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This is a presentation on Baikal MP 446 giving little intro to the handgun for learning purpose only. For more, please visit

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Baikal MP 446 VikingPresented by:Abid KhanVisit for more

OutlineIntroductionTypeTrigger TypeCaliberMajor Dimensions and WeightCapacitySightsComponentsSafety FeaturesVariantsComparisonFlawsVisit for more

IntroductionOrigin: RussiaCompany: Ivhevsk Mechanical (Trade Mark Baikal)Supporting derivative of Russian Military Yarygin Pya ( Baikal MP 443) pistolSemi Automatic, 9mm Caliber HandgunPrice: PKR 50,000-60,000

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TypeSemi Automatic HandgunCarries out all the necessary steps for subsequent fire Extraction and ejection of spent cartridge caseRe-Cocking Fire MechanismAuto Loading New Round into Fire ChamberTrigger is to be pulled for subsequent fireVisit for more

Trigger TypeTrigger is a mechanism which actuate or initiate firing mechanism of a firearmSingle Action (SA)Firing Hammer needs to cocked each timeTrigger only releases the Firing HammerDouble Action (DA)Firing sequence can be initiated even if the Hammer is releasedTrigger perform both Cocking and Releasing the HammerVisit for more

Caliber9x19mm Luger Parabellum

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Major DimensionsLength: 198mmLength of Barrel: 112mmWeight: 830g (Unloaded)

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Capacity18+1 Rounds18 in the Magazine1 in the Firing Chamber

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Sights3 dot white sightWhite dot painted on the front sight near the top of the blade, and a dot on each side of the rear sight notchLaser sightExtra EnhancementMounted on Accessory Rail

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ComponentsMain HousingBarrelSlideTriggerRecoil SpringMagazine CatcherEjectorVisit for more

Main HousingMagazine CatcherRecoil SpringBarrelEjectorSlideMagazineVisit for more

Safety FeaturesAmbidextrous Manual SafetyCan be operated with both Left and Right HandPartially Concealed HammerTo prevent catching on clothing and equipmentHalf Cock MechanismPrevent striking of Firing Hammer with Firing Pin in case handgun is dropped or Thumb slips the hammer during cockingSafe HandlingEnsured with Thumb Safety that blocks the slide and Firing Mechanism with Hammer Cocked or UncockedVisit for more

VariantsBaikal MP 443 Grach (Yarygin PYa pistol)Military VersionCapable of firing High pressure rounds (7N21 & 7N31)Strengthened BarrelBaikal MP 446 Polymer FrameCivilian version of Baikal MP 443Polymer frame to reduce price and weightAccessory Rail available supporting Flash light and LASER sightBaikal MP 446 Steel FrameCivilian version of Baikal MP 443 GrachFew said that this is exactly same as Baikal MP 443 and is introduced by the company because their export law dont allow export of military handgunsNo Accessory RailVisit for more

VariantsCont..Larger reinforcement on Baikal MP 443s barrel than Baikal MP 446s barrel to strengthening for pressure roundsThese rounds can roughly penetrate 8mm iron sheet

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ComparisonwithCompetitorsVisit for more

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FlawsRumors exist about the polymer frame cracked after 1000 roundsNo picture has yet been found supporting these rumorsVisit for more

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