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Bacardi Rum brief

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YCN Bacardi brief - Helping Bacardi re-connect with 18-24 year old males in the bar environment.

Text of Bacardi Rum brief

  • BACARDIHelp connect Bacardi with 18-24 year old males in the bar


  • Before researching into the history of the brand I thought that Bacardi superior rum was aimed at females, mainly over the age of 30. There is nothing wrong with that demographic but in order to sell more rum to the 18-24 male the brand needed adapting.

    One question:What age and sex do you associate Bacardi rum with?

    The predominate answers were females over the age of 40.

    I defined a set of questions that I thought would shed some light on why the intended demographic were not buying Bacardi Rum.

    I sent the questions in a survey which I sent out to my course, my friends, and anybody interested on my social networking sites within the 18-24 year old target audience.

    Being the target audience I was looking for reassurance and support for my own reasons for not buying Bacardi rum.

    I also identified that people in generally were unfamiliar with the history of the brand.

    I didnt know Bacardi was a family owned business that has been in operation for 150 years until I did my own research.

    I think this is an interesting and this information needs selling more.

    My research also suggested that people associated Bacardi rum primarily with Bacardi Breezers, a Rum based alcopop. From the research I gathered I was supported in thinking Bacardi rum associated with Bacardi Breezers, the connotation of Bacardi Breezers were of underage binge drinking girls.

    When I asked people to identify a certain image that appeared on the Bacardi superior rum bottle from memory they could only denote the Bacardi Bat.

    As much as I like the Bacardi bat and think it works well as a logo I think the Bacardi rum packaging is too plain.

    Why are18-24 year old males not buying Bacardi?

    Feminine connotations

    Research Unfamiliarity with the brands history

    Connection with Bacardi Breezers

    Plain packaging

  • I believe as a designer everybody should be aware of the environment and if possible reduce carbon emissions. I think this is possible while at the same time being creative and thinking of creative promotional devices.

    I have answered the brief at the same time being conscious of the carbon footprint each product has.

    The idea behind the promotional cardboard box is that it can be recycled easily. The fact that it is a rectangular shape also allows it to be loaded and transported efficiently

    I have tried to include information about the history of Bacardi, mainly the fact that Bacardi has been operational for 150 years in many countries.

    I have tried to appeal to the demographic by taking the Bacardi brand back in time and using old imagery. Although this is a current popular trend I tried to make sure the branding would not be outdated in a few months.

    I have designed the front of the Bacardi bottle and transfered the style across a range of products.

    My product range consists of the Bacardi Superior Rum bottle, promotional hip flask and promotional mug packed inside a cardboard container.

    The box would appear in supermarkets and off licenses.

    All the images of the product ranges are mine.

    Answering the brief.

    DistributionBackground + History

    Demographic Product Range

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    D I S T I L L E D T R A D I T I O N A L L Y

    E S TA B L I S H E D

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