basque culinary scene is among foodies favourites. Beginners to Experienced Cooks Welcome This full-week cooking experience is designed for both the experienced and the novice who love to cook and want to learn what Basque gastronomy and culture are all about. Be in the heart of Basque Cuisine All the cooking classes are held within a gastronomic society (txoko or elkartea in Basque), the traditional gathering place for culinary creation. We are privileged to take you backstage into the heart of the Basque Countrys traditional cooking world, where you will not only learn the keys of Basque cooking but unlock the culture of this amazing place through a unique food journey.

  • Basque cooking course & food journey exploring the Basque Country.

    ABOUT SAN SEBASTIAN FOOD The San Sebastian Food team are a pioneering tour de force introducing Basque culinary excellence to the wider international community. Much more than just food experts and regional wine, cheese and delicatessen connoisseurs they are widely respected and integrated into the regional gastronomic landscape, as their new location within the Maria Cristina Hotel reflects. This team of local professionals, well placed in the heart of culinary excellence will serve you the best of this lands cuisine, omitting not a detail of the Michelin star strewn territory. SATURDAY 4TH OCTOBER 17.05 hrs.: Special Flight from JFK New York to Foronda Vitoria Iberia and American Airlines are offering a one-off round trip flight between JFK and Vitoria airports this October 2014. The nine-hour overnight flight will take you directly to the capital of the Basque Autonomous region in northern Spain, without any hassles of layovers or lost luggage. Our team will meet you at the airport and take you to your luxury accommodation at the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastin. SUNDAY 5TH OCTOBER 6.20 hrs.: Arrival at Vitoria airport and transfer to the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastian. Free afternoon.

    18.30-21.30 hrs.: Pintxo Hunting Pintxos (Basque tapas) abound in San Sebastin's famed Parte Vieja, and while its hard to have a bad meal in town, knowing exactly where to go for the best, freshest and most exciting pintxos takes local insider knowledge. Our Basque guides are here to help, taking you to the culinary heart of the city. From fresh prawns and wild-caught squid to succulent veal and pork tenderloin, the pintxo hunt changes nightly and always features a mix of bites from classical traditional haunts to chic nouveau Basque bars. Come thirsty, too, as well be pairing each pintxo with the perfect pour from cider to beer to local white and red wines. Our Pintxo Hunt comes highly recommended by Conde Nast Traveller, Easy Jet, Financial Times and many others including Stylist Magazine who says, "Theres no better overview of the citys food scene."

    Saturday 4th Embark on the inaugural JFKVitoria flight (optional)

    Sunday 5th Transfer from Vitoria to San Sebastian | Pintxo Hunting

    Monday 6th Pintxo Cooking Masterclass | Cider House Visit

    Tuesday 7th Seafood & Fish Cooking Masterclass | Wine Tasting

    Wednesday 8th Visit Local Market and Basque Farmhouse | Ham Carving Masterclass

    Thursday 9th Tour Getaria | Vineyards and Farms | Wine Pairing Masterclass

    Friday 10th MasterChef Competition | Dinner at Arzak

    Saturday 11 th Trip to Bilbao (or Free Day)

    Sunday 12th Depart from Vitoria or other local airports

    Theres no better overview of the

    citys food scene". - Stylist Magazine


    OVERVIEW ITINERARY | 7 nights | 4th 12th October

  • Basque cooking course & food journey exploring

    the Basque Country.

    MONDAY 6TH OCTOBER 10.00-14.00 hrs.: Pintxo Cooking Masterclass This is one of our most popular classes, designed to arm home cooks with a solid foundation in the art of pintxo making. The painstaking preparation and construction is demystified and made easy and fun with our team of SSF Basque chefs. You will prepare pintxos from the traditional classics to the uber modern genre, and share them around with your classmates, enjoying the results of your newly acquired Basque pintxo cooking skills. And of course, every great pintxo calls for a great wine! Free afternoon. 20.30-23.30 hrs.: Cider-house experience The good times never end in a Basque Cider House, promising a dinner experience unlike any other. The traditional 5-course sidreria menu includes chorizo cooked in cider, a Spanish omelette of bacalao cod with sweet peppers and onions, grilled txuleta (T-bone steak), and Idiazabal cheese with walnuts and membrillo. And when someone shouts the word Txotx! its time to grab your glass and line up with the locals to catch cider streaming across the room from massive 20,000 litre barrels. Perfecting how to catch a pour may take you a few tries, but you can have as many glasses as you can handle! Ask any Basque about dining at a sidreria and theyll roar with laughter, lick their lips and pat their belly!

    TUESDAY 7TH OCTOBER 10.00-15.00 hrs.: Seafood & Fish Cooking Class From filleting fish to assembling emblematic dishes of the region, this hands-on class focuses on culinary techniques for seasonal fish and seafood. To find the highest quality produce, you will visit a La Bretxa market in the centre of San Sebastin with some of the best green grocers, butchers and fishmongers in the world. And the class is followed by a fantastic gourmet lunch with fine wines. 19.00-20.30hrs.: Tasting with the winemaker The Spanish wine scene has never been more exciting, and this is a great opportunity to find out what's going on around Spain, without leaving San Sebastin. Ask as many questions as you like, or just sit back and enjoy the 8 different wines, served in Riedel glasses, accompanied with tasting notes, Andrew's mini-guide to each wine region, breadsticks and mineral water.

    Our wine expert Andrew Halliwell has made wine across Spain and on 5 continents and

    brings this wealth of experience and above all his enthusiasm to these fun but

    informative tastings.

  • Basque cooking course & food journey exploring

    the Basque Country.

    WEDNESDAY 8TH OCTOBER 9.00-15.00 hrs.: Artisan Producer Tour The Market in Tolosa dates back to the 13th century and offers an exceptionally representative display of quality local products from Gipuzkoa. You can start with the famous chocolate con churros, find some Alubias de Tolosa (local dark beans), the smoky Idiazabal cheese, and local almond cookies called Tejas. With a local guide, youre sure to find the best goods and the best deals! Feast your hard earned appetite on lunch at one of the most traditional and charismatic restaurants in the area, Casa Julian is considered one of the finest grill and meat restaurants in the world. Basque Farmhouse Experience The gorgeous centuries-old stone home of the Urdapilleta family is the backdrop for what we believe to be a wondrous tasting experience. Since 1550 the family have been raising the Euskal Txerria heritage breed of Basque pig using traditional methods, and their Slow Food Recognition label has meant that the indigenous pigs and the family farm will continue to thrive for generations to come. After a leisurely walk through the pigs forest habitat, you will sear chorizo a on an open wood fire and slice up a variety of artisan cured meats from pork raised at the farm. Txakoli, cider and wine flow as you reflect on and truly enjoy the meaning of farm to table. 19.00-21.00 hrs.: Iberian Ham Carving Masterclass Our jamonero, Sylvain, knows more about cured ham than anyone weve ever met, AND he is one of the nicest guys in San Sebastin! Under his tutelage youll learn how Iberian ham is produced, how to select a great pata, and how to distinguish the four parts of the jamn. Sylvain will teach you the proper techniques for knife handling and slicing and, most importantly, tasting! If thats not enough, weve added a Sherry tasting to this Masterclass. The classic southern Spanish wine is the drink of choice with Iberian ham and pairs perfectly with this majestic cured meat.

    THURSDAY 9TH OCTOBER 9.30-15.30 hrs.: Getaria Uncovered Luxury transport and our local guides will drive you 30 km west of San Sebastin to Getaria, a beautiful fishing village on the Bay of Biscay. You will tour the delights of this ancient towns medieval streets, ending at the port where you will visit one of the countrys leading seafood companies. After observing the traditional fish preservation methods, you will head for the hills to savour another of Getarias century old traditions, a Txakoli vineyard. The slightly sparkling Basque white wine has been produced for ge