Authoring Virtual Patients – Content Creation on Mobile Devices

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Authoring Virtual Patients Content Creation on Mobile Devices. Luke Woodham, Sheetal Kavia , Terry Poulton St Georges, University of London. Generation 4. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Authoring Virtual Patients Content Creation on Mobile DevicesLuke Woodham, Sheetal Kavia, Terry PoultonSt Georges, University of London1 To change the existing PBL curriculum, to create a more interactive, personalised model of course delivery with virtual patients at its core</p> <p>To be delivered in the Transitional year between campus-based learning and clinical attachments, as Clinical PBL</p> <p>Based on 18 adaptive and enriched interactive cases, with 36 formative assessments, integrated with social software/wikis for notes/reflections</p> <p>Generation 4</p> <p>2Much of the teaching at Optional formative self-assessment VPs, delivered on the webRelated to the topic of the week, delivered at the end of each weekWhy? Students concentrate on the PBL case of the week and not the broader learning objectivesMore exposure to a greater range of patient conditions The challenge: Poor take up of the self-assessment cases</p> <p>Assessment Cases33SGUL Mobile Learning SurveyDesigned to poll and understand student use of mobile devicesWhat platforms/devices do they use?What features/functionalities do they use?Has been conducted annually since January 2010</p> <p>MedAssess/MedEdCasesMedAssessDistributed internally for SGUL students from September 2011Staggered release of cases based around curriculumMedEdCases Publicly available on Apple app storeCurrently includes 39 casesInitially available for iOS devices. Android version made available September 2012Cases can be downloaded and played offline no need for a permanent network connectionAll cases still available on the web so students without devices are not disadvantaged</p> <p>Feedback 6Feedback gathered using an on-line surveyOverall summary97 students downloaded the app. Based on mobile survey, 320 students have iOS devices.Overall the app was scored 8/10 88% rated the app easy/very easy to use and none found it difficult/very difficult. 82% agreed the content of the app was useful Was rated 4.2/5 for usefulness on average</p> <p>Feedback Creating VPs on Mobile DevicesCurrently all cases in the system are imported from other authoring systems using MVP standardTime-consuming in terms of quality control and need to check each caseWanted to be able to author straight to MedEdCasesBenefit from the advantages and intuitive user experiences offered by mobile, multitouch devices</p>


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