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  • Stay fit Get fitInternational Spa CityHealth resort location Baden-Baden

    B a d e nB a d e n

    Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbHSchloss Solms, Solmsstrae 176530 Baden-BadenTel.: +49 (0)7221-275206Fax +49 (0)

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    During the 19th century kings, artists

    and courtesans were drawn to the

    glamorous baths with international

    reputation. The former summer

    capital of Europe presents itself

    today as a young, charming and

    cosmopolitan city. Daydreamers and

    revellers from all over the world get

    together in street cafs and restau-

    rants, on the boulevards and at the

    roulette table. Simply enjoying life is

    the main priority.

    In order to stay fit and get fit, there is

    hardly any other ideal place: Baden-

    Baden offers a stylish scope for an in-

    dividual health programme with its

    healing springs, grand and hospitable

    hotels, magnificent parks and nu-

    merous leisure activities.

    Located between the foothills of the

    Nothern Black Forest (Nordschwarz-

    wald) and the Rhine Valley (Rhein-

    ebene), Baden-Badens mild climate

    Baden-Badens Mediterranean locations pleasant idleness.

    lets guests and residents enjoy the

    Mediterranean lifestyle of the lively

    city from early spring to late autumn.

    Partaking in a treatment at the health

    resort of Baden-Baden has always

    meant two things: recuperation for

    body and soul and amemorable social

    experience. Nowhere else can you

    combine health-benefiting activities

    and entertainment on such a scale.

    Mediterranean FlairStylish treatments, pure relaxation, entertainment par excellence

    The Kurhaus is Baden-Badens social central point. In the sun during the day, at cultural events or in the casino in the evenings here you will find variety around the clock.

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    Sport in and around Baden-Baden

    that stands for fun, enjoyment and

    the best of company. For both ambi-

    tious and aspiring golfers there are

    seven golf courses in the region for

    you to choose from. Set in wonder-

    ful surroundings the courses are the

    endeavours of many top architects

    and they have put the worlds best

    players to the test. Golf has a long-

    standing tradition in the region: the

    Baden-Baden Golf Club is one of

    Germanys oldest; the first balls were

    teed-off on its fairways in 1901.

    There are practically no limits to the

    sporting activities on offer. With a

    mountain bike you can conquer all ter-

    rain from gentle hills to mountainous

    peaks. Ideal climbing conditions for

    both beginners and advanced climbers

    can be found at the nearby Battert

    rock face. Riding on horseback with

    an experienced riding instructor as a

    guide will allow you to discover the re-

    gions shady forests. And for those

    who wish to keep fit regardless of the

    weather, there are numerous all-year-

    round tennis facilities available.

    Sport with ExcitementGolf, riding, mountain biking

    Golfclub Baden-BadenBaden-Baden

    BadenHills Golf und Curling Club e.V.Rheinmnster-Sllingen/Baden-Airpark

    Golfclub Bad Herrenalb-Bernbach e.V.Bad Herrenalb

    Golf Club Bruchsal e.V.Bruchsal

    Le Kempferhof Golf-HtelPlobsheim/Elsass

    Golfclub Hofgut Scheibenhardt e.V.Karlsruhe-Scheibenhardt

    Golf InternationalSoufflenheim-Baden-BadenSoufflenheim/Elsass

    A sporting encounter of the highest

    calibre and a social high point at the

    same time are the international horse

    races. Three times a year racing en-

    thusiasts from around the world con-

    gregate for the Spring Meeting, the

    Grand Week and the Sales & Racing

    Festival. And with a hot-air balloon

    part of Europes largest hot-air bal-

    loon fleet visitors can marvel at the

    hats of the haute vole, from above

    the thoroughbreds and star jockeys.

    Golf Region Baden-Elsass

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    The best medicine is a mix of rest

    and exercise. Just take a break from

    everyday life - away from the daily

    and career stress and exercise in a

    healthy manner. Go for a stroll, do

    some power walking, jog or go inline

    skating under the imposing trees of

    the famous Lichtentaler Allee, there

    is space for every kind of exercise.

    Or one can just enjoy the sweet

    idleness with all senses among the

    300 different types of roses in the


    Each tour leads you from the city directlyto the countryside as far as you want

    to the next caf or high up in the Black Forest.

    Wellness and relaxation for body, mindand soul. Baden-Baden.

    Dolce far niente:Sweet idleness in all corners.

    For all those wanting to recharge

    their batteries Baden-Baden with Ger-

    manys largest municipal forest pro-

    vides the perfect terrain. Panoramic

    footpaths, nature trails and specially

    designated Nordic walking routes

    will test your stamina and lead you

    over rolling, green hills, up rocky

    peaks and through shady forests. For

    less strenuous walks a number of

    short forest trails have also been laid

    out. The picturesque Rebland vine-

    yard region, with its blend of won-

    derful scenery and sun-blessed

    vineyards, attracts outdoor fans of all

    ages and is only a stones throw away.

    All that is left for you to decide is the

    amount of outdoor activity and the

    pace. For some a stroll to the nearby

    Cistercian Abbey or a ride with the

    funicular railway to the summit of the

    Merkur suits their exercise needs.

    Others require more of a sporting

    challenge: horse riding or climbing on

    the nearby Battert rock.

    Power through breaksFrom relaxation to boundless energy

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    years old, still has more to offer. For

    instance, the historical pump room,

    the beautiful Kurhaus, the neo-

    baroque theatre, the Kulturhaus

    LA8, the State Art Gallery and the

    City Museum as well as the over 760

    year-old Cistercian abbey Lichtenthal

    Monastery. The outstanding jewel in

    the middle of the famous park is the

    Frieder Burda Museum which was

    constructed by New Yorks star ar-

    chitect Richard Meier.

    Excitment around the clock: from

    midday until late at night more than

    400,000 casino visitors a year try

    their luck at roulette, poker and black

    jack. The stoic call of the croupier

    No more bets became No more

    to bet for Dostojevski. The famous

    writer and notorious gambler did not

    have the greatest of luck at Ger-

    manys oldest and the worlds most

    beautiful casino; unfortunately he

    had little time to admire its magnifi-

    cent neo-baroque interior. Whether

    roulette, concerts, midnight dinners

    or lavish balls, the Kurhaus is the

    hub of Baden-Badens social scene.

    For those who love high-class events,

    the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is also

    interesting. Europes second largest

    opera and concert hall with its 2,500

    seats serves as a stage for world fa-

    mous orchestras, soloists, companies

    and top rated entertainers.

    Furthermore, the cultural offer of

    Baden-Baden is one that can quite

    confidently compete with the me-

    tropolises of this world: glamorous

    balls and dance galas, jazz and sym-

    phony concerts at the highest level,

    unforgettable stage shows, exciting

    Art, Culture and GamingArtistic treats and glittering festivals

    literary evenings, extravagant theatre

    performances and thrilling festivals

    guarantee the finest art and the best

    entertainment all year round. How-

    ever, the classy art and culture mile

    along the three kilometre long and

    magnificent park and garden Licht-

    entaler Allee, which is over 350

    The glamour of the Belle poque combined with architectural avant-garde in the Festspielhaus which was opened in 1998.

    Red-golden magnificence for the zest forgambling: the Red Saloon in the worldsmost beautiful casino.

    Baden-Baden art andculture mile with the Jewel

    in the park MuseumFrieder Burda, the State ArtGallery and the Museum of

    the 19th Century Arts andTechnology in theKulturhaus LA8.

    Small but exquisite: the Baden-Baden Theatre inthe Paris Opra Garnier-style.

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    In the world-famous Friedrichsbad,

    the Roman-Irish bathing culture can

    be enjoyed a combination of hot-

    air, thermal steam and thermal exer-

    cise baths located in magnificent

    surroundings and cupola halls. The

    stimulating effect of the water can

    also be appreciated in the Caracalla

    Spa, Baden-Badens modern thermal

    baths featuring almost 1000 square

    metres of pools. The towns 12 ther-

    mal springs provide fun and recuper-

    ation to a selection of hotels, clinics

    and other facilities directly linked to

    the thermal source.

    Spa comes from the latin words

    sanus per aquam which means

    health through water. In Baden-

    Baden, it rushes upwards from the

    depths of ca. 2,000 meters and brings

    healing minerals to the surface of the

    earth due to the heat of the earths

    core. Since primeval times, more than

    800,000 litres of thermal water rises

    here daily at a temperature of up to

    68 C. The Romans named the city

    Modern thermal water and sauna culture can be found under the cupola of the Caracalla-Spa. Enjoy Baden-Badens flair in the outsidepools