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Backwards time magic: magic to affect the pastByS RobIntroductionThis book introduces you to a completely different type of magic, with a completely different methodology thanother types of magic. This isnt a theoretical book, it is a practical book: but I will explain whatever is necessaryfor you to understand this unique type of magic. Other types of magic: whether spells or otherwise: are there toaffect the future or present. The magic in this book is there to have an effect upon the past. So with the magic in thisbook the event precedes the magic. This will seem confusing at first but the methodology explained here makes itmuch easier to understand. We are more used to the standard linear way of thinking, where we have a past presentand future, all in this order. However according to Albert Einstein time is an illusion and so everything happens atthe same time; but only seems to happen at different times.Also we are used to things branching out in time: with there being many futures according to our action in thepresent but only one past. This all seems logical but is 2+2=4 and also 1+3=4 then it is perfectly possible to havedifferent pasts which also lead to the same present. However this isnt really of any importance to the magic wedo here. The thing with time being thought of as an illusion and once we can accept the fact that everything onsome level happens at the same time: which also explains psychic power: then see can easily see how magic canbe cast to effect the past, if you cannot accept this now then dont worry you can work the magic anyway andbelieve when you see the results although with time being an illusion you do this all at once: but as this means youhave already read the book we will put this to one side for the moment. The important point isnt that weexperience everything at the same time, or that there isnt some sort of mechanism to make us experience it in onedirection and not all at once: there is: but that because of the true nature of time below everything, we can castmagic spells to go backwards.That isnt to say that there isnt some kind of limitations. For instance if you cast a spell for you to changesomething in your life which was bad but if you were to change it then why would you have wanted to cast thespell and if you didnt cast the spell then it couldnt have been altered. Therefore it is usually best to limit yourselfto small events near the present, which you are not aware of. For instance if a person went to the shops to buygroceries and you want them to buy a bottle of wine which they never would do and had not the time to cast it for2in the future: they have already been shopping and have come back: but if you are not aware of what they boughtthen you could cast a spells for them to have bought wine. In this way you can make them to have bought wine andit doesnt affect the present too much because it hasnt changed: they did buy the wine and you did not know if theyhad or not, and so your magic spell casting wasnt affected at all by what they bought or didnt: and so you havemade something happen in the past without it affecting your actions at all and so both happened as they should.Chapter 1One of the main secrets of backwards time magic is to not know the event you cast it for: whether it happenedor not: this isolates you from any interplay between the present and the past and so it will work. Quite simply ifyou cast a spell for something which when obtained you would not need to cast a magic spell for then it wonthappen: time will not create impossibility, but there still are many things that you can do with backwards timemagic. You can of course do things for other people, as long as what you do isnt triggered by an event in thepresent for which would not be there without the need created by an event in the past. This does mean that thereare some things you may not be able to use backwards time magic for: but there will be some things that you canutilise it for.However as I mentioned there may be other possible pasts which could lead us to where we are, in this casethey would be very, very similar: unfortunately so similar that we cannot utilise them, maybe two particles are in adifferent position so small the effect of chaos theory and the affect on weather is cancelled out by a butterflyswing or several somewhere else. Others would simply argue that therefore the past and present and future arefixed and that whatever you do and what ever predictions anybody make and in fact part of what must happen inorder to create the future.But there is no contradiction of the past and future being fixed and free will; they all happen at the same timeand so in reality is all part of the same thing: free will isnt affected by the future because in reality it happens thesame time as the present and past. But this book is about working magic and so I must move on to a magic spell.The magic spells which follows, has the structure and important parts of many backwards time magic generally. Itis also a way of you learning the basics of backwards time magic. The next magic spell sort of explains itself: nottoo good a name but a great magic spell.Backwards time magic spell to make a person you know, to have bought you something unknown to youI will that (persons name) has bought me (name of what you want),3Their arm reached out to buy,For me to get what I want,She has bought,I will get soon,I will it they bought.The above magic spell should also be combined with a mantra made up of the item you want them to havebought, and their name: for example Wayne, Pie becomes wapi: and so wapi would be the word you would chant.You should note that the above spell all uses the words as a mix of the past and present tenses. This is becausethe spell we are casting if cast in the present and has the effect in the past: this is one reason why it is so importantthat you do not know the person has bought you something. Also try to make it something which will happen havehappened fairly soon prior to you casting the magic spell: the further back the more power will be required. Theabove magic spell may seem confusing at first and yes backwards magic is different from any other type of magicbecause the magical effect comes before the magic spell. The element of time makes things more difficult. Butonce have gotten your head around the time element, or ignored it which may be easier; it will be a powerful formof magic. Of course it has limitations because in short you cast magic spell for things which have alreadyhappened which you made happen after the events.It could be thought that backwards time magic is nearer to divination, but actually it is quite different. Indivination you are predicting the future, although you can predict the past. Whereas in backwards time magic youmake the past as it was. However this does not mean you have to sit down and cast every part of your life: eventhe bad stuff: then you would always worry about if you made it so, and of course you may have done but castingspells to effect the very long past is more difficult than the near past. Backwards time magic is also different fromtime travel because we are making things as we want and already are. This could get confusing and for this reasonit is best to pick events which you do not know the result of: things which have happened but you have noknowledge of. Also it is easiest and generally best to pick events which are not too far back in the past.But backwards time magic also brings up several other things you may want to think about too. It changes howyou see things and also can redefine how important events in the past happened and why. There is in statistics aphrase called survivor bias: which means is a thing did not happen the result would not be here to be questioned.But backwards time magic means that some key human events may have occurred because of backwards time4magic.Chapter 2Backwards time magic also brings up one other important question: does it redefine who god is? Of courseyou may not believe in god or many gods. But many believe that the creation of the universe was an improbableevent: which could have occurred simply by there being enough time for it to happen: except time did not existthen. Much easier to see is that human life appearing on Earth was a highly improbable event, and there aretheories that life may have came to Earth on a meteorite. But backwards time magic also means that the universe,and or life on Earth was possibly created by a person or persons who existed after the creation. You or I may beGod, the creator, or there may be many creators.So how does it feel now to know you may be responsible for creation? Well I suppose mother would be proud:but dont worry if she or others are not quite able to accept this. I must admit I do feel quite the achiever for havingpossibly created life, the universe and everything. But creating something such a long time back would take lots ofpower and so I will share the responsibility and later on in the book there will be a magic spell for this: I for onewould not like to be responsible for not creating Earth: not that I could as it is here so I will either have no impactof definitely will be needed for its creation and the magic spell is placed in this book and do take part anddefinitely do cast the spell for this. But here is a magic spell for protection spell, to protect someone you love inthe last week.Magic spell to protect someone last weekProtection like a veil,Lay upon (persons name) skin,Only good will have touched their life,Last week,As it was and will have been.The magic spell is great as it can be cast if you wanted to cast a protection spell but forgot to cast it. But ofcourse a protection spell can also be cast to have protected you in the past. This thing is about protection spells isyou never see the curse it stopped and so casting a protection spell for the past for periods when you have not castone is a good and practical thing to do. But it may be better to not think about the magic spell too much and justcast them. It is also better to cast spells for things which you do not know the effect: it just makes it easier.5Because obviously if you cast a magic spell to effect some element of the past that knowing you cast it for then itcannot change this element otherwise you would not have cast the magic spell in the first place. But here is amagic spell to have protected yourself a week ago.Magic spell to protect yourself last weekProtection like a veil,Lay upon my skin,Only good will have touched me,Last week,As it was and will have been.So by now you will have started to have gotten into the swing of things, and have gotten some ides ofbackwards time magic. It is a really great form of magic and one which you will not be able to learn anywhereelse. But as well as having given yourself or others protection you can cast a backwards time magic spell to havemade them happier. Happiness is a great thing and when people make a list of what they want, most of that listcould be listed down as simply be happy. Happiness magic spells get to the main part of things of what manypeople feel life is about. Happiness also is not an easy thing to get, in life there are times when thing are difficult.This is why a regime or casting magic spells to have made your happy is very useful: they are much moreflexible in their time of casting than spells to affect the future, because you can cast a backwards time magic spellfor a date two weeks ago or one and so you have more flexibility. The most important thing is to cast the magicspell, and get into the habit of casting them, but remember if something bad happens and you want to cast a magicspell for this, it wont work because without the bad event you would not want to cast it so it cannot workparadoxes dont occur they simply stop the magic. But here is a magic spell for you to have been happy.Magic spell for you to have been happyHappiness around,I travelled into my life,It enhanced it,Made me happy,Like a blanket wrapped around,As it was and will have been.6You may have noticed that the magic spell above starts with the wordsHappiness around; this is because I donot want to stop you being happy only to make you happy in the past. This is an important point when workingbackwards time magic always make sure that your backwards time magic spell isnt also a curse. To do this alsolook at it from a view of what would this do to the present: if the answer is nothing, or nothing bad, then the spellhas passed that test. Of course you also need to look at it from the view of what will this spell do to the past too:but as this is its main focus then this is actually the easy part. I know that this backward time magic may seemcomplex at first, but after a while it gets easy, also remember that most of the complexity can be taken away bysimply remembering to:1.Only cast magic spells for things you do not know if they have occurred or where planned to be castanyway.2.Look at the magic spell to from both a what does this spell do to the past, and what can it do to the future.If both of these two tests have been satisfied then all is well.Chapter 3You may have noticed that I mentioned earlier that it is easy to cast magic spells for periods in time a shortwhile back, rather than far into the past. You may have wondered why this is. After all if all times on the mostbasic level happen at the same time: simultaneously: than casting a magic spell in the far past should be no moredifficult than casting a magic spell a little back. The reason it is more difficult is because we always have onefoot: at least one foot: in the present and find we always maintain a linear view of things, which is good becauseby and large this is how the world we live in seems to work at our level and so this helps us function. Of coursethis view doesnt help with backwards time magic: but it seems to work fine for almost everything else. But itcould be said that if a person has a deep enough knowledge of a period in time: even if that period came beforetheir existence: then they could cast a backwards time magic spell that far back much easier than would normallybe expected. Of course there is always the possibility of utilising more people to gain more power to makebackwards time magic spells work further back in the past easier than normal.Backwards time magic solves and shows that the limitations that are placed upon our everyday existence: thefact that our actions only affect each other in sequence: is not a limitation for magic. Of course a time may comewhen time travel may be possible: if it hasnt been done already. There are exercises you can do to try to get agrasp on backwards time and that is quite simply to pick a time when you have been in a particular room for a7while and with your eyes open try to rewind backwards your actions. You will find that at first you will try toremember and so probably leave things out that you did, but soon you will be able to almost see clearly the eventsas you did them but backwards: as you simultaneously stay in your own time and the visions from the other timeare in a less concrete form. In this way you can start to get a peak of the past at the same time as you experience thepresent.For some reason however the past always seems to be seen in high speed reverse when seen by many people:however not the line between imagining and seeing the past is not easy to define and dont expect to know on whatside of the line you are on. It has also been said that sometimes historians of many years experience can go to asight and see for an instant the actual historical event which they have studied for many years, and even findobjects such as musket balls derived from the images they see. This at least opens up the possibility of seeing thepast if one has enough knowledge of the time. Maybe the separation between times is partly based on psychologyand what we observe. But also as the past present and the future all exist together than the rules for one must alsohold for another, and so if there are many possibly futures that we get too depending on what choices we make, thethere must be many possible presents and pasts, that in some way branch out too but in other sequences. If we takethis as being the case then maybe what really exists are separate realities: this has already been thought of byphysicists.But if we can affect the past but cannot create a paradox, it may be possible with enough power to instead ofchanging the past, to change the reality in which we are in. This would require immense power. However therehave been some anomalies have been seen, such as time slips, such as the famous Versailles time slip, where n1901 two people found themselves in the 18th century, but did manage to get back. Also there have been slipswhich have occurred forward in time, and other slips to other dimensions may explain many of the sightings ofstrange beings. But I will now focus on something easier and more controllable, a backwards time magic spell forgood luck in the past. Magic spell to have had good luckGood luck around,Me it surrounded,One week ago is where its at,As it was and will have been.8The last magic spell gives you good luck in the past, however it should be planed to be cast at a specific timeahead of the time you need to cast it for: and not matter what it should be cast at that time for that time in the past.In the spell it mentioned one week ago, but the time could be cast for any time at all, but is probably best to be castfor a period in time not too far back. However a magic spell for good luck in the past can be of great use if cast foranother person: under certain conditions. You can cast a magic spell for good luck in the past for another at a preplanned time, or tell someone that if something happens to someone or you have news of any type not to tell you ifit is good or bad and then simply cast the good luck spell for them and because you would not know what the eventis you can protect the person and help them. With this in mind here is a magic spell for another person to have hadgood luck.Magic spell for another person to have had good luckGood luck around,For (persons name to have gotten good luck),To enhance their life,To have made it better,As it was and will have been.Chapter 4I mentioned briefly in the last chapter that backwards time magic can be of help in times of difficulty foranother person if you get the help of another person. The helping other person tells you that there is news aboutanother but does not tell you if it is good or bad: at least not before you have cast your backwards magic spell tomake the event positive. But remember there must be a reason for the person to still contact you. Also you do notknow what spells to cast because you dont know the event. A good way to get around this is to cast a magic spellfor good luck, a protection spell, and a health spell. But all the spells must be cast so they would not stop a badevent completely or turn them positive. So a health spell must be for survival and not for perfect health. Aprotection spell would in this instance need to be cast for similarly, to keep the person well against magic attacksbut not things around them, which would allow electrical good to be fused by the curse: which occasionallyhappens. In the same way a good luck spell would be either to turn bad luck into good. The reason for these thingsis that the person must still have a reason to contact you so that an altered past event does not cause a paradox,which would nullify the magic from working.9The spells for this situation is slightly different from a spell which is cast because it is planned to do so. Apre-planned backwards time magic spell for good health would normally be for perfect health. However forcomparison here are two different health spells. The first health spell is one which would be have a pre-plannedcasting time. The second magic health spell is cast because a person tells you they have something to tell you aboutsomeone: but have not told you what.Magic spell for someone to have had good health (pre-planned cast date)Good health flow to (persons name),All flows,With nothing stopping below,Or above,All is well,They are healthy,And well,As it was and will have been.Now comes the magic spell with the unplanned start date. This next spell will be cast: normally with a goodluck and protection spell of the same type. You may want to compare the two.Magic spell for someone to have had good health (Cast because someone has told you there is newsabout someone but not what)Alive (persons name),All be ok,They survive,And well,As it was and will have been.If you compare the two you will see the magic spells are quite different because the second has to maintain areason to cast the spell while the firsts reason was because it was pre-planned. The first magic spell is morepositive sets out to obtain more positive results: it sets out to have the strongest effect that it can upon the personshealth: in a positive way. The second cannot do this, because if it eliminates the reason for the magic spell itcreates a paradox which would mean it would not work, and so it needs to help but in a weakened way and in a10way which does not remove the reason for the magic spell. However for this reason magic spells of the secondtype: where the spell is cast for a situation when you know the situation exists but not what type: are sometimesbetter written for a person as an individual. But remember the magic spell must work for the past, without being acurse in the present.But there are other issues too; it may be that the situation is such that the person is known to you as having hadan operation but not the result: whether the result was good or bad. In that situation so long as the reason for theoperation isnt removed: for instance trying to get rid of an accident creating a paradox which would nullify themagic: then a magic spell can safely be cast to help them have had a good operation this is because you dontknow the result and so the magic spell is cast at a planned date and without knowledge. But if it were cast tochange the result which was known: this creates a paradox and so the magic is nullified.But if the result was unknown to you, or was pre-planned to be cast at a particular date then all would be well:but you must have in your mind to cast it whatever the result is, or it will affect your ability to use the pre-planneddate casting method in the future: you must know that you will cast the magic spell, if you intend to say you aregoing to but really wont if the result isnt as you want, the affect wont exist and can make it difficult for you touse in the future, although the ability to use this technique will come back after having used it for a while. But thereare also protection spells too that can be utilised with these pre-planned and unknown event methods. They wouldbe quite the same with the full strength spell with the pre-planned date, and the unknown event method spell beingless powerful, but deliberately so. Also note that the pre-planned date method does have one flexibility, you cancast it at some other time in the future so long as you do cast it and include the date within your spell.Chapter 5Backwards time magic has several advantages: you can cast the spells sometime in the future. But also somelimitations: you must have planned to do so, or not know the exact reason and so can cast the magic spell withoutproblems. Normally we think of things in a time line with where we are as the present, and to the left is the pastand to the right is the future. But in backwards time magic we admit that all time happens at the same time. Thismeans that the effect of a spell precedes the casting. But this adds some limitations, because the reason for thespell casting must still exist. It cannot be eliminated or there would be no magic spell casting at all. Todemonstrate how to get around this I will show you two protection spells. The first will be a protection spell to becast at a predetermined date. The second will be to be cast for an event of which the details you do not know and11so you would cast the unknown event details variants of good luck, health and protection. With this in mind here isa magic spell for protection to be cast on a predetermined date.Magic spell to have had protection for yourself or another person (pre-planned cast date)Protection for (persons name),I shield in past,Protection one week ago (or other date in the past),All will have been well,Protected one week agoAs it was and will have been.The above magic spell is the pre-planned cast date version where the reason for the magic spell to be cast wasbecause you planned to do so on a particular date. The version is strong as can be seen from its structure. Forcomparison here is the magic spell for protection for event details of which are unknown.Magic spell to have had protection for another person (Cast because someone has told you there is newsabout someone but not what)Protection (persons name),All will have been ok,They survive,They did not die,Bad wont stop them survive,As it was and will have been.The above magic spell is the version of the protection spell where you know there is an event but not whathappened. There also is another difference, you can protect yourself with the first pre-planned spell but not withthe second, the second can only be cast for another person. But also the second is less strong because it cannoteliminate the reason for the casting of the spell, or the paradox will destroy the magic spells effect. But anotherthing to realise is that the second types of spells are less powerful anyway: you were still notified of an event butdid not know what type: and the spells cast would not have been cast otherwise. But the lack of details does allowyou to cast the magic spell with some power but the second types of spells are more difficult. But if you can youshould practice both types although this is easier to do with the help of another: when you do so be careful. It may12be best to start it to cast good luck and health spells to a predetermined date and also whenever someone tells youof something interesting: make sure you have their cooperation. Backwards time magic is difficult to practice: thesecond type anyway: but you will find use for the techniques. But you can get the method by practicing thepredetermined spells and method.One benefit of backwards time magic is that it allows you to do magic at those times when otherwise youwould not be able to, when ordinary magic would be powerless. It can therefore get us out of tight spots. Also thebasic principles can be utilised from other types of magic and so any deities etc can also be utilised in backwardstime magic. So you could also use candle magic spells, so long as they are composed correctly: with the effect inthe past tense. One thing which is difficult to use with and in the context of backwards time magic, is sympatheticmagic: this is because sympathetic magic happens in the present and so cannot be used to get an effect in the past.However here for you to see how candle magic works in backwards time magic, here is a candle magic spell. It isa veryCandle backwards time magic spell for healthGrant O Goddess (Light candle one),Good health last week (Light second candle),Let energy flow freely with in me (Light third candle),As it was and will have been. (Say as you light the forth candle)After this you can blow out all candles: the magic spell has finished. In many ways the last magic spell is atypical example of candle magic. It is cast to happen in the past. Note however that the last candle magic spell isone composed to be cast on a predetermined date. If the magic spell was to be cast for an event of which you donot know any details of it would of course have been different. Of course you could also alter the last spell so thatit can be cast for another person. When casting the spell for another person it is always good to realise that youhave the options of casting on a predetermined date, or casting the spell for event without details. Of course forour self, we only have the predetermined date method available: because normally we remember the details ofevents we have been involved in. However if you have for gotten the details of an event then it would be a greatopportunity to cast a backwards spell for yourself: because you do not know the details you neednt cast the spellat a predetermined date. Obviously cast the spell for a good outcome in the past.Chapter 613The best thing about backwards time magic is that we have a real opportunity to push the boundaries of magicand our minds. We walk around with the view that everything happens in sequence. However I also realise that forsome the concept of backwards time magic makes us think of things in an uncomfortable way: it may make us thinkabout the bad times in our lives, and how we cannot escape them. That is the downside of this way of thinking:people say time is a great healer: but what if we come to believe that everything happens at once? If this is thecase I would advise you to remember that backwards time magic is working on one level but our lives are mostlylived on another. The past is the past and it is not where we are anymore. To remember that backwards time magicmay make us able to cast spells to produce the effect before that which causes it: but we are in this linear existenceand much of what is really incredible if backwards time magic comes outside of our normal world view.In many ways it is better not to think too deeply about the theory in backwards time magic because it is crucialthat we still see the world for the most part in a linear way: because this is how most of our life is lived. It mayalso irritate some of you that paradoxes get in the way of backwards time magic. But these paradoxes serve apurpose of what I feel sure. I feel that in our context they stop you being taken to another dimension. Rememberthat the past present and future all exist at the same time and so they are basically the same, and what is true forone must be true for all. Therefore as there are many possible futures: all branching off based upon the differencesof what happens: then there also must be many pasts and presents. This leads us to the conclusion of there beingmany dimensions: parallel realities all side by side and so all possibilities exist somewhere.So if you want a change in the past, this creates a paradox: because you can cast a backwards time magic spellfor it and create something which is a very unusual event but it still has already happened. This is why thepredetermined date method works so well: it also allows you to test backwards time magic. It also is the reasonwhy the event details must be unknown or quite simply you will be casting spells for things you already know tobe so. Of course you can still cast spells for thing to go your way in life and see results. But if you want to changean event in the past which is known to you this would be a paradox and the reason paradoxes block the effect ofthe magic is because the only way for it to work would be for you to change dimensions: jump to another reality. So paradoxes protect you from ending up somewhere else. Of course this probably can happen by accident just aspeople who do not practice magic still see at times magical entities and elemental sprits. Just because you dontcast backwards time magic does not mean strange things cannot occur. With this in mind you may want some kindof protection against jumping dimensions. Therefore with this in mind here is a magic spell to stop this happening:14it isnt a backwards time magic spell, it is a one to protect you from this happening in the present and near future.Magic spell to protect us from going to a parallel dimensionIn my world I stay,Keep other worlds away,My feet on Earths skin,Not taken away,In my reality I stay.The above magic spell is for protection and if you ever intend on experimenting with backwards time magicthe above spell is a useful one to use before experimenting. This is because you do not necessarily know the truepower of backwards time magic when experimenting of course without experimenting it would not exist: this ishow progress is made. You may notice that there isnt a spell for going to a parallel dimension: this is because I donot want to expose the reader to danger. I would also ask you to consider carefully before trying such a thing asmoving yourself to another dimension. But also recognise that many beings people think of as having just appearedhappen because they come from another dimension. But of course if the past, present and the future and otherdimensional worlds variants, and it is possible with enough power to break through the paradox barrier and toanother dimension then time travel is possible too.But this all comes down to breaking through the paradox barrier. You may conclude that as a paradox cannotexist that the barrier is impregnable: it isnt it simply takes you to another place. Also there have been manysightings of travel such as the palace of Versailles time travel incident in 1901. Remember however that we onlyhear about the incidents of travel to another time or dimension where the person managed to get back and wecannot say how many people do not manage to get back. However here is a magic time spell to help you see thepast.Magic spell to see the pastWith eyes I see,Past before me,Let me see what is really there,All of what time says is there.Note the above magic spell is to see the past, but the magic spell is cast for the present and the immediate15future, it would be a great magic spell to use before using any divination tools, but another method is after castingjust close your eyes and imagine the past: this works well if you are in a historical site. Just to let you see thedifference I will show you a backwards time variant of the above magic spell for another person. You can find outif this has worked by asking the person if they experienced anything after: however it will work best if you tellthem that you are doing a test and need them to tell you of anything unusual that happened and also to keep a diaryfor a week before: so they dont forget anything. So here is the backwards time spell to have seen another past.Magic spell for another person to have seen another pastWith (persons name) has seen,A different past to that before them,One week ago they saw what was really there,A past they saw,As it was and will have been.The above magic spell is to be cast at a predetermined date. It should be cast at least ten times so that theaffect will be strong enough for the person to have noticed it. Ideally you should do the test many times, and say thespell as many times as you can. Do not be put off if you are unable to make the above spell work first time, it takesa lot of practice to get this magic spell working, or the one before this. This is one benefit of backwards timemagic: it will increase your magic power and technique, because it has much subtlety and casting ordinary spellsfor the future will be much easier for you after having practiced backwards time magic.Chapter 7I hope that you have already benefited from the knowledge in this book. But I now return to something I said atthe start of this book. That there are events in history which happened which were key in humankind but whichwere long shots: small chance events. In statistics this is explained away by being called survivor bias: you wouldnot be thinking of them if they didnt happen. But backwards time magic also introduces us to the idea that theymay have been caused by a person or persons who existed after the event. So the creation of the universe couldhave been caused by a magic spell of one or many people which only existed because it occurred, the same couldalso be said for like on Earth. This brings me to in many ways the climax of the book: a magic spell to startcreation and life on Earth. Can I be sure that creation and life on Earth needs this spell to be cast? No. But it ushere to show the size of backwards time magic: also for the first book if its kind I could not resist it. But I also16know that some of you will cast a spell for this not to have happened, and dont blame me if you get transported toa reality with nothing or no life: I warned you. I short you could be a god or goddess.But also you should cast the following magic spell to stop the effect of anyone wanting to blink out humanexistence. Of course from what I have described this sounds impossible, but I also realise that anyone who makesany advances in backwards time magic would feasibly have the skill due to knowing what others yet do not know.You may wonder why I have wrote this book and therefore put it into the hands of the public, and would it havebeen better to have kept it hidden? Well others would always have worked out what is within. Also they may notbe a person who wants to life to continue and therefore could have managed it so that life and everything wouldblink out and never have of existed. But of course there is something we can do and here is a magic spell to makethat life and creation was created and also to keep it in existence along with the human race. The human race isntperfect but it is worthy of continued existence, I admit partly because I am part of it: I am not a hater of man andyes I am speciesist, but arent you supposed to be. Therefore here is the spell.Magic spell so that creation and human life was created and will continue to existCreation will have happened,Like continual growth of moss upon a leaf,Humanity survives,It thrives,All this has and will survive,You can see it before your eyes.I ask each person who reads this book to cast the above magic spell. It is a good was to get more practice incasting backwards time magic, and in this case combination normal backwards magic spell. But what I want mostfor the reader is for you to thrive and go and make the world better.Backwards time magic gives you a power thatno other magic does. But magic has the power to transform you, for the better. It can help people become moreflexible and adaptable. You will find that backwards magic will help you see the world in a new way. It willbecause of its nature develop new abilities in the practitioner. But backwards time magic is more than just a book;it can be a revolution in magic. Dont be afraid to tell others about backwards time magic, and the title;Backwards time magic: magic to affect the past and my name; S Rob. In this way it can be utilised so that theworld can see things in a different way and so transform their lives for the better as magic tends to help people do.17But remember that backwards magic can be used by anyone irrespective of whether they have a belief system ornot, or what that belief system maybe: it works with everything. Also it will help your many other talents not workagainst them and male you more complete as a person. 18