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  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings



    a better man never stood in two shoes

    a bit of an odd bod

    a bit rough round the edges

    a bit slow on the uptake

    A bucket load

    A face that only mothers could love

    A few tinnies/stubbies short of a slab

    A little more choke and it would have started

    A Rooster one day, and a feather duster the next..

    A Taswegian

    About as funny as a fart in an elevator

    About as ugly as a hat full of arseholes

    about as subtle as a kick in the guts

    About as useful as a one legged man in a arse kicking contest

    about as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike

    About as welcome as a pork chop in Jerusalem

    About as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool

    act your age not your shoe sie

    All froth and no beer !no substance"

    All over it like a rash

    All over the place like a drunken spider

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings




    #ack yourself

    #angs like a dunny door in a storm

    #arkin up the wrong tree

    #etter hit the frog and Toad

    #etter than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick

    #etter than a slap in the face with a wet $sh

    #etween you, me, and the gatepost

    #ible basher

    #ig kahunas

    #illy lids

    #lind leading the blind

    #loody hell

    #loody idiot

    #loody %ath

    #loody oath mate

    #low that

    #ludger & 'ole bludger

    #ona mate

    #ore it up em


    #rown noser

    #ugger me dead

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    #ugger that for a (oke

    #uggered if ) know

    #uilt like a brick shithouse

    #um nuts !eggs"

    bush pig

    #usier than a bluearse *y

    #usier than a bricklayer in #eirut

    #usy as a blowy at a #arby

    #utter wouldn+t melt in your mouth

    #y the gingos

    backan+t spare us a $va can ya mate

    arrying on like a pork chop

    atch ya later

    hampagne lifestyle on a #eer budget

    heck out his abs,

    heese and kisses !misses"


    hook ra-e

    huck a ueee

    ock and bull stories

    ome in spinner

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    ome on

    on (ob

    op it on the chin

    op you later

    opin an earful

    couldn+t catch a cold

    ouldn+t care less

    ouldn+t drive a knife through soft butter

    ouldn+t drive ducks to water

    ouldn+t $ght his way out of a wet paper bag

    ouldn+t get a kick in a stampede

    ouldn+t lie straight in bed

    ouldn+t organise a fart in a chilli eating contest

    ouldn+t organise a piss up in a brewery

    ouldn+t organise a root in a brothel

    ouldn+t organise himself out of a wet paper bag

    ouldn+t peel skin o a custard

    ouldn+t run a bath

    ouldn+t tell his arse from a hole in the ground

    ouple of bucks

    rack a fat

    rikey & #limey

    ry over spilt milk


  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings



    'eaf as a door post

    'eep pockets

    'id you ride bareback

    'irty dog

    'o your lolly

    'oes a bear shit in the woods

    'oesn+t know shit form clay

    'ogs #reath

    'og+s eye 0meat pie1

    'on+t be a dork

    'on+t blame me for your ine2ciencies

    'on+t bring that shit in hear

    'on+t come the raw prawn with me mate

    'on+t fret your freckle

    'on+t get ya knickers in a knot

    'on+t piss on my back and tell me that its raining

    'on+t work too hard

    'onkeys years

    'ragin your feet

    'rain the main vein

    'rier than a nuns nasty

    'rinkin on me 3at 4alone

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    'rivin the porcelain bus

    'rop dead

    'rop in a bucket or ocean

    'rop kick

    'ry as a bulls bum going backwards up a hill

    'ry as a 'ead dingos donga

    'ry as a drovers dog


    back5at the crutch out of a low *ying duck

    5lbow grease

    even blind, freddy could see that

    5verthing but the kitchen sink

    5very man and his dog


    back6&&& me dead

    face fungus !beard"

    6air suck of the sav

    6ar out

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    feeling a bit crook

    6eeling a bit peckish

    6ell on deaf ears

    6ell out of the ugly tree

    6)7JA4 &&&&&& 6&k )m 7ood Just ask me

    6ind out nosy

    6ind your feet

    6&&&ing %ath 4ate

    6it as a $ddle

    6it as a mallee bull

    6lappin ya 7ums

    6lat out like a liard drinkin

    6or f&&&sake

    6rigin hell

    6rom the get go

    6roth and bubble

    6ull as a fairies phone book

    6ull as a goog

    6uller than a butchers dog




  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    7et a life

    7et a wooley one up ya

    7et (iggy with it

    7et o your high horse

    7et real

    7et stued

    7et the giddy up

    7idday digger

    7idday luv

    7idday 4ate

    7ive er a bell

    7ive it a go

    7ive it a whirl

    7ive it curry

    7ive us a durry mate

    7ive us a gander

    7iven birth to a politician

    7lass of s8uashed grapes

    7o get a mullet up ya

    7o home to the ball and chain

    7o root a boot

    7o root yourself

    7o to buggery

    7o water a horse

    7oes o like hinese new year $reworks

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    7oin at it like rabbits

    7oin to drain the one eyed trouser snake

    7oing ten to the doen


    7one thru me like a dose of salts

    7onna drain the dragon

    7ot a face like a busted arse

    7ot a head like a diseased rice bubble

    7ot 9is heads so far up his arse

    got the rough end of the pineapple

    7ot the time mate

    7ot tickets on yourself

    7ot you by the short and curlies

    7otta have a slash


    7rasping at straws


    back9ad a blue $ght

    9angin for piss

    9appy as a pig in shit

    9ava good one

    9ava optic at this

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    9ave to take a snakes hiss

    9avin a bludge

    9avin a perve

    9e couldn+t drive a nail into a bucket of water

    9e is all shine no shoes !a fake and a fraud"

    9e is so mean he wouldn+t even let his dog drink from a mirage

    9e ran like a hairy goat,

    9e shootin blanks

    9e thinks his shit dosnt stink but his farts give him away

    9e wouldn+t go two rounds with a revolving door

    9ead on her like a horse !edna like a orse "

    9eadlights are on high beam

    9edge your bets

    9es a cow cockey

    9es a horses hoof !poof"

    hes a wooley woofter

    9es blotto

    9es got a few roos loose in the top paddock

    9es got more corrugation than a water tank

    9es got punters eyes, cross eyed !one each way"

    9es got short arms and long pockets

    9es havin a #arry rocker

    9es havin a shocker

    9es (ust a two bob drongo

    hes on the dog and bone

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    9es so short he has to stand on his head to get his foot in the stirrup

    9es tinny !lucky"

    9es True #lue

    9i how you goin

    9is about to do his block

    9is in more shit than :ed ;elly

    9it in the (at crackers

    9it the ground running

    9old those #rumbies back big fella

    9old your horses

    9oly snappin duck shit

    9orse has bolted

    9ow are you

    9ow good is it

    9ow goods that

    9ow goods this

    9ow long is a piece of string

    9ow ya goin

    9ow ya goin & alright l

    9ow ya Travellin

    9ows ya fathers

    9ows ya mothers chooks

    9owsha weekend

    9owit goin

    9ung like a donkey

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    9ung like a rouge elephant


    back) am dry as a pommies bath mat

    ) could eat a horse and chase the (ockey

    ) couldn+t give a rats arse

    ) feel like a dogs breakfast

    ) have had it since Adam was a boy

    ) wouldn+t piss on im if he were on 6)R5

    )+ll give it a butchers hook ! look into it"

    )+ll go and have a captain cook

    )+m goin to tub er up take a bath

    )+m o & like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun

    )+m o like a brides nighty

    )+m sweating like a whore in church

    )+ve seen better legs on a pool table

    )d like to be a 6ly on the wall

    )f his brain was electricity he would be a walkin blackout

    )f ) wanted any shit )+ll have s8ueeed your head

    )f it was raining palaces ) would get hit with the dunny door

    )f ive told you once ive told you a thousand times

    )f youve got the time ive got the place

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    )ll have ya guts for garters

    )m buggered, broke, and bewildered !

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    Japanese riding boots

    Joe blow

    Jumpin around like a *ea on a dog

    Just around the corner

    Just 8uietly

    ;eep you ear to the ground

    ;ern oath mate

    ;nob head

    ;nockin back a few beers


    back=ard arse

    =emon it+s a

    let one drop

    =ife sucked out of him

    =ights are on but no ones home

    =ike a rat up a drain pipe

    =ike putting dracular in charge of a #lood bank

    =ong time no see

    =ook out

    =ooks like somethin the cat brought in

    =ow and behold

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    =ower than snakes armpits/belly


    back4ad as a cut snake

    4ad as a gum tree full of galas

    4ad as a meat axe

    4ade a real dogs breakfast out of it

    4ake do

    4ake like a guillotine and head o

    4ake mine unleaded

    mangy old bastard

    4ans not a camel

    4ap of Tassie

    4ate shes as rough as guts

    . 4ay a thousand *eas infest your armpits

    4olly dooker

    4ore arse than class

    4ore front than 4yers

    4ums chucking a wobbly

    4y heads spinnin

    4ystery bags


  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings



    :ext to the marble orchard !cemetery"

    :ice #uukas

    :ice hair & bad hair day

    :ice trip

    :o bloody way china

    :o *ies on me

    :o way in the bloody world

    :o where near it

    :o worries

    :o wuckin furries

    :ot a hope in hell

    :ot bad

    :ot even a pubic hair in it

    :ot on your life

    :ot the full 8uid

    :ow that would put a smile on your dial


    back%dds and sods

    % like a brides nighty

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    % to the bog to leave a oering

    %n his ear

    %n the al capone ! phone"

    %n your bike

    %ne foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin

    %ne for Justin !(ust in case"

    %ne for Ron !later ron"

    %ut in the sticks

    %wner operator


    back3ea brain

    3ardon for reaching ) (ust got o the boat

    3ass the dead horse

    3iece of piss

    3igs arse

    piss it all up against the wall

    3iss weak

    3issed as a cricket

    3issed as a newt


    3issing in your pocket

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings


    3%5T< 'ay !piss of early tomorrow+s

  • 7/25/2019 Australian Sayings