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Avoca Beauty

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  • Original Avoca Homestead, Canterbury, New Zealand.

    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth

  • New Zealand is a land where there is still room to move, where nature can be seen as it was since the beginning of time. With wilderness never far away, life here has the luxury of space to grow naturally.

    In New Zealand you can experience the earth as it used to be, as an untouched paradise. Mountains pierce an endless, pure blue sky, powerful rivers plunge to the sea, serene pristine lakes are surrounded by luscious native forests and vast tussock lands create big dramatic landscapes that fill the eye.

    Avoca - Our Story

    New Zealand is truly a place where you feel you could be in Heaven, on Earth.

    Avoca is a real place. Its a genuine, authentic New Zealand brand symbolising the New Zealand journey, where you are touched by our landscape and people. Avoca is forged from this land and these people. At Avoca we bring together the best of New Zealands pure and natural ingredients to skillfully craft authentic New Zealand made products for you to enjoy.


  • PLACENTA ANTI-AGING TONERNew Zealand Placenta, Vitamin A & Vitamin E

    Avoca Placenta Anti-Aging Toner is a rejuvenating spray with unique New Zealand placenta to revitalise the skin, plus Vitamin A and E as antioxidants to repair and restore the skin and reduce the signs of aging.


    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth

  • ADVANCED ANTI-AGING SERUMNew Zealand Placenta, Vitamin A, Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid

    Avoca Placenta Anti-Aging Serum is a rich rejuvenating treatment with unique New Zealand placenta to revitalise the skin, Vitamin A and E for their antioxidant properties and hyaluronic acid to stimulate new cell growth reducing signs of aging.


  • PLACENTA HYDRATING CREMENew Zealand Placenta, Vitamin A & Vitamin E

    Avoca Placenta Hydrating Creme is a rich rejuvenating moisturiser with unique New Zealand placenta, Vitamin A and E that have antioxidant and nourishing properties to reduce signs of aging and revitalise for younger, firmer looking skin. Suitable for all skin types.


    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth

  • ADVANCED ANTI-AGING CREMENew Zealand Deer Velvet, Ginseng, Rosehip Oil & Manuka Honey

    Avoca Advanced Anti-Aging Creme is a rich, rejuvenating creme enhanced with New Zealand deer velvet, ginseng, rosehip oil, goats milk powder and manuka honey to revitalise and restore the skin plus reduce signs of aging. Firms your skin leaving it youthful, soft and supple.



  • ULTIMATE DAILY WRINKLE DEFENCE SPF 15New Zealand Placenta, Bee Propolis & Marine Collagen

    Avoca Ultimate Daily Wrinkle Defence is a fast acting, revitalising placenta creme that firms and protects the skin. A daily defence to help reduce premature aging and promote healthy cell renewal. Easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling and looking firm and silky smooth.


    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth


    Avoca Whitening Moisturising Creme is an effective hydrating skin brightener. Over time it helps to diminish age spots, sun damage and freckles plus evens out skin tone for a lighter, more luminous complexion. Works to firm, nourish and protect from damaging UV with SPF 15.


  • ANTI-AGING EYE CREMENew Zealand Placenta, Vitamin A & Vitamin E

    Avoca Anti-Aging Eye Creme is an advanced treatment with unique New Zealand placenta plus Vitamin A and E to repair and restore the skin around the delicate eye area. Helps control the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Soothes, calms, reduces puffiness and instantly hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.


    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth


    Avoca Organic Rosehip Oil is a skin healing and restoring treatment. Rosehip Oil has been proven to improve skin moisture levels for radiant, glowing skin. Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to help with fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, minor burns, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks, pigmentations, eczema and scarring. Suitable for all skin types.


  • At the heart of Avoca is a dedication to creating authentic and unique New Zealand products that are inspired by our landscape, way of life and people.

    Avoca brings together natural New Zealand materials and ingredients grown here and crafted into high quality items that represent the very essence of a New Zealand experience.

    Avoca ingredients, materials and products are genuinely crafted from trusted New Zealand origins, where theres the luxury of space and the


    natural environment to grow our ingredients and materials the way nature intended.

    Our beauty range is forged out of New Zealand with a combination of Kiwi innovation and skills and unique New Zealand ingredients, to craft uncompromising products reflecting its New Zealand origins.

    We guarantee that Avoca products with this stamp are authentically New Zealand made for the rest of the world to enjoy.


    Avoca New Zealands Heaven on Earth


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