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    JUNE 23-26, 1969

    Sponsored by the American Water Resources Association

    The American Water Resources Association is a non-profit scientific organiza- tion. It was founded in 1964 in response to the need for an organization to encour- age and foster interdisciplinary comication between professionals of diverse backgrounds working on a l l aspects of water resources problems. Annual conferences and symposia are held to provide opportunity for leading authorities to publicly discuss water resource subjects. Each f o m is designed to help professionals in related fields and interested members of the public to becme acquainted with cur- rent thought and developnent in water resource fields.

    The conferences have a broad range of contributed papers--the next is to be held in San Antonio, Texas, October 27-31, 1969. The symposia have more specific and integrated themes and all of the papers are invited. Our speakers at this Symposium are among the best qualified in their fields. We hope that they and other special- ists in the physical, biological, social and applied sciences, administrators from all levels of government, water users in agriculture, industry and other fields and other interested observers may gain increased understanding of water supply, demand, modification and control patterns in North America.

    SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 1969

    7:OO p.m. Registration and Informal Reception

    MINDAY, JUNE 23, 1969

    8:00 a.m.

    8:45 a.m.

    9:00 a.m.

    9:15 a.m.

    9:20 a.m.

    9:45 a.m.

    1O:OO a.m.


    Opening Address - Eduard SiZberman, President A.W.R.A., Professor and St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Lab, Univer- Director,

    sity of Minnesota

    Welcoming Address - Donald Cameron, Senate of Canada, Director since

    Welcoming Address - Stephen ,%on, Superintendent, Banff National Park

    Keynote Address - Dean F. Peterson, Director, Office of Water for Peace, State Department, Washington, D.C. on "The Social Importance of Water Balance"

    1936 of the Banff School of Fine Arts



    Chairman - Kris Kristjanson, Assistant General Manager, Manitoba Hydro, Winnipeg

    Speakers - John R. Mather, Director, C. W. Thornthwaite Associate5 Laboratory of Climatology, Centerton, N.J. and Professor, University of Delaware, on "World and North American Pat- terns"

    Regional Patterns of Water Balance in North America


  • Marie Sanderson, Associate Professor, Department of Geogra- phy, University of Windsor, Ontario, on "Canadian Patterns" Thomas Maddock, Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Sur- vey, Tucson, Arizona, on Wnited States Patterns" Fernando del R i o , Secretaria de Recursos Hidraulicos, Mexi- co, D.F., and AZfonso Wilson, Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Sur- vey, Tucson, on '!Mexican Patterns"

    12:OO noon Lunch, Banff School of Fine Arts

    1:30 p.m. SESSION 11: Local Variations in Water Balance Patterns

    Chairman - GaraZd G. Parker, Past-President A.W.R.A., Chief Hydrolo- Southwest Florida Water Management District, Brooks- gist,


    3:20 p.m. Coffee

    ville H. L. Ferguson, Meteorological Branch, Toronto, and Donald Starr , Meteorological Branch seconded to the Fores- try Branch, Calgary, on "Precipitation" Daze W. CoZe, Associate Professor of Forest Soils, Univer- sity of Washington, Seattle, on "Infiltration" B. C. Goodell, Professor of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Vancower, on "Evapotranspiration" Robert FmoZden, Professor of Geology, University of Western Ontario, London, on "Groundwater"

    3::;s p.m. SESSION 111: Evaluating Streamflow and Groundwater Components

    Chairman - Alan P. Prince, Director, Inland Waters Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ontario

    Speakers: S. I. Solomon, Shawinigan Engineering Co. Ltd., Montreal, on "Hydrometric Surveys" Roland W. Carter, Chief, Surface Water Branch, U.S. G o - logical Survey, and M. A. Benson, Research Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., on "Fxtending the Record" Leo Derikz, Glaciological Subdivision, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, on "Glacier Discharge Simula- tion" James C. Wmm, Director, Region 7 A.W.R.A. and Director, Water Resources Research Institute, Auburn University, Ala- bama, on "Groundwater Prospecting"

    6:OO p.m.

    7:OO p.m.

    Dinner, Banff School of Fine Arts

    Open Evening in Banff. Sunset approximately 9:15 p.m. M.S.T.

    TUFSIIAY, JUNE 24, 1969

    8:30 a.m. SESSION IV:

    Chairman - htwbn E. Marts, ViceTmvost arid Professor of Geography,

    Water Balance Modification - Regime and Quality

    University of Washington, Seattle


  • Speakers - WaZter W . J e f f r e y , Associate Professor of Forestry, Univer- sity of British Columbia, Vancower, on 'Watershed Manage- ment" Donald 1% G m y , Professor and Chairman, Division of Hydrol- ogy, Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, on "Storage" A . M . S p i e k e r , Staff Hydrologist, U . S . Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., on "Effects of Urbanization" WiZZiam A . S t eggZes , Supervisor, Water Quality Surveys, Ontario Water Resources Division, Toronto, on "Pollution"

    10:20 a.m. Coffee

    10:35 a.m. SESSION V: Water Balance Modification - Increasing the Yield

    Chairman - Wil l iam C. Ackermann, Chief, Illinois State Water Survey, Urbana, Illinois

    Speakers - Maruin D. Hoover, Principal Hydrologist, Roclcr Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station, U.S. Forest Service, Fort Collins, Colorado, on 'Watershed Management" Richmmd W . Long ley , Professor of Meteorology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, on "Weather Modification" G. E a r l Harbeck, J r . , Research Hydrologist, U . S . Geological Survey, Denver, on "Evaporation Suppression" Jack Hunter, Director, Office of Saline Water, U.S. Depart- ment of the Interior, Washington, D.C., on "Desalination"

    12:30 p.m.

    1:30 p.m.

    Lunch, Banff School of Fine Arts

    SESSION VI: Water Balance Modification - Increasing the Available Supply

    Chairman - Bert Hargrave, President, Canadian Water Resources Associa- tion, and Rancher, Walsh, Alberta

    Speakers - Reg. E. BaiZey , Director, Water Resources Division, Alberta Department of Agriculture, Edmonton, on "P.R.I.M.E., "he Prairie Rivers Improvement, Management, Evaluation Program of Diversion and Storage" Frank J . @inn, Policy and Planning Branch, Department of Fnergy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, on "Inter-Basin Trans- fer - Area of Origin Ekperience" David W. SeckZer , Associate Professor of Agricultural Eco- nomics, University of California, Berkeley, on "Irrigation Efficiencies" Jay M. BagZey, Professor of Civil Engineering and Director, Water Research Laboratory, and Duvid W. Rendricks, Associate Professor of Sanitary Engi- neering, Utah State University, Logan, on "Recycling"

    3:20 p.m. Coffee

    3:35 p.m. SESSION VII: Water Balance Modification - Responsibilities

    Chairman - Thomas R . WaZenta, Director, Region 1 A.W.R.A., Dean Rneri- tus of Law, University of Idaho and Consultant, Pacific Consultants, Moscow, Idaho


  • 5::30 p.m.

    6::30 p.m.

    7::30 p.m.

    8:OO p.m.


    8:30 a.m.

    10:DO a.m.

    10:15 a.m.

    Speakers - David J . AIZee, Associate Professor of Agricultural Econm- ics and Associate Director, Water Resources and Marine Sciences Centre, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., on "Eco- nomic Goals and Responsibilities'' E . Roy Tinney , Acting Director, Policy and Planning Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, on "Administrative Responsibilities - Canada'' C"nar1es W . Hodde, Chairman, Pacific Northwest River Basins Conmission, Vancouver, Washington, on "Administrative Re- sponsibilities - United States'' Kenneth Higgs, Director of Operations, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Woodbridge, Ontario, on 'Urban Problems and Responsibilities"

    Cocktail Hour

    Banquet - Banff School of Fine Arts, Courtesy of the Government of Alberta

    Field Trips Previews Introduction to Research in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Region - D. Davis, R. Swanson, A . Freeze, R. Harlan, D. Gblding, D. Starr, W . Hanson, and others

    Banquet Speaker - Dr. Kenneth Hare, recently President o f the Univer- sity of British Columbia and now Professor of Geography, University of Toronto on 'The Need for Interdisciplinary Conmumication and Co-opera- tion in Water Resources Research and Developnent"

    and an

    JUNE 25, 1969


    Chairman - James P. Bruce, Acting Director, Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Burling- ton, Ontario

    Research Programs and Needs

    Part A - Research hograms Speakers - Ira C. Brom, Secretary, Canadian National Conwittee,

    International Hydrologic Decade, Ottawa, on "Canadian Re- search" Leo Heindl, Secretary, United States National Camittee, International Hydrologic Decade, Washington, D.C., on "American Research" Jose Roberto Jooel, Co-manager, Central American Hydromete- orological Project, San Josb , Costa Rica, on 'Middle Ameri- can Research"


    Part B - Research Needs Speakers - Michel S l i o i t z k y , Director-General of Waters, Quebec

    Department of Natural Resburces, Quebec City, on ''Canadian Needs" Roland R . Renm, Director, Office of Water Resources Re- search, Washington, D.C., on "American Needs" DanieZ B. Luten, Professor of Geography, University of California, Berkeley, on "North America Needs"


  • 11:SO a.m.

    12:OO noon Lunch - Banff School of Fine A r t s

    Closing Remarks and Field Trip Arrangements Coamnents

    1:00 p.m. Field Trip - Mannot Basin, a research watershed 30 miles south-east of Banff. This is one of the be t te r instrumented and more intensively studied watersheds i n Canada, Tours and discussions w i l l be conducted by leading research staff from the par t ic ipat ing agencies: The Eastern Rockies Forest Conservation Board, the Forestry Branch of the Canada Department of Fisheries and Forestry, the Water Survey of Canada of the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, the Meteorological Branch of the Department of Transport, the Wildlife Service of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Dwelopment, the Soi l Survey of the Department of Agriculture, the Earth Sciences Branch of the Alberta Research Council, the Water Resources Division of the Alberta Department of Agriculture and the Forest Service of the Alberta Department of Lands and Forests.

    Dinner - Banff School of Fine A r t s

    Open Evening i n Banff and Vicinity

    6:OO p.m.

    7:OO p.m.

    THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1969

    8:OO a.m. Field Trip t o the Columbia Icef ie ld , 110 m i l e s north-west of Banff with short side t r i p s t o Peyto Lake Viewpoint and Lake Louise. The Columbia Icef ie ld is on the continental divides between the Columbia, the Saskatchewan-Nelson and the Mackenzie River Basins. Snowmobile r i d e upon Athabasca Glacier. Connnentaries on glacier studies, water supply and watershed use patterns i n addition t o references t o the many scenic a t t ract ions present.

    Dinner - Banff School of Fine Arts

    The end of scheduled ac t iv i t ies .

    Camera shops, picnic lunch.

    6:OO p.m.


    Conference Si te : Banff School of Fine A r t s . See enclosed brochure f o r descriptions of the acconanodation, The rates l i s t e d are f o r acconuncdation and meals i n Canadian currency - the Canadian dol lar is currently about 93 cents U.S. and there is no tax. Rundle H a l l is recommended.

    Registration: Registration w i l l be i n the Administration Building. I f accamnoda- t ion is t o be assured, pr ior regis t ra t ion is strongly recommended. kcomnodation i n motels may a l so be arranged f o r Symposium regis t rants by the Banff School of Fine A r t s . Prior payment of regis t ra t ion fees f o r the Symposium w i l l ensure acconnnoda- t ion i n the Banff School but advance payment of one day's rent is normally required f o r assured motel accomdation. Please complete and return the enclosed regis t ra- t ion forms.

    Transportation: The Brewster Transport Co. schedules four t r i p s per day from the Calgary International Airport t o Banff (and return) and adds extra buses as needed. The r a t e f o r the 80 m i l e s c e n k drive is $7.00 per person. Groups of 10 or more may charter a bus f o r $70.00. Field t r i p and local s ight seeing bus tours w i l l be arranged according t o demand.

    Social Events: The Banquet w i l l be sponsored by the Government of Alberta. All regis t rants a re welcome. Dress w i l l be optional. O t h e r functions a r e being arranged. A bar w i l l be open during and following the afternoon sessions and i n the evenings. A courtesy coffee bar w i l l be open in k n d l e Hall during the morning sessions. Rolls

    f a c i l i t i e s and s i t e .

    A p a r t i a l l ist of the motels and hotels is attached.

    Smaller planes may land at the Banff Airport.


  • will be available for those who miss breakfast. Information on sight seeing tours, boat trips on the Bow River, Vermilion Lakes and Lake Minnewanka, conducted nature tours, hikes and climbs, museums, shops, town activities and other items will be available from ladies in attendance at the coffee bar and in the displays area. Arrangements need not be made in advance of the Symposium.

    Displays and Exhibits: Organizations active in water research and darelomnt and with registered members present are invited to display their materials without charge, subject to the approval of Local Arrangements Ccnmnittee members. Banff, Banff Park and Alberta: See enclosed brochures.


    ArZeigh H . Laycock - General Chairman, Professor of Geography, University of Al- berta, Edmonton, Canada. E. Roy Tinney - Chainnan, Branch, Department of Ehergy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Canada WaZZaee R. Xanson - Chairman, Local Arrangements Ccnmittee, Chief Forester, Eastern Rockies Forest Conservation Board, Calgary, Alberta, C a n a d a E d m ~ d Si lbaman - President, A.W.R.A. Sandor C. CsaZZany - General Secretary, A.W.R.A.

    Director, Region 11, A.W.R.A. Program Cmittee, Acting-Director, Policy and Planning


    1. Roy Tinney - Chairman Frank @inn - Assistant to the Chairman - Policy and Planning Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada DonaZd Gray - Professor and Chainnan, Division of Hydrology, Department of Agricul- tural Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Warren A. HaZZ - Director, Dry-Lands Research Institute, University of California, Riverside WaZte~ J e f f r e y - Associate Professor of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia A . Ivan Johnson - Director, Region 3, A.W.R.A. Chief, Water Resources Division Training Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.


    Wallace R. Hanson - Chainnan Dcvid Broadfoot - Secretary-Manager, Canadian Water...


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