Basic Dumpling Dough Recipe

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  • 8/3/2019 Basic Dumpling Dough Recipe


    Basic Dumpling Dough Recipe


    Makes: Makes about 1 pound, enough for 32 medium or 24 large dumplings

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    From: Asian Dumplings: Mastering Gyoza, Spring Rolls, Samosas, and More , by AndreaNguyen

    This dough is the foundation of many excellent dumplings, including Chinesejiozi, Korean

    mandu, and Nepali momo. The process of making the dough is easy to master, especially with a

    little help from modern tools such as a food processor (though you can mix the dough by hand).

    Asian wheat flour wrappers may be made with cold or hot waterthe temperature istraditionally dictated by the cooking method. Boiled dumplings are said to require thicker skins

    made from cold-water dough in order to withstand the pressures of boiling, whereas panfried and

    steamed dumplings require thinner skins made from hot-water dough for their gentler cookingprocesses. Over the years, Ive found that homemade wrappers of medium thickness, a scant 1/8

    inch thick in the center and about 1/16 inch thick at the rim, work well for all cooking methods.

    Producing medium-thick wrappers is easier with hot-water dough as it is more yielding than itscold-water counterpart. The resulting wrappers taste superior to store-bought ones, and they need

    no water to seal. Grocery store all-purpose flour with a moderate amount of gluten, such as Gold

    Medal brand, works exceptionally well.


    10 ounces (2 cups) unbleached all-purpose flour About 3/4 cup just-boiled water (see Note)


    1. To prepare the dough in a food processor, put the flour in the work bowl. With the

    machine running, add 3/4 cup of water in a steady stream through the feed tube. As soonas all the water has been added, stop the machine and check the dough. It should look

    rough and feel soft but firm enough to hold its shape when pinched. If necessary, addwater by the teaspoon or flour by the tablespoon. When satisfied, run the machine foranother 5 to 10 seconds to further knead and form a ball around the blade. Avoid

    overworking the dough.

    2. Alternatively, make the dough by hand. Put a bowl atop a kitchen towel to prevent it from

    slipping while you work. Put the flour in the bowl and make a well in the center. Use awooden spoon or bamboo rice paddle to stir the flour while you add 3/4 cup water in a

    steady stream. Aim to evenly moisten the flour. It is okay to pause to stir or add waterit,%20a%20division%20of%20Random%20House,%20Inc.&desturl=,%20a%20division%20of%20Random%20House,%20Inc.&desturl=,%20a%20division%20of%20Random%20House,%20Inc.&desturl=,%20a%20division%20of%20Random%20House,%20Inc.&desturl=
  • 8/3/2019 Basic Dumpling Dough Recipe


    is hard to simultaneously do both actions. When all the water has been added, you will

    have lots of lumpy bits. Knead the dough in the bowl (it is not terribly hot) to bring all the

    lumps into one mass; if the dough does not come together easily, add water by theteaspoon.

    3. Regardless of the mixing method, transfer the dough and any bits to a work surface; flour

    your work surface only if necessary, and then sparingly. Knead the dough (it is not hot)with the heel of your hand for about 30 seconds for machine-made dough, or about 2

    minutes for handmade dough. The result should be nearly smooth and somewhat elastic;

    press on the dough; it should slowly bounce back, with a light impression of your fingerremaining. Place the dough in a zip-top plastic bag and seal tightly closed, expelling

    excess air. Set aside to rest at room temperature for at least 15 minutes and up to 2 hours.

    The dough will steam up the plastic bag and become earlobe soft, which makes wrappers

    easy to work with.4. After resting, the dough can be used right away to form the wrappers. Or, refrigerate it

    overnight and returned it to room temperature before using.

    Note: Recipes for hot-water dough often call for boiling water to hydrate the dry ingredients, butI find that practice too dangerous and prefer to let the water rest first. For the just-boiled water,

    half-fill a kettle or saucepan with water and bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat and after the

    bubbling action subsides, 30 to 90 seconds (depending on the heating vessel), pour the amountneeded into a glass measuring cup and use for making the dough. I typically wait no more than 2

    minutes after boiling to use the water.

    Chinese Dim Recipes

    Ingredients: Metric Units3/4 c. flour

    1/3 c. water

    Directions:Make your own dumpling wrappers!

    In a medium bowl, combine 3/4 c. flour with about 1/3 c. water.

    Generously flour a board. Turn out dough onto floured surface and knead 3-4 minutes until

    smooth and elastic.

    Form dough into a 9-inch cylinder. Cut it in half crosswise(diagonal). Dust with flour and cover

    loosely. Let rest 20 min. at room temperature.

    After the dough rests, roll each cylinder out to about 12 inches. Cut into 24 pieces. Use a rollingpin to roll thinly enough for dumplings.
  • 8/3/2019 Basic Dumpling Dough Recipe


    English name; Steamed Korean dumpling

    Ingredients ManDoo Skin: Wheat flour (2C), salt (1 tea spoon), water

    ManDoo stuffing: finely chopped pork (100g), tofu (1/4), cabbage Kimchi (1/4), bean

    sprout (100g), DangMyen Noodle (30g), salt (1 tea spoon), chopped garlic (1/2 table

    spoon), chopped ginger (1 tea spoon), black pepper

    Dipping sauce: soy sauce (2 table spoons), vinegar (1 table spoon), chopped

    scallion(bwg merah) (1 tea spoon), chopped garlic (1 tea spoon), ginger (1 tea



    1. Put the noodles in a bowl of water to soften then chop it.

    2. Squeeze to remove excess juice from Kimchi and then chop it finely.

    3. Mix well pork, tofu, cooked bean sprouts, DangMyen noodle with seasoning.

    4. Make small balls of ManDoo dough. Then roll them to make flat circles 4 inches


    5. Put stuffing onto ManDoo skin and close to create nice dumpling shape.

    6. Put a cotton cloth in a steam pot then cook ManDoo about 10-15 mins.

    cooking tips

    Knead the dough as much as you can to make a firmer wrapping skin. Serve with

    DanMooJi (Korean radish pickle). Radish helps digestion of any meat. You can

    prepare a large quantity of ManDoo and steam. Then allow to cool and store in a

    freezer. You can cook ManDoo soup or fried ManDoo at any time. No need to



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