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  • 7/25/2019 AVT Bonus Ships

    1/4Ga os Fig ting Stars ips o t e Ten Wor s om:]]ga o. i .n


    Mass, Fully Loaded: 10,005 metric tonsTota Lengt : 124.7 meters

    Hu Lengt : 42.4 metersHull Diameter: 40.1 metersBell Diameter: 31.0 metersCrew: 140 [27 o cers, 93 ratings, 20gunboat crew]Propulsion:

    Yi Dong Feng-3 Hyper rive [GDE]Fa Dian Chang Fusion Torch [0.75g]

    Tactical V: 18.44 km/secTransit V: 147.5 m/sec

    Power Systems:5 He Dian Zhan Reactors [312.5 MW]

    0 Bai Huo-7 Heatsin s (Na) [340 GJ]

    0 Bai Huo-12 Heatsin s (Li) [1020 GJ]35 Dian Chi Batteries [70 GJ]

    rmamen :3 Da Pao-4-4 Coi guns4 Ji Guang-2 4.54m Lasers (1200nm)4 Bian Pao 3.05m Lasers (1200nm)

    Da Dao Dan-3 Missi e Bays7 Fang Kong Zone Defence Lasers2 Gunboat Docks

    Maximum Armor T ic ness: 315mm RHA

    Sensors:ei Da-12 Ra ar

    Ji Lei-4 Li arDeve opment an C ass Notes

    T e Da e ass represente a quantumeap in t e repower an tec no ogy

    deployed by the Celestial Navy on theirintroduction in 2196. Designed as eet

    ags ips, t e two ep oye away romSol in 2214 have been the core of the XingCheng Celestial Navy.

    T e a es most exotic feature, theirlithium heat sinks, make up for their

    enormous expense y storing t ree timesthe heat of conventional sodium systems.This allows the ahesspace to combinean impressive attery an reactorcomplement with one of the longest heatclocks on a modern warship.

    T e a es avis power systems a owthem to make good use of a fearsomearray of weapons. The four 1200nm mainasers out range t e 2400nm aser attery

    Reg-01 Xing Cheng: Celestial Navy eavy Cruisers

    Dahe Class Battle Leaderame No. uilders Laid Down Commissioned etired [Mothballed]

    INGHE BL-01 Tian C eng (So III) 22 Dec 2192 ov pr

    HENGHE BL-02 Tian C eng (So III) 18 Jun 2195 4 Aug 2198 [Sep 2216Jun 2250

    mounte y t e Di G erias, a t ougwithout their tremendous punch. Unlike

    t e Di G erias, owever, t e Da es neenot worry a out power use uring attacruns. Their heavy coilgun batteries canmaintain a stea y stream o s e s omaneuver constraint wit out ex austingthe battery array. Six missiles providea signicant alpha strike even withouta ing t e repower o a pair o LP-seriesgunboats. Four Bian Pao lasers providea solid defense against gunboats andmissi es. T ey a so supp ement t e imitezone defense laser suite against seekingweapons.

    T e Da es rst saw combat in theSino-Indian War (2197), soon after theiintro uction. A ter t e Loss, A mira BaoZhou commanded from the Z eng eduring the Bao Incident at Olympia andt e rep acement o Viceroy Lin Jer ai aXing C eng ( ot 2214). T e Z eng eretired from service in 2250 to serve as amuseum of the overthrow of Viceroy Linrep ace y t e Xing e,w ic spent t eyears 2216-2250 in mothballs.

    Wit out spare parts rom Eart , t e XCCNhas serious difculties maintaining theDahes advanced systems. Even withextensive an expensive maintenanceprograms, t e Xing e is not expecteto outlast the 2270s. Xing Cheng cannotmanu acture t e parts to maintain t e FaDian Chang fusion torch at peak outputand the supply of high transfer rate heatpipes rom t e eng e an pre-Losstores is win ing. W en t ey are gone

    the Xinghe engine will use components

    from the Daixhings ing Huo Chong torchimiting its maximum t rust to 0.5g.

    The eventual replacement of the Xingheis a matter o concern in t e Ce estiaNavy. Nothing on the drawing boardscan match it or perform its necessaryi expensive, mission. T e Treasuryremains steadfast in its opposition to thedevelopment of a successor vessel thatwou signi cant y increase t e Navys

    u get w i e tying up yar capacity.

  • 7/25/2019 AVT Bonus Ships


  • 7/25/2019 AVT Bonus Ships

    3/4Ga os Fig ting Stars ips o t e Ten Wor s om:]]ga o. i .n


    Disp acement, Fu y Loa e : 5,010 metric

    onsTotal Length: 109.1 metersHu Lengt : 36.7 metersHull Diameter: 32.6 metersBell Diameter: 25.3 metersCrew: 67 [10 o cers, 57 ratings, 33 extra

    ert s]Propulsion:

    Yi Dong Feng-2 Hyper rive [E]egre Fusion Torc [1.0g]Tactical V: 15.16 km/secTransit V: 121.25 m/sec

    Power Systems:3 Itaparica Reactors [187.5 MW]

    2 Regncia Heatsinks [408 GJ]5 Itam Batteries [10 GJ]5 Dian Chi Batteries [10GJ]

    Armament:2 Tai-Yang-3 3.5m Lasers (1200nm)3 Alnete 3.13m Laser (2400nm)

    Espada-3-2 CoilgunTai-Yang-5 3.08m Laser (1200nm)O yes a Katyus a Launc er

    7 Cacto-3 Zone Defence Counter-Missi e Launc ers

    Inundao Zone Defence ParticleBeamGun oat DocPo Doc

    Maximum Armor Thickness: 245mm RHASensors:

    Piquiri-7 Ra arBorborema Lidar

    Development and Class Notes

    A ong an c ec ere istory ma es t eSo Pau o one of the oddest designsin known space. Intended as convoy

    escorts or raiders, and armed with 2400nanometer asers or compati i itywith the FN in mission planning, thedesigners of the original Brazilian SanSa va o c ass expecte t em to ace anintense seeking weapon threat. Ratherthan dilute their defensive repower bysprea ing t e weapons aroun t e s ip,t e esign team c ose to concentratethe heavy offensive weaponry forward,ig t o ensive weaponry to port, an a

    massive zone defense suite to starboard.

    The controversy over this assymetrical

    esign as never ie own.

    Mothballed soon after the loss of contactwit Eart , t e So Pau o was pu eout o retirement in 2229 or a re t atNovaya Rossiyas Nikitin Yard. NovoBrasils faltering economy prevented itrom meeting t e sc e u e o payments

    to Novaya Rossiya and bickering overthese payments materially contributedto souring re ations etween t e twocountries. Inevita y, wor procee eslowly on the So Paulo.

    T e So Pau o De ta an Gammahyperdrives had been removed forover au , ut Novo Brasi cou notafford replacements. Plans to replacethem with more power systems likewiseoun ere on a ac o cas . U timate y,

    increase reactor armor e t e space,not least because the aging reactorsoriginal shielding was failing. XingC eng provi e a rep acement Epsi onhyperdrive as a diplomatic overture.

    T e i cu ties in n ing cas anparts during the ret at the Nikitin Yardcontributed to the patchwork of weaponson t e So Pau o. T is, a ong wit t enear continuous deployment of the ship,causes no end of maintenance issues.

    During t e Twe ve Hour War (2258) t eSo Paulo narrowly survived the battlein w ic it estroye t e O ympus-c ass atroc os. Force to retreat toXing Cheng for extensive repairs, the

    absence of replacement parts thereorce t e w o esa e rep acement oseveral components, including severallasers. Structural repairs required therep acement o t e star oar si egunboat dock with a simple pod dock.

    W i e t e So Pau o ac s a signi canta p a stri e at any given range, it a sopresents a threat to targets at all ranges,mixing see ing weapons, me ium rangeasers, an s ort range asers. In a ition,

    it boasts a phenomenal zone defense

    uite to star oar .

    The So Paulosdesign makes it arguablyt e est 5,000 ton commerce rai e

    nown. It oasts enormous cruiseendurance, plenty of fuel, and extensiveberthing for prize crews, supplemented

    y two oc s or ue an supp y po s. Itsweapons can easily handle the gunboatsome convoys carry for defense, while

    its en urance s ou permit it to eva eheavier opponents. With the end of theSo Paulos service life near, analysts

    expect Novo Brasi to rep ace it wit amade-to-order modication of a KuanYin hull.

    Reg-02 Foras Cosmicas: Novo Brasil Frigates

    So Paulo Class Commerce Frigateame No. Builders aid Down Commissioned

    SO PAULO FC 7 A to Reci e (So III)Ni itin Yar s [A p a Mensae II]Che Chuang Tian [Zeta Tucanae III]

    2229 [extensive re t]2259 [extensive ret]

  • 7/25/2019 AVT Bonus Ships