Autumn 2018 - Platform Gallery Wales, National Portrait Gallery, National Library of Australia, Monash

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Text of Autumn 2018 - Platform Gallery Wales, National Portrait Gallery, National Library of Australia,...

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    4Platform Gallery

  • 2 K E L L Y H E Y L E N : B Y O N A J A N Z E N


  • A year ago, when we were planning and researching and setting things in motion for the gallery, we devised a little tagline which summarised what we were aspiring to: craft, design, culture.

    The craft and design bits are obvious: we are a craft and design gallery, with an emphasis on the handmade, and on art forms that are not often shown in traditional galleries. Strong, consistent design underpins everything we do, from the internal layout of our space, to how we present ourselves online, to this very zine in your hands. But what about that third word – culture?

    From the beginning, I wanted Platform to be a space which not only showcases beautiful, thoughtful, provocative art, but a place where creative people can gather to learn, share, connect, celebrate and be inspired.

    We’re now in the beginning stages of implementing that ‘culture’ part of our mission. In 2018 we will have four regular (and free) events each month: an exhibition opening, of course, but also a zine making night, a crafternoon, and a feminist book club, where we gather to discuss feminism in all its fictional and theoretical literary forms.

    We’ll be adding more events as we go – from workshops to coincide with exhibitions, to film nights, to larger events in the future. A gallery is not a museum – it’s an ever-changing space where culture happens. On page 9 of this zine is calendar of events for the next three months. I hope you can join us, and I look forward to celebrating creativity and community with you.

    Kelly Heylen Curator

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    Public Stoning of a Pedophile


    A D A M J A M E S KS H O W # 1 0

  • “Art should be a mirror to society, it shouldn’t just be about beautiful imagery. Art should make people think.”

    “What struck me most about these priests was the lack of remorse they showed for the victims,” says Wentworth Falls artist Adam James K. “I was listening to testimony from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and I was inspired to take action, to make sure that society never forgets the pain that has been inflicted on these children.”

    Over the past four years, Adam has created more than 300 artworks that focus on the victims’ pain and the lifelong consequences they have suffered, after being abused by priests and ignored by the church.

    The exhibition at Platform includes mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture and video, with Adam performing a live piece on opening night, chillingly recounting priests’ own words from the Royal Commission, where their hypocrisy and lack of compassion was on full display.

    “I’ve used elements that represent the church’s wealth, such as gold, glitter, and rhinestones, to surround the images of the children’s pain; highlighting the hypocrisies of the institution,” says Adam.

    A renowned photographer who has captured some of the most iconic moments in history, Adam re-trained as a visual artist more than 10 years ago, after realising he could never completely capture with photography the raw emotion he wanted his images to portray.

    “Art should be a mirror to society, it shouldn’t just be about beautiful imagery. Art should make people think. It should make them confront themselves and make them become better people,” says Adam. “With this work I want to make sure that society doesn’t forget.”

    Adam James K’s work is in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Portrait Gallery, National Library of Australia, Monash Gallery of Art, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Tweed River Regional Gallery, and The Museum for the Study of Political Graphics, Los Angeles, USA.

    5P L A T F O R M

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    S H O W # 1 0

    Antidepressant Mary (2016)

    Charcoal, acrylic, pill packaging, glitter, rhinestones on board

    44 cm x 44 cm

    A D A M J A M E S K

    P U B L I C S T O N I N G O F A P E D O P H I L E P R I E S T

  • Pedo (2016)

    Oil and aerosol on board

    120 x 100 cm

    7P L A T F O R M

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    Zine Baby 5 : 3 0 — 8 : 3 0 P M

    Our monthly zine making night. Bring whatever you need to make, write, draw, cut, paste and create your own little DIY publication.

    Sunday Crafternoon 2 : 0 0 — 5 : 0 0 P M

    BYO craft project for a lovely afternoon in the gallery with fellow crafters.

    Feminist Book Club 5 : 3 0 — 8 : 0 0 P M

    Come along to our monthly get-together where we discuss feminism in all its fictional and theoretical literary forms – check Facebook for each month’s book.

    H A P P E N I N G S

  • Autumn 2018 Happenings


    3 + 4 W O R K S H O P Weaving workshop with Chrissie Powell

    9 E X H I B I T I O N Public Stoning of a Pedophile Priest — Adam James K

    1 5 C O M M U N I T Y Feminist Book Club

    1 8 C O M M U N I T Y Sunday Craftanoon


    8 C O M M U N I T Y Zine Baby

    1 5 C O M M U N I T Y Feminist Book Club

    1 6 E X H I B I T I O N Imaginary Albums Group Show

    2 5 C O M M U N I T Y Sunday Craftanoon


    5 C O M M U N I T Y Zine Baby

    7 E V E N T Live n Local

    1 3 E X H I B I T I O N Yum/Yuk — Nina GrØdahl

    1 9 C O M M U N I T Y Feminist Book Club

    2 2 C O M M U N I T Y Sunday Craftanoon

    9P L A T F O R M

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    Imaginary Albums

    G R O U P S H O WS H O W # 1 1

  • “These are the albums we wish existed; the uncanny cultural signifiers of our collective vinyl-addled fancies.”

    “Back in the day when you shelled out for an album, you’d slip off the cover and on your first listen, you’d devour the liner notes, so you knew more than anyone else at school. Good times,” says Amanda Kaye, curator and contributing writer for the group show, Imaginary Albums.

    “This exhibition is a collaboration between writers and artists, born of an affectionate nostalgia for those heady days. Imaginary albums are the albums that don’t exist but should, sprung from the fertile imaginations of writers and artists in the Blue Mountains.”

    To bring this exhibition together, Amanda invited 10 writers and 10 artists to a fireplace gathering to explore ideas and concepts, listen to old LPs and read delicious liner notes of days gone by. Pair ups between writers and artists flowed naturally from this process, and then the creative work began.

    Each imaginary album begins with the writer, who crafts the story of the work. Sometimes using a real artist and sometimes inventing musos from the ground up, the writer invents the tracks and the back-story, before passing the creative baton to the graphic designer or artist, who designs the cover art.

    “The work you’ll see in the gallery will be the album covers and sleeve notes developed from this process,” says Amanda. “There’ll be a gramophone and a stack of LPs in the gallery for you to come and play, too.”

    Imaginary Albums coincides with two major music events happening in the region: the Blue Mountains Music Festival on 16-18 March, celebrating folk, blues and roots; and the Live and Local Music Festival on 7 April, featuring local musicians in surprising venues across Katoomba, including here at Platform Gallery.

    This exhibition has been generously sponsored by Mark and Nina Lipscombe of Cottontail Press – a boutique letterpress, fine art and photographic printing studio here in the Blue Mountains.


    1 1P L A T F O R M

  • 1 2 I M A G I N A R Y A L B U M S

    Exhibition catalogue

    1. NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL MUZAK Various artists Imagined by writer, Jo Chipperfield and graphic artist, Hannah Surtees

    The first and last album produced by the eccentric but wealthy Otis Thyssen-Krupp, Now that is what I call muzak is a love-letter to the audio genre that just won’t leave us alone.

    2. OBJECTIFIED CORRECTIFIED Various artists Imagined by writer, Kelly Heylen and artist, Kevina-Jo Smith

    A kick-arse group of feminist fatales rewrite the songs of their respective eras, correcting decades of musical misogyny.

    3. I TOLD HER TWICE Julie London and the Redd Herrings Imagined by writer, Solange Kershaw and artist, Bec Waterstone

    A jazzy, pulp-fiction whodunit, I Told Her Twice is the brainchild of bebop alto sax player Vi Redd, aka Lady Soul. It is the only LP in history to feature musical arrangements by master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.

    4. THE CRIMSON CLAWS OF THE PANTHER AT MIDNIGHT Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone Imagined by writer, Stephen Davis and artist, Julie Paterson

    Dario Argento’s 1978 lost cinematic masterpiece The Crimson Claws of the Panther at Midnight is rediscovered, and with it, a lost Giallo soundtrack by Ennio Morricone is finally released with modest, Italianate fanfare and the soft creaking of piano pedals.

    5. THE FUTURE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE - A SYMPHONY IN 26 MOVEMENTS Every member of a supergroup ever Imagined by writer, Ginger Stephen Neal and artist, Damian Castaldi

    A supergroup of 70s prog rockers get together by a lava lake